Sex Inspiration: Unique Places to Have Sex

Sex Inspiration: Unique Places to Have Sex

Sex in the bedroom can get monotonous, especially after you’ve been with your partner for a while. Whether you’re looking to get that spark back in the bedroom or just looking for something different and exhilarating, there are numerous places to get freaky.

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Maybe someplace a little risky, a location that feels like you shouldn’t have sex there, or somewhere exotic such as an outdoor trail or getaway vacation.

Write a list of all the places you’ve fantasized about getting freaky at. What are the positions you’d like to try there? Get your partner to write her ideas down too. Go into the depths of your imagination, your fantasies, then act on them.

Not sure where to start? We have the inspiration you’re looking for, so continue reading.

Explore Every Inch of your House

One sure-fire way to increase your sex life is to do it everywhere. Take a week or two and make it a goal to fuck in every single room in your home. Next time you’re on your way home from work, call her and tell her to wait for you in the kitchen for a surprise. Show up with a vibrating dildo, take her by her waist, put her on the kitchen counters or table, and have your way with her. Follow up by carrying her to the next room in the house.


Instruct her to wait for you in the kitchen, bent over, hands on the tabletop, and legs spread. Tell her to sit down on a dildo with a suction attached to the floor or table and have her wait there until you return. When you get there, tell her she looks so fucking sexy.

Move to the kitchen table. Ask her to get on the table and spread her legs. You could also attach a dildo with a suction cup onto the fridge and have her back up against it as she sucks you off in this position.


Guide her into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Step into the hot water and spread her favorite soap all over her body, paying extra attention to her erogenous zones. Slowly start pushing your hand downwards until you reach the promised land. Play with her clit as she starts to spread her legs and grind against you. Tell her to wait and tease her until she can’t take it any longer.

If you have sex toys, add those to your shower playtime. Take a dildo with a suction cup and attach it to the shower wall. Have her back into it and thrust back and forward against it for a few moments. Grab her and begin kissing and guiding her hand down your cock.

You can also have sex in the bathtub. Make a warm bath and sit down together. Fill up the tub with bubbles and have a romantic candlelit bath with ambient music, some ice-cold beverages, and maybe even some chocolates.

While you are in the tub, try a bit of playful dominance. Get a little rough, and grab her hair. Sit behind her in the bath and hold her tightly so that she can feel your strength, and while you have her, whisper in her ears, “you’re so fucking sexy. You don’t know how badly I want you right now.”

Explore each other’s body until you’re both dying of anticipation, then get up and pull her to the bedroom, dripping wet.


If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, try this. Next time you are out on a date, send her home in a taxi before you. Have her put on some sexy lingerie and wait for you on the bed while she plays with herself. She isn’t allowed to cum until you come into the room.​

The Garage

If you’re like me, your garage is full of boxes of junk, recycling, and Christmas decorations. It doesn’t scream sexy, but the garage has everything you need for fun: a bench, car, old yoga mats, and an old sofa. Make love on your weight bench, right on the ground, or consider setting up a sex swing in the garage.​

In the Car​

What about driving around the neighborhood while you’re getting a blowjob? Have her sit in the front seat and lean down while you take a little cruise. Make it a point to drive over a few big speed bumps so your cock goes a little deeper in her mouth every time you do.

The parking lot of a drive-in movie theatre can also be fun. As soon as the movie starts, climb in the back seat and have fun steaming up the windows.

You can drive around town and look for a deserted house or location to pull off into and get out of the car for a little more risky fun. Pull over and tell her to get out of the car, so she can wonder what the hell is going on. Once you’re out of the car, pick her up, and place her on the car’s hood. She’ll love the sudden dominance, and it’s a great way to spice things up.

If you’re really into risky business, you can try a deserted house, dark alleyway, truck stop, or even an empty parking lot. After getting things started inside the car, pull over. Tell her you want to show her something as you grab her hand and guide her to the new location.

Out on the Town

Movie Theater

Sit back, relax, and get head. A movie theater is a perfect place to get a little freaky, oral style. No one can see what’s happening in the dark, and besides, they’re all paying attention to the movie anyway. Bring an oversized jacket so you can drape it over her head and body while she’s going down on you. If you sit in the back of the theater, she can also sit on your lap. Ensure you’ve instructed her not to wear any panties for easy access..

Pool Table

Sure, a bar bathroom is a fun and easy place to have sex, but what about the pool table? Some bars close down early, and if you know the owner, he might be friendly enough to let you stay behind later that night. A pool hall is usually crowded, but after hours is a different story.

Strip Club

Sex with your partner in the strip club can happen if you head back to the champagne or VIP room. There will be couches and chairs, so all she has to do is slide her panties to the side, and it will look like she’s simply giving you a regular lap dance.

Something else that can be fun is a night where you role-play that she is a dancer at the club and you’re picking her up. Have her pretend she’s giving you a lap dance for money, and give her a fake stripper name. Don’t call her by her real name all evening.

Explore Other Places​

Public sex is hot no matter what, especially in a place that’s slightly off the wall. Think outside the box. Why is public sex so exciting? The thrill of getting caught or being silent as unsuspecting people walk past can be intensely arousing. Think back to when you were a child, and you knew something that no one else knew, and you could barely contain your excitement – same feeling here. There’s such euphoria that comes from fucking in a public place while everyone else is none the wiser.


Tell her to meet you at a restaurant, but order her not to wear panties under her dress that night. It might take her by surprise if you usually don’t act that way. If she enters the restaurant with her underwear on, look her in the face and tell her, “go to the restroom. Take your fucking panties off now.”

You can take a remote control vibrating egg at the restaurant and play with her that way, teasing and edging her on. If you have a table in the back, have her place one leg across yours, opening her legs. Play with her and edge her on, pretending nothing is happening when the waitress arrives to take your order.

Take her to the back where the public restrooms are, and get dirty while trying to avoid getting caught by the unsuspecting patrons of the diner.

Role play - Bar Girl and Customer

Meet her at a bar, pretend you don’t know her, and begin to flirt. Without her knowing, have a hotel room already set up, with her favorite snacks, drinks, candles, and music. Tell her to meet you at a random address, with her unaware this is already a hotel you’ve reserved. Tell her to wear something sexy.

Dressing Room​

While she’s trying on bras and lingerie sets in the department store, hop into the room and have a little fun before the salesperson returns. Pick out a few outfits that are your favorite, give her an orgasm, then exit the room as if nothing happened. Tell her you can’t wait to get home and tear the new lingerie off her body later.

Public Restroom

Sometimes having sex somewhere dirty like a public restroom can get you going. You can tell her “go wait in the stall for me; you have no idea what I’m about to do to you.” Wait a little, and then go in there.

Back of a Taxi, Uber, Or Rental Car​

This is where a jacket can come in handy again. It can go on her head while she’s in your lap for a quick blowjob or handjob before the driver notices. Make a game out of it. See how long you can go before getting caught.

Middle of the Ocean - on a Jet Ski or Boat​

Take a boat out onto the water, far away from anyone else. Spend the entire day fucking and sunbathing nude in the middle of the ocean or lake.

If you have a jet ski, she can sit on your lap, and you can hold her by the hips, pulling her into you, or have her sit facing you and ride your cock while she leans back against the jet ski seat.

The Beach

Sit down in the warm water or the sand. Ask her to sit on top or straddle you. This is even better at night time, under the moonlight and stars.

Are you not a fan of sand in between your toes or your other parts? Try getting intimate in a public pool or your private one in your backyard. A public pool will add the rush of getting caught. You can try numerous positions, such as standing and having her weightlessly bounce on your dick. You can even try a floaty and have sex in missionary position as you float on the water.

Consider sliding into the hot tub for the warm water and moving jets for another sexual adventure.

Photo Booth​

Say Cheese! Photo booths are an enjoyable place for kissing and more. Rub her clit while the camera goes off and see what expressions the camera captures.

Go into Nature​

Looking to role-play as Tarzan and Jane or just wanting to connect in nature? Find somewhere secluded where your partner and you can feel free to get a little wild.

Tarzan and Jane in Nature​​

Have you tried fiking? It’s fucking + hiking.

The next time you feel like getting into nature, let your inner animal come out and be adventurous. Take your clothes off and skinny dip in a nearby body of water. Come out onto dry land and lay a picnic blanket or towel down. Have fun fucking in nature with only the sun and birds around.


Get inside a cozy tent, wrapped inside a warm sleeping bag as you look up at the stars. If you’re camping in a group, make it a game to try and be as quiet as possible.

Outdoor Shower​​​​

Have you ever fucked in an outdoor shower? It’s incredible. Especially if you have meddling neighbors. Let them enjoy the show. Or wait until nighttime, when the moon and stars are out for a more sensual lovemaking experience.

Public Park

On your next evening walk together or an afternoon picnic, find somewhere quiet and vacant for a quick lovemaking session. Pick a day when the park is empty such as a weekday when everyone is at work. Call your partner and have her meet you in the park during her lunch break. Set up a picnic blanket behind a tree or somewhere secluded.

Don't Get Caught

Feeling adventurous? So are we.

Parents' House and Your Childhood Bedroom​

Next time you’re back home visiting your parents, why not get down and dirty in your old childhood bedroom? It might be thrilling to remember the times you snuck your girlfriend into the house after dark and all the fun you had in that bedroom with the rush of getting caught. Why not recreate that same old thrill with your current partner?

A Crowded Party​

The music is blasting, everyone is drinking and dancing, and you’re in the mood to get freaky. A crowded party is exciting since you’ll most likely be caught and be told to “get a room.” Act like teenagers again, find a back bedroom or empty bathroom and try to finish before someone knocks on the door.

Someone Else's House

Lay down on a friend’s couch with your partner, cover each other with a blanket and try not to get caught. If you want to decrease your chances of your best pal walking in on you, try early morning sex before anyone else wakes up.

Sporty Sex

Sports events are an exciting place to make love, whether you’re watching basketball at home, getting a BJ at halftime, or getting it on in the middle of your old high school football field or locker room.

Tennis Court​

Most tennis courts are private, surrounded by a green chain-link fence that blocks the view of anyone passing by.

Tell your lady you want to hit a few balls and surprise her by pulling yours out in the middle of the court. Those short white tennis skirts are easy to lift for easy access.

Locker Room​​

When everyone’s left the gym for the evening, hang back and head to the locker room for some fun right before closing. The locker room has everything you need: showers, towels, and benches. After you finish, head to the steam room if your gym has one for some steamy, hot sex.

Jet-Setter Sex

Pack your bags. You’re off on a relaxing yet hot vacation. Forget the dull hotel room because you should consider multiple other locations.

Fishing Boat​​​

Put on a captain’s hat and nothing else, and go below deck – in more than one way. Remember, it’s not always the size of the canoe. It’s the motion of the ocean.

Cruise Ship​​​​

The rooms on a cruise ship are usually tiny, but more than enough space for some fun on the open ocean. Leave the curtains open to watch the sea while her tits and ass are pressed against the glass.

Mile High Club​

The next time you’re flying somewhere with your partner, tell her to head to the plane bathroom and wait for you there. When you come into the bathroom, be discreet. This works best if the plane is empty or on a long flight. Select a time when most other passengers have gone to sleep, and the lights in the plane are dim.

Hidden in a dimly lit plane, you can also have her reach into your seat and touch you. Drape a blanket or coat over her head while she’s giving you head while sitting in your seats.

Hotel Room

Go on vacation and book the most luxurious hotel room you can afford. Have sex in the shower, king-sized bed, balcony, and just about any other location inside the room.

This is an excellent idea for those who are put off by the idea of public sex but still looking for something different and exciting. Plus, you get a vacation out of it.


Anywhere can be turned into a fuck-pad as long as you’re willing to be adventurous. Sex does not need to be confined to four walls. It can happen anywhere, whenever the mood strikes.

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