Male Multiple Orgasm: How To Have Amazing Sex Every Time

Male Multiple Orgasm: How To Have Amazing Sex Every Time

Have you ever envied women?

They seem to be able to have orgasm after orgasm, almost effortlessly. Once you bring them to orgasm once, all you need to do is a little bit more work, and then their bodies are contracting into a second orgasm minutes later.

While shortening your refractory period is a great place to begin, what if you didn’t have to worry about any refractory period? Imagine that you could orgasm, and keep on going for as long as you wanted. This is why you need to learn how to achieve multiple orgasms.

The history of the male multiple orgasms is one that is often shaded in secrecy.

It is rarely spoken of, and, when it is, it is whispered of in corners by giggling women talking about their travels and sexual adventures into the far corners of the world.

What if this “secret” wasn’t that mysterious at all?

What if I told you that any man could achieve a multiple orgasms?

With a little bit of mental training and physical exercise, it is entirely within any man’s capacity to become a legend.

A Little Bit of History

Let’s go back in time a thousand years ago to the height of the Chinese empire. Trade flourished, and ideas were shared openly.

These were the days of Taoism. These monks would meditate in their temples and focus on achieving the pinnacle of life in body, mind, and spirit.

As a result of their studies, they became masters of sex. They believed that sexual intercourse was one of the purest ways to share spiritual energy. They also thought that ejaculating too soon was a waste of spiritual energy.

As a result, they taught themselves how to prolong sex by holding back their ejaculation, and accidentally stumbled across the male multiple orgasms. They discovered that if you could hold your ejaculation back, and you kept having sex you would have an orgasm.

However, unlike a normal orgasm which causes you to ejaculate, and then go limp, this was a “dry” orgasm. They could keep going as long as they wanted afterward, and even continue to have more dry orgasms.

These ancient Taoist monks would make love to their wives for hours at a time, and when they did decide to ejaculate, all they had to do was release their muscles.

They became the stuff of legend. However, this was no mysticism. This was no great spiritual feat. The only thing it required was discipline and mental stamina.

The Physical Discipline

Let’s talk about discipline first. If you lack bodily discipline, then all of your lovemaking activities will come to an end all too soon.

You must have some basic cardiovascular endurance to last multiple rounds. You must also know how to control your pelvic floor.

I’m talking about Kegels: the pelvic floor exercise that men should be doing every day. If you have been practicing your Kegels every day by this point, you should be able to hold your ejaculation back.

Whenever you feel your point of no return approaching, all you need to do is to squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you possibly can to prevent yourself from blowing your load.

Then, while still holding your PC flex as tight as you can, keep stroking lightly, and you’ll feel an orgasm come over you. As long as you are holding tight, however, you won’t ejaculate.

The Mental Stamina

Physically training yourself not to ejaculate is hard, but it can be made easier if you develop mental discipline.

You see, once you reach that point of no return, your body is screaming at you to bust your load. It’s the only thing your biology needs from sex. However, you must do your best to resist this urge.

This is the same part of your brain that tells you it’s okay to eat five cheeseburgers one after the other.

Sure, it will make you feel good for a minute, but there is no lasting beneficial pleasure. If you can forego the joy of release for 30 seconds, then you’ll be rewarded with more orgasms, and your woman will be shaking with pleasure 20 minutes later. You have to train your mind to value the final result instead of instant pleasure. We live in a world where instant gratification controls our lives.

Fast food and quick sex have done nothing but ruin our long-term enjoyment of life. They’ve made men weak, fat, and unable to perform in bed. If you want to be an alpha male, you have to resist these urges.

Would you rather have a quick ejaculation that feels great for a second, and leaves your partner staring at you with disappointment, or would you rather penetrate her for up to an hour, giving yourself multiple orgasms along the way, leaving her exhausted and begging for more?

If you’re a man, the answer should be simple.

The only path is to train your mind to appreciate the long-term rewards.

What Are You Waiting For?

Once you’ve mastered this technique to lasting longer, you should try out some new thrusting positions to mix it up. I’m going to warn you that this method is going to take some time to master. It’s going to require you to train both your physical endurance and your mental stamina every time you have sex, but, if you master it, you’ll be a legend. Want to know more?

Check out Revolutionary Sex, the definitive playbook on how to become a better lover. Whether you’re a newbie, or highly experienced, you’ll learn the intricacies of sex and how to improve yourself to become a better lover.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"