How To Shorten Your Refractory Period To Have More Sex

How To Shorten Your Refractory Period To Have More Sex

Have you ever started having sex, only to have your orgasm pop off a little early?

I know the feeling all too well. You finally reach the holy orgasm, blast cum everywhere, and feel amazing, You look down at your partner and two things happen…

…she hasn’t reached orgasm yet and is still itching to have you inside her.

…you’ve orgasmed, and physically, your penis has gone flaccid. BUT, mentally, your brain is still aroused. You see this beautiful woman in front of you and want nothing more than to penetrate every hole of her body.

Some men (like myself) can have sex for multiple rounds. I mastered multiple orgasms when I worked in porn. When you’re filming scenes that last 30-60 minutes, having sex with two or three 10/10 pornstars girls, you’re bound to blast early every once in a while.

Newbie pornstars would get run offset with zero pay, but for me, an early orgasm caused no harm. We would stop filming, wait a few minutes for my boner to return, then turn on the cameras like nothing happened!

Having a short refractory period benefitted me during porn, but also helps me pleasure my wife. Multiple rounds of sex mean I can not only give her multiple orgasms, but I can also deliver multiple delicious-tasting cumshots that she loves to swallow.

I didn’t always have multiple-round mastery, but over the years I’ve developed a few systems that allow me to have a short refractory period. This is exactly what I use, so take notes. Let’s begin…

No Touching

That’s right, quit jerking off. There’s no way you can have a short refractory period if you jack off every day.

Pretend your libido is a gas tank. Every time you orgasm, you use a little more gas. When you masturbate during the day, you burn a lot of that gas before even getting to your destination (sex).

Instead, ditch the solo act, and save all of your sexual energy for the main act with your partner.

The less you masturbate, the hornier you’ll be when you finally rip her clothes off.

Even if the tension builds up so much that you orgasm early, I guarantee that after quitting masturbation (and following the rest of this post), you’ll be able to last multiple rounds.

An added bonus of quitting masturbating is that you naturally shoot bigger loads. If I don’t masturbate for long periods (like a week), I don’t last long. But my wife doesn’t mind because she loves the giant load I have prepared for her.

If you can’t stop masturbating, don’t worry, I know your pain. Masturbation was ruining my marriage, but I quit once and for all after months of trials and tribulations.

Eat This, Not That

Boners are just a collection of blood cells in your penis, so it makes sense that if you want to shorten your refractory period, you should increase blood flow. More blood in your penis means more erections and less refractory time.

I’ve written before about how to increase blood flow to your penis, but today I’m going to focus on diet.

Diet is paramount to shortening your refractory period for countless reasons, but the #1 reason is energy.

When you have more energy, you can have more sex. Think about what happens after you have sex. Usually, you come, and then get insanely tired from all the activity.

What if you drink a Red Bull before you have sex? You won’t want to go to sleep…you’ll want to have more sex!

Now, you don’t want to consume too much caffeine. It’s actually been shown to cause erectile dysfunction. So how do you get an energy boost, without drinking caffeine?

You eat clean.

“You are what you eat,” and if you eat shit, your body will perform like shit.

Clean foods will give you more energy, and allow you to have more sex.

Don’t believe me? Watch the movie, “Super-Size Me.” You know, the one where the guy eats JUST McDonald’s for 30 days. What happens after 15 days?

He gets erectile dysfunction!

Ditch the burgers, your woman will thank you.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A common question, no matter how long your refractory period, is, “what do I do in between rounds?”

The answer is simple: one step forward, two steps back.

You start the night with foreplay, then move to sex, then you orgasm. Now, what do you do? Go two steps back, and return to foreplay. Here’s how.

After you have sex, make sure you clean up the cum, or better yet, get your girlfriend to swallow your load.

Next, keep her aroused by making her vagina the topic of discussion. When she stays horny, she’ll be inclined to have multiple rounds of sex.

Go down on her, rub her clit, and tease her nipples. Stay engaged with her body and keep her aroused.

You might ask, “how does pleasuring HER…reduce MY refractory period?”

The answer is that focusing on her body will make you hornier. If you finish having sex and start watching TV, your body will forget about the sex and keep moving on with your life.

Instead, lock in on her body and your boner will be dying to come back. I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I can NOT have an erection after touching my wife’s moist pussy.

Concentrate on her body, give into the moment, and use foreplay to shorten your refractory period.

I know some guys are rolling their eyes right now because foreplay can get pretty boring, especially when you’ve been with the same girl for years. Thankfully I’ve put together a list of unique foreplay ideas that’ll drive her wild. Use these tricks in between rounds and you’ll never be bored again.

P.S. Shortening your refractory period and having multiple rounds of sex are great, but what if you could instead last 30 minutes…in one round?

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Something missing in your sex life?

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