100 Kinky & Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Couples

100 Kinky & Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Couples

No instructions required—the article provides 100+ Would You Rather dirty questions to try next game night.

These filthy questions are a fun way to help you get to know each other better and spark some seriously sexy conversations while also helping you learn what turns your partner on. Grab some beers or cocktails, and get ready to have an unforgettably sexy and fun night!

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Table of Contents

Kinky and Sexy Questions

It’s time to get freaky with some kinky and dirty ‘Would You Rather’ questions for couples. Get ready to explore your deepest desires and fantasies in a fun and lighthearted way.

Hilarious and Kinky Questions

Let’s get down and dirty with some hilarious and kinky questions. These questions will make you laugh your ass off while also making you a little hot under the collar.

Sweet and Casual Questions

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the more kinky sex, and hilarious questions out of the way, let’s move on to some more casual ones. These are perfect for getting to know your partner a little better in a fun and flirty way.


Well, there you have it, 100+ kinky and dirty ‘Would you rather’ questions to spice up your sex life and your relationship. Whether you’re looking for something innocent little fun and casual, laughs, or trying to explore your wild side, these questions are sure to get the conversation flowing.

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