A Gentleman’s Guide to Eating Ass and Making It Taste Good

A Gentleman’s Guide to Eating Ass and Making It Taste Good

Giving rim jobs, eating ass, tossing a salad, or butt munching — So many words and phrases to describe the very sexy and somewhat raunchy sex act of putting your face between someone’s cheeks and your tongue on their anus! 

Whether you’re a guy or woman, most people who have tried it can agree that getting your asshole licked feels good and is incredibly sexy.

Whether it’s your first time or one millionth, keeping your ass clean and tasty or eating an ass that is both of those things is one of the primary concerns of both the receiving and giving partner.

We will teach you how to make your ass taste good!

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Keep It Clean

No amount of sweet syrup and chocolate will make a poorly washed-asshole taste good! Sorry to fill your mind with shitty images, but you get what we mean here. 

Before covering someone’s butt or your own with the secret sauces and syrups in the article, start with a freshly washed behind. 

You should not need a douche to clean you out if you time it right. Fecal matter doesn’t just live inside the rectum. If you have regular bowel movements, are wiping with toilet paper, and regularly showering, your anal canal should have been emptied before letting someone eat your ass. 

Of course, accidents happen! Perhaps you forgot you had that spicy salad for lunch, or something didn’t sit right with you after dinner. In that case, it might be better to save the ass-eating for another time. Unless scat and coprophilia (if you don’t know what that is, don’t Google it) is your thing, have your bowel movement, wait a bit, shower, and clean with soap and water.

Avoid Excessive Water and Douches

It might sound counterintuitive, but too much water and over-cleaning are just as bad as under-cleaning. Let’s explain. When you push water into the rectum, sometimes not all of it comes out, leading to surprises for your partner later on when their mouth is on your ass, as you’re letting it as you moan in pleasure.

Another very real consequence is that you push water into your rectum, there’s fecal matter further up, and the water causes the stool to loosen and move down the anal cavity — also not good! Unless you can be positive that everything is gone before letting your partner go to town on you, it’s better to stick with oral sex, cuddle, or Netflix and chill.

Avoid Eating Ass Right After Douching or a Bowel Movement

Douching can loosen up fecal matter, as explained above. You might have thought you got everything out when, in reality, a little something is left behind.

You don’t need to douche before rimming, but if you decide to do it anyway, wait a bit before letting your partner eat your butt.

Try changing positions too. Stand upright, lie down on your back and on your stomach, and keep adjusting your position to see if anything makes its way to the exit. 

If you know that your partner is coming over, and you think there is a chance they will toss your salad, douche at least an hour beforehand. 

Let’s say you planned the evening perfectly. Your partner comes over, and everything is going to plan, but just as things are heating up, you feel that cheesy, greasy, meaty burrito from lunch. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, do your business, clean well, and exit the bathroom. Letting them eat you out may not be the best idea. 

Although you cleaned well, or so you think, and everything got out, can you be certain? No. 

Although that cheesy, greasy, meaty burrito tasted good going down your throat, your partner doesn’t need to taste it coming out the back end. 

Do something else for the evening. If you aren’t sure what to do, we have many sex tips to inspire you in the bedroom. Give that a once-over for bedroom inspiration.

Get Enough Fiber and Fix Your Diet

Lastly, before applying tasty syrups, cleaning yourself well, and timing things perfectly, ensure your diet is good.

diet high in fiber will naturally clean you out. Fiber is inedible; your body only uses it to help you poop and clean out your intestines. If you aren’t getting enough fiber, chances are your poop is coming out in small pieces.

It seems minor but could significantly affect your gut health and sex life. 

If you’re not regularly going to the bathroom, there’s a high chance that something is still in your large intestine while your partner is rimming you — increasing your chances of an accidental slip up or, rather, slip out.

Fiber will compact the poo into one continuous piece instead of small pieces. When you have your daily bowel movement, you can be sure that everything exited your rectum in one continuous piece instead of twenty tiny ones. 

Therefore, before letting your partner go to town between your cheeks, get your gut health in order with a better diet and some extra fiber.

Use Flavored Lube

Flavored lube is generally water-based, making it one of the more edible lubricants of the three types: water-based, oil-based, and silicone based. As great as silicone is for anal training, you don’t necessarily want a glob in your mouth. 

There are a few high-rated flavored lubricates that you can try. Before you buy, know that we are not affiliated with these brands.

LubeLife Water-Based Lubricant

Lubelife is a US-based brand that offers water-based lubricants in many flavors, such as sweet strawberry, chocolate mint, cotton candy, and mojito. Their products are also vegan. 

Be sure to read the ingredients thoroughly, as some reviewers state they had an adverse reaction to the lubricant. 

This one is worth a try, as reviews state the flavor is mild and not overwhelmingly sweet or manufactured tasting.

One bottle costs around USD 10.00, making it an affordable choice for most couples.

JO H2O Water-Based Lubricant

Another popular choice for anal lovers is Jo H20. The company has several flavors: cherry, pineapple, watermelon, and raspberry.

Their products are plant-based, non-toxic, and sugar-free.  

A bottle of one of their tasty lubes will cost about USD 13.00. 

Wet Desserts Water-Based Lubricant

Wet Desserts has various flavored lubricants. It’s sold in assorted flavors, from frosted cupcakes to oven-baked apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and delicious donuts, so you’ll find a flavor you and your partner enjoy. 

Be mindful of the ingredients, as some people may have adverse reactions to lubricants, even ones that are paraben, sugar-free, and non-toxic. One bottle will cost you about USD 10.00. 

The manufacturers also state to consume small amounts, as ingesting more significant amounts may upset the stomach. Hopefully, you did not plan on drinking the entire bottle after reading about all those delicious flavors. You’ll be better off trying the following two tricks on our list.

Pour Some Syrup on Your Cheeks

No lube? No problem!

Although every anal lover should have a fresh bottle of lube on their nightstand, perhaps you had a crazy evening and ran out. 

In that case, improvise with sweet syrups straight from your kitchen. A sweet syrup is fine when put just on the outside of your partner’s anus, but do not get it deep inside, and don’t use it internally as lube. The syrup has a high sugar content that can affect blood sugar levels, the syrups might contain artificial dyes, and the glycerin might cause drying. 

However, a little on the outside is fine. Put a little on your partner’s anus and enjoy licking it up. Put it on their butt cheeks for extra fun and kiss, lick, and slurp it off them.

Spread a Little Nutella

Another fun choice is foods like Nutella. Although Nutella is not lube, nor should it be used as lube, it is fun to lick off your partner. Not to mention, it tastes incredible!

Apply Nutella to their butt cheeks, or use warm chocolate instead. For added fun, don’t stop at their anus. Apply the Nutella on other parts of their body, such as breasts, thighs, and neck. 

Get your tongue on their body, lick the Nutella or warm chocolate off their anus, and enjoy!


Making an ass taste good starts with excellent hygiene. No high-quality or expensive lube can mask a poorly washed bottom’s taste (or smell). 

Before letting anyone give you a rim job or rimming your partner, wash the area well with soap and warm water. A douche is unnecessary, but if you choose to use one, time it well so that everything is removed from the rectum before your partner’s face goes down there. 

When in a pinch, raiding the kitchen could work! Take a tasty syrup, bottle of Nutella, or melted chocolate, apply it all over your bottom and enjoy letting your partner eat your ass like it was on a plate. 

If you’re interested in learning more about anal play or anal sex, check out this video! These articles will teach you how to give your partner the best anal sex of their life or how to get started with anal for maximum pleasure. 

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