How To Make Your Balls Bigger Naturally

How To Make Your Balls Bigger Naturally

Is your penis so large…that it makes your balls look like grapes? Let me explain how to make your balls bigger.

If you’ve got an above-average penis, or if you’ve been practicing penis enlargement, it’s possible that your penis simply outgrew your balls.

Maybe you look like a bodybuilder who’s used too many steroids. Maybe your penis looks like a semi-truck…with the wheels of a bicycle.

Believe it or not, ball size is as important as penis size. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge penis. If you have small balls, your woman will laugh when you pull your pants down.

Large balls are necessary for visual appeal. Big balls will turn on a woman just like a big penis. They might not say so, but women love fondling balls…putting them in their mouth…and hearing them slap against their body when you’re pounding away.

So, how can you make your balls bigger? Believe it or not, it’s pretty simple.

How To Make Your Balls Bigger Naturally

Unlike your penis, there are no exercises you can do to grow your balls. Don’t believe any “gurus” on the internet telling you that you can stretch your balls to make them bigger – it’s not true.

The balls are much different than the penis (a muscle), which can be pumped and exercised to a longer length. Your testicles are just skin, so in order to grow them, they need to be consistently stretched.

How do you stretch your scrotum? You make your balls heavier.

Coincidentally, heavier balls mean bigger balls, and bigger balls will stretch your scrotum…making them look huge!

So, how do you make your balls heavier? You make them produce (and hold) more sperm.

You know how we joke about getting old and having “our balls shrivel up?” That’s because as you get older, your sperm production drops.

More sperm = bigger balls. It’s that simple.

I’ve written before about how to shoot bigger cumshots, but today I’ll detail how to create more sperm in your testicles.

Be A Man

The #1 factor that determines how much sperm you make is – testosterone. When your testosterone is high, your body prepares itself to have sex all the time, and reproduce as much as possible.

Therefore, the best way to increase sperm in your testicles is to increase your testosterone. Here are a few natural (and effective) ways how:

  • Sleep More– Testosterone is produced when you sleep, so sleep more for bigger balls. Drink less coffee, make your room dark, and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.
  • Stress Less– Stress is an absolute boner-killer. Stress signals to your body that having sex is unnecessary for survival, so it’ll practically shut off your reproduction system. Avoid stress and your testosterone sperm production will go up.
  • Eat Clean– You are what you eat, and if you eat like trash, your body will create trash. A healthy diet is the best way to increase testosterone and get you in shape. Avoid fast food and eat these pro-boner foods.
  • Lift Weights– Muscle creates testosterone, while fat creates estrogen. Fix your hormones, lower stress, and build your body by lifting weights.

There are millions of ways to increase testosterone, but these four are the most important. Now, let’s get back to how to specifically increase your ball size.

Pump Your Reserves

As discussed earlier, heavier balls will make your balls get bigger.

Testosterone will make your sperm production go up, which will increase your ball size, but you know what else will make your balls heavier? Ejaculating less.

When you ejaculate, your testicles shoot out all the sperm they have stored up. Imagine if you ejaculate around the clock. There’s nothing in there to weigh your scrotum down.

So, to make your balls bigger, don’t masturbate as much. Focus on having sex instead of masturbating, because sex will increase your testosterone (and improve your relationship).

If you can’t avoid masturbating, try edging without cumming. This will give you many of the benefits of masturbating, without the negatives of ejaculation. Click here to learn more about edging.

Air It Out

Now that your testosterone is up, and your balls are packed full of sperm, how can you make sure your balls grow? By letting them hang.

When your nuts hang, your scrotum will stretch out. Unfortunately, many men limit their ball size by suffocating their balls.

Switch to boxers. Briefs or boxer briefs give you support, sure, but they also push your balls up against your body. They can’t grow if they’re being held up all the time.

Sleep naked. Some men love briefs so much they can’t quit. In that case, you can reverse the effects of wearing briefs by sleeping naked.

Your body creates testosterone during the night, and if your balls are full of sperm, nighttime is a great time to stretch your balls.

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep means eight hours of relaxing stretching. Especially if you move around in your sleep, nighttime is the perfect time for your balls to grow.

The Magic Mineral

Lastly, I want to mention a supplement that can help your balls grow bigger. You know I’m not too fond of supplements, because most of them don’t work, but for growing your balls there’s one that works – zinc.

Zinc is an amazing mineral that can increase testosterone, but its #1 benefit is that it increases sperm production. I dare you to take a zinc supplement and NOT shoot a giant cumshot. It’s so good, I took huge (probably dangerous) amounts of zinc during my porn days to fire off huge loads.

Take 30-50mg of zinc daily to increase sperm production. Your woman will thank you for it.

Do The Carpets Match The Drapes?

Now that you know how to make your balls bigger, you might be thinking, “what if my balls get too big?

Over-sized balls look just as bad as tiny balls. If your balls hang lower than your penis, it’ll make your penis look like a joke.

That’s why it’s important to have large balls AND a large penis, That’s why I recommend you to take a closer look and understanding how to get a Bigger Penis.

In my years as a pornstar, I tried everything to make my penis bigger. Having a massive penis meant you got to film more scenes, which meant you made more money, so of course I was heavily invested in growing a large penis.

I learned that there’s a lot of nonsense out there, trying to convince you to buy pumps or pills that won’t add any inches to your penis – they’ll only drain your wallet.

That’s why I wrote ALL you need to know and consider before getting a bigger penis.


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Something missing in your sex life?

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