7 Thundersplace Threads To Improve Your Sex Life

7 Thundersplace Threads To Improve Your Sex Life

There’s no doubt that community and camaraderie help everyone achieve their goals, and penis enlargement is no different. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about penis enlargement in public. That’s where internet forums like ThundersPlace come in.

If you caught my blog post about PEGym, you know that web forums are not only great places to make friends, but they’re also deep wells of knowledge.

Guys share their real-life experience and offer tested solutions to penis enlargement problems.

When it comes to forums, Thunder’s Place is one of the best penis enlargement forums out there. Since 2011, Thunder’s Place has been the go-to resource for men looking to lengthen their dicks.

So today, we’re going to cover my top 7 Thunder’s Place threads.

How To Measure Your Penis, by memento

Before you begin growing your penis, it’s critical that you measure it. That way, you can accurately measure your gains, and listen to the feedback your penis gives you.

There’s one small problem with that…measuring your penis is not an easy task. It’s not a rigid object (like a pencil) and can be manipulated into different shapes and lengths.

To fight this, you need to set a standard for how you measure your penis. This thread will show you how.

Sample Newbie Routine, by luvdadus

Now that you’ve measured your penis, you know where to start from, so it’s time to begin.

One of the biggest beginner problems is choosing a routine. It seems like there’s so much information out there…so many techniques…that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the data.

On top of that, a lot of newbies feel like they should be doing more and more to get faster results.

Contrary to popular belief, doing more is not necessarily better. Sometimes, it can actually be bad for gains.

So, instead of worrying about how much you should exercise, follow this newbie routine and sleep well at night…knowing you’re doing the right thing.

Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains, by WestLA-90069

Here’s an age-old question, carefully dissected by the men of Thunder’s Place.

“Does sex hinder penis gains?” is a question always asked when guys start growing their penis.

My answer is a resounding no. Sex is actually extremely healthy when practicing penis enlargement. The blood flow to your penis will help it recover faster, and the friction from sex will make sure you aren’t abusing your cock.

Yes, sometimes guys take penis enlargement too far and let it impact their sexual performance. Don’t allow your penis enlargement to hurt your sex life, and you’ll have a long penis enlargement career.

This thread is a prime example of the power of the internet forum. There is no concrete yes or no answer. Instead, this thread provides seventy pages of personal responses from real-life men.

You won’t find this anywhere else on the web.

Penis Size: The True Average, by Para-Goomba

I’ve asked before, “Is 7 Inches Big Enough?” but I never understood what the average penis sizes actually were.

That is, until I read Para-Goomba’s thread. This epic thread reviews all fifteen studies about penis size, to give us a concrete answer.

I won’t spoil it here, but just know that this link is packed full of research.

Don’t miss this thread, you might be surprised by the results.

V-Stretch, by AllPointsNorth

This thread right here isn’t a discussion, but it is a great resource. The men of Thunder’s Place tried to put together some FAQ articles to answer questions, and this is one of them.

The V-Stretch is a manual stretch you can perform on your penis to make it grow. However, it’s pretty complicated compared to the other exercises you can perform. That’s why they put together comprehensive FAQ guides.

So, read this thread by AllPointsNorth to learn all about the V-Stretch. You won’t regret it.

The Most Often Asked And Annoying Questions!, by SS4Jelq

Like I mentioned in the last section, the gentlemen of Thunder’s Place have gone to great length (haha, get it?) to make sure their website is packed full of information. 

That includes this link – all about their most asked questions.

This thread is a must-read. No matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran, there is so much information in here, you have to check it out. It breaks down every concept into short and sweet science, so all you have to do is do the exercises.

Collected Wisdom From The Vets And Good Gainers, by luvdadus

Speaking of wisdom, this is the best thread on the entire forum.

It’s one thing to hear tips from men, quickly typed while sitting on the toilet, but listening to men’s stories is on a whole other level. That’s one of the greatest parts of the forum, you can see exactly how men struggled, overcame adversity, and eventually succeeded.

This thread is where you’ll find men’s penis enlargement stories. Why they got started, what their goals were, and what happened on the road to success.

It’s an inspiring read and I recommend it for all.

Putting It To Use

Before we go, I wanted to mention one last thing…

Having a larger penis is great. Your confidence will go through the roof, as you start to see the results of your hard work.

However, your woman might not be as enthused about penis gains.

Yes – having a bigger penis will increase her pleasure, but no – it won’t be automatic. You won’t wake up and automatically start rocking her world, just because your penis is bigger.

If you’re bad at sex, it doesn’t matter how long your penis is…you probably aren’t pleasuring her like she needs.

That’s where  The Best She Ever Had Online Academy comes in. If you’re interested in building a stronger relationship (and a hotter sex life), then this might be the program for you. It’s the ultimate guide on how to become a sex god. 


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"