The 7 Most Surprising Sex Tips For Men

The 7 Most Surprising Sex Tips For Men

Is your sex life bland? Do you need some sex tips for men to spice things up in the bedroom?

Everybody wants to add something new to break their routine, but there’s one problem…most of the sex tips out there are crap!

Seriously, open up any relationship magazine and you’ll see the most ridiculous tips in the world.

“How To Please Your Partner By Sticking A Cucumber Up Her Ass”

“Top 10 Ways To Use Needles In The Bedroom”


Today, I’m going to give you some unusual but effective sex tips. This is advice that I use in real life, not just stuff I pulled out of thin air.

Have Sex In Your Car

Whenever you need to shake things up, simply take your bedroom activities…outside of the bedroom.

Sex in strange locations takes your normal moves and makes them 100x hotter through the sheer reasons of novelty.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the worst lover in the universe. Taking your woman and having sex somewhere in public is the easiest way to drive her crazy.

Couple in car

The cost, however, is that you risk getting caught. That’s why I like car sex. I have heavily tinted windows, so it’s pretty easy for her to hop on and take me for a ride without anyone noticing.

Practice car sex at your own risk.


This one might seem simple, but I mention it because so few men actually sext their women.

When I say sext, I don’t mean you actually have to have long, drawn-out conversations where you talk about sex. Instead – text her dirty things throughout the day, when she least expects it.

Believe it or not, women think about sex just as much as we do (well, almost).

Don’t be afraid to randomly text her something sexy. She’ll love the fact that you’re thinking about her like that.

Here’s an example:

Her: “How’s your day, honey?”

You: “It’s okay, I wish I was inside your warm pussy instead.”

Another example:

dirty texting

She’ll be caught off guard, and oddly turned on.

If you’re confused about what to say, you can learn how to talk dirty here.

Stranger Danger

To do this – pretend to be strangers, meet somewhere public, and pretend to seduce each other for the first time.

You know when you start a relationship, and you’re just figuring each other out? Remember how HOT it was, the first time you took her clothes off? The thrill of the chase?

The beginning of a relationship is always super sexy, as you go through the honeymoon stage.

That’s what we’re emulating here.

Here’s how.

1. Explain to your woman that you’re going to meet somewhere and pretend to be strangers. Make up aliases and determine who your alter-ego is going to be.

This works best if you have a great backstory, like being a secret agent or a drug trafficker.

2. Set a time and place to meet. Preferably at a bar, so you can approach her, and have some cocktails to loosen up.

3. Seduce her however you want to.

4. If you’re feeling extra-kinky, take her to a hotel room. Tell her you’re on a business trip, and can’t get caught by your wife.

Do this once, and she’ll be asking you to do it every weekend!

Take Out The Magic Stick

No, I’m not talking about your penis. I’m talking about the Hitachi Magic Wand.

This toy is in a class by itself. Originally designed as a massage tool, this machine has grown to be one of the world’s best toys for making women orgasm.

Let’s be real, it can be hard to make your woman orgasm. Most men can’t get their woman to orgasm during sex, because they don’t have pornstar stamina.

Don’t worry, there are still other ways to make her orgasm, and the Hitachi wand is hands down – the best.

It works by vibrating in all directions, and, thanks to its wall plug, it vibrates faster and harder than any toy on the market.

I highly recommend buying one – your woman will thank you.

Don’t Orgasm

Or, better put, practice Karezza.

Karezza is an old school, a tantric form of sex where you and your partner do not orgasm.

You know how when you are having sex, and right before you orgasm, there’s this massive build-up of energy before you release? It feels amazing because you’re riiiight on the cusp of cumming.

The goal of Karezza is to stay in that area of arousal. It’s kind of like edging, where you try to get aroused but not orgasm.

There’s something special about getting aroused but not orgasming. You and your partner have to move slower, to resist cumming, and it leads to super passionate sex.

I know it’s hard not to orgasm, so the first time you do this, tell your woman “we’re going to have sex, but we’re not going to cum until 45 minutes in.”

Then, don’t focus on pounding away aggressively. Take your time, feel every centimetre of her vagina. Sit back and enjoy it.

Your partner surely will.

On the other hand, you can always…

Play Rough

Women love rough sex. It’s a fact. They might not acknowledge it, but under the proper circumstance, they love to be taken over by a strong male.

You don’t have to go full BDSM by wearing a leather jumpsuit and paddling her until her ass is bright red, but you can make great returns with just a little bit of roughness.

My favorite way is to choke my partner. Women love to feel my strong hands across their necks. Just a few seconds of choking will leave her speechless, begging for more.

And an easy way to dominate her is using an…

choking in sex

Under The Bed Restraint System

Available on Amazon, these systems are a super-easy way to try some light BDSM play.

All you have to do is set up the system prior to sex (it takes like 3 minutes) and then put her hands and ankles into the restraints.

Then, she won’t be able to move, and you can have your way with her.

I don’t get the hype, but some women love the fact that the restraints prevent them from moving. Something about letting the man be in control.

Bonus points if you blindfold her, so she can’t resist or see what you’re doing.

Yawn…What Else?

There you go, there are 7 unusual sex tips for men.

Using these tips will add some sizzle to your sex life when things get boring…but what if I told you there were ways to make sure your sex life never goes stale again?

It’s possible – with Revolutionary Sex. It’s the ultimate men’s sex guide. If you thought these tips were good, wait until you see what’s inside.

Revolutionary Sex is written by famed sex coach Alex Allman. He’s been coaching men for almost 20 years on how to become better lovers.

His one-on-one coaching costs a boatload, but you can learn all of his secrets (for less) in his guide – Revolutionary Sex.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"