What Is the Best Way to Satisfy a Woman in Bed?

What Is the Best Way to Satisfy a Woman in Bed?

I get it.

It’s tough to satisfy women in bed these days.

Their desires seem to be changing daily.

Learning the best way to satisfy a woman in bed seems to be an impossible task.

Fortunately, that’s not true.

There is a simple and highly effective way to satisfy a woman in bed.

It’s lasting longer in bed.

Now, you might be wondering just why is lasting longer in bed the best way to satisfy her?

I’m glad you asked.

Women Need More Time To Get Aroused

We men are simple creatures.

We only need to see a naked woman and we’re ready to go.

Sometimes even a pair of boobs is enough.

Women, on the other hand, require more time to get turned on.

How much time exactly?

Well, it depends on the situation and the particular woman, but usually around 15 minutes.

It’s highly unlikely that she’ll have an orgasm in under 15 minutes.

That means that every minute you last longer, you increase your chances of her having an orgasm and thus satisfying her in bed.

As an added bonus, she can now brag to her girlfriends that she’s with a marathoner.

Nice, right?

You Have Time To Experiment

It’s a cliché, but every woman is different.

That means that not all of your moves and tricks will elicit the same reaction from different women.

If you last only 5-10 minutes, you won’t have the time to experiment and find what she likes.

You’ll only have the time for some basic moves and that’s it.

On the other hand, if you learn how to last longer in bed, you’ll be able to try out different techniques, positions, and moves until you find something that does the job.


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