Want to Have Weird Sex? So Do We. Here’s How

Want to Have Weird Sex? So Do We. Here’s How

We’ve all watched and read about weird sex ideas on TV or in books, but have you taken those desires into your bedroom? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with plain sex. Vanilla sex is delicious, but it gets boring real quick if you never add extra flavors. Sex should always feel good, but you need variety to keep things interesting. As humans, we fall into patterns easily.

Too many people are afraid of stepping out of their sex comfort zone and trying a little kink or playing with a new sex toy. You don’t have to be. So lighten up now, throw caution into the wind and have some fun. 

From the simple to the wild, here are weird sex acts to try!

Build Anticipation

Enjoy your weird sex by building up to it. Build anticipation with your loved one and be on each other’s minds all day. It is beautiful how amazing sex can be when you build up to it. Showing your partner how bad you want them throughout the day can set the evening up for success with mind-blowing sex to release pent-up emotions. Whether you send flirty texts during the day to build anticipation or play fun games that keep you waiting for the final reward, anticipation can be powerful!

Do you need some practical advice? I’ve got you covered.

  • Send them sexy notes and snacks at work.
  • Buy a sex gift that is special but steamy: something both of you will look forward to using later.
  • Strip Tease: Build the anticipation by taking off your clothes piece by piece. Do it slowly and give each other some flirty looks.
  • Sensual Massage.
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Have Sex in Front of a Mirror

The next time things are heating up between you and your partner, whisper gently into their ears about how sexy they look and suggest that you want a better view. Go to the front of a mirror and lean in front of it, allowing your man to enter you from behind or reach around with his fingers or sex toy to stimulate your clitoris. You’ll get to watch yourselves. It is also great if you have a mirror close to your bed, so you can watch as you try different positions.

Explore Different Weird Sex Positions

Learning new weird sex positions should be high on your to-do list if you are serious about having weird sex. Without a doubt, there are many weird sex positions you can try out with your partner, and you’ll never get bored. So ditch missionary for now and try anal sex, girl-on-top, reverse cowgirl, 69, side straddle, the octopus, the bridge, and more!

Bring in the Sex Toys

To add some seasoning into your relationship and have amazing weird sex, sex toys should be in the picture. Exploring new aspects of your sex life doesn’t just open doors to things you never thought you could possibly experience and enjoy but creates a stronger sexual bond with your partner.

Weird sex toys help to bring your wildest fantasies to life. If you have always wanted to be a serious school teacher in bed, there’s a spanking sex whip for that. Or maybe you have been fantasizing about acting like a police officer in bed, and you can’t wait to handcuff your partner. Whatever your desires might be, sex toys can make that happen. Now shop for that vibrator, anal beads, thrusting dildo, strap-on, rabbit vibrator, or whatever rocks your boat!

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Mutual Masturbation

Here you have the hottest thing you can do with your partner without touching each other. One of the best parts of having great sex, beyond just enjoying it yourself – is knowing that your partner is having a swell time too. And with mutual masturbation in your weird sex checklist, your partner’s pleasure and yours are guaranteed. There is no one more qualified than you to show your partner what you enjoy in bed and how you like to be touched, and vice versa. When you masturbate together, it’s fun! You get to watch, listen, help, and be part of each other’s pleasure experience. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce weird sex toys into your bedroom and also keeps your passion alive if you are in a long-distance relationship.


Who else has fantasized about being someone else in bed? Sexual role play is a great way to achieve that. But I get if there’s a little bit of hesitation before diving in. Playing dress-up and relying on scripted speech can make you feel awkward. So start slow and build your confidence. Think about entertaining your partner through text before trying it in person. Think about what the both of you like the most. Don’t forget; it is fine to break character. You’re not auditioning for a movie role. So this is about pleasure, not acting.

Get Out of the Bedroom

Sex in the bedroom is fine, but sometimes, you have to take things outside the bedroom. You have a whole house to yourself. You can have your weird sex anywhere. Whether it’s in the shower, your kitchen, couch, or the car (brings back erotic high-school memories), many options can bring in the adventure. Sex outside the bedroom is exciting and gives room for spontaneity. 

Orgasm Denial

Have you ever skipped breakfast because you know you are going for a big lunch? Sure, you feel pangs of hunger, and you just can’t wait to eat, and you know you could just get over the discomfort by taking a quick meal, but you don’t want to because, by noon, your favorite meal is more rewarding than a quick snack. That’s what orgasm denial is about. The idea is to bring yourselves to the brink of climax but stop stimulation before you both climax. This idea of prolonged arousal leads to a more incredible orgasm. Plus, there is a BDSM undertone to it. 

Sex Somewhere Risky

Whether it’s in the restroom of your favorite store, in the bathroom of a bar, or on a deserted street, the could-get-caught awareness makes the weird sex outside your home more exciting and fun than your normal romp at home. However, it’s not pleasant to involve non-consenting adults in your play, especially if you are having sex at a place where someone could see you, hear your moans, or even have to clean up after the sex. Instead, choose spots that feel public but not totally open to others, such as your car, a deserted bush, or a silent parking lot.

Create A Sex Bucket List

If you have been together for a while, this should be on your list. Next time you are out on a date or just chilling at home, challenge yourself to write at least five things you’ll love to try sexually. Then swap your lists and see what you both have in common. Pick some things up and explore them.

Why Weird Sex is One of the Best things that Can Happen to Your Relationship

Even the best relationships need something to constantly stoke the flame, and that’s what weird sex gives you. Anytime you introduce something new and different into your sex life, you are setting your relationship up for a better experience. Weird sex acts encourage exploration between the sheets, improve emotional intimacy, and make the both of you vulnerable with each other both in and outside the bedroom. 

In the end, you will find your sex life and relationship injected with a spark!

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