How to Make a Girl Waterfall Wet

How to Make a Girl Waterfall Wet

Most women are fundamentally different from men when it comes to arousal! Ladies get wet and turned on more by psychological than physical means.

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They deeply enjoy the process of visualizing and anticipating sexual intercourse because they value the mental, emotional, and physical connection to their partner. She needs to set the scene in her mind. To make a girl dripping wet, you need to understand how she thinks.

Engage all the senses, particularly sight, hearing, and touch, to make her anticipate sex. Do not immediately go for the vagina. Instead, start with other body parts and erogenous zones. Touch and explore those first. Finally, use your mouth, tongue, and hands to explore her pussy and push her over the edge. Follow these steps if you want to know how to make a girl wet.

What is Being Wet?

Pussy is actually called a vulva. The vagina is only one part of the vulva; the rest are the pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, and urethra. Deeper inside, there are the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes. You must stimulate more than one area to make a girl soaking wet.

Arousal is physiological and psychological.

In males, the excitement phase leads to an erection. In females, the increased blood flow causes the vaginal walls to release a natural lubricant. Additionally, blood flow increases and causes heightened sensitivity in and around her erogenous parts. Squirting (female cum or ejaculation) sometimes occurs during extreme arousal or orgasm.

The Menstrual Cycle Affects How Wet A Woman Is

The amount of wetness varies depending on the time of the month. Roughly every 30-days, a woman completes one menstrual cycle.

At some point during the menstrual cycle (around day 14 or 15), she’ll enter ovulation when the hormone estrogen increases. You may notice that your girlfriend is unusually horny or excessively wet these days. 

What Makes a Woman Wet?

You need to get a girl wet before penetration, but she might already be wet for several reasons.

The cervix, the part of the vagina that opens to allow sperm to travel deeper into the reproductive system, produces discharge (a mixture of mucus, cells, and water).

Cervical fluid may appear milky white. Typically during ovulation, it’ll be clear and have the consistency of egg whites. After ovulation and near menstruation, the texture and color will change; this is normal and has nothing to do with arousal. 

Arousal fluid is produced only during sexual arousal and aims to make sex easier! 

Why is she wet?

She's horny
It's cervical fluid
It's discharge

Why is she NOT wet?

She's not horny
Not enough foreplay
Her mental state or emotional blockages
She's in menopause
Hormonal birth control pills
Stage of menstrual cycle

She may be just as self-conscious about her vagina as you are about your dick. Wetness is to a girl what an erection is to you; when it doesn’t happen, it can be awkward.

How to Make a Girl Wet

Source: Lauren Richmond/ Upsplash

1. Build Anticipation

Send a message and tell her specifically what you want her to do. For example, tell her you’ll come over at 8 pm, and she should be waiting on the bed.

Give her something to think about. Women are highly connected to their minds and emotions. Sext her throughout the day and go on a wild exploration of her body when you come home. Talk about sex, plan an erotic date night, take a bath or shower, or shop for sexy lingerie and toys. The goal is to get sex on her mind long before you start taking off your clothes.

2. Sext Her

Sext each other throughout the day. Sexting is great for psychological stimulation and adding romance to the relationship. Say something like, “be waiting on a sofa in the black lingerie I got you for Christmas when I get home,” to start building anticipation long before you reach her doorstep.

How do you know what she likes? Talk to her. Girls are not as timid about sex as they seem to be. If she doesn’t talk openly about sex, it’s probably because you’re the first man ever to ask her what she enjoys. 

Women crave genuinely curious and caring men. If she thinks you are a person that cares about her needs, she’s going to 100% care about yours. 

3. Talk Dirty

A woman’s largest erogenous zone is her mind. Women enjoy visualization a lot more than men, so your words are one of your best tools for making a woman wet. 

Dirty talk can mean a lot of things. If you know she has a particular kink or fantasy, use it to make her horny. Describe it in detail. What are you going to do to her? How is she going to feel? Describe your favorite sexual interaction with her. What made you cum? What’s your favorite body part of hers? Explain how excited she makes you. Be detailed and use vivid language. 

Use what you know about your partner to make her crave you. If you don’t know or the relationship is new, just ask. Be open and willing to learn, grow, and take feedback. Don’t take yourself too seriously in the bedroom.

4. Use Foreplay

When it comes to female arousal, foreplay is your best tool. Girls are emotional creatures that need a mental-body connection for optimal arousal.

Foreplay consists of many different actions. Kissing, caressing, biting, talking, and massaging are all highly effective.

Whispering in her ears might also do the trick when she’s not suspecting it. Next time you’re in public, bring her close and whisper how freaking beautiful she looks and how much you want her.

5. Watch Porn Together

Porn is not an accurate representation of sex, but it is highly arousing for both men and women.

Directors make porn in either the female or male gaze. You’ll find the male gaze in most pornographic films – heavy focus on blowjobs, boobs, and ass.

On the other hand, porn in the female gaze will focus more on eroticism, romance, and the interaction between the porn stars. 

In general, porn for women is a lot slower-paced. There’s a chance that your partner watches porn on her own already. Ask her to show you what she likes. Search for porn together and watch it as you explore each other’s bodies.

6. Use Sex Toys

Shopping for sex toys can be highly arousing. Describe how you plan to use the toys to pleasure her in new and exciting ways. You’ll want to go into extensive details if she has never purchased a toy. 

While listening to you describe the erotic ways you’re going to pleasure her, she’ll look at the image of the toys and start to visualize you doing it.

If she imagines a night of hot lovemaking in her head, she’ll start to crave it in real life. 

If you already own sex toys, pull them out. Start as slow or fast as she wants. Take your time getting undressed, and allow her time to set the pace. Start at her lips and work down her neck and other erogenous zones (nipples, inner thigh, etc.). Grab her waist and pull her down onto the bed. Reach over to the nightstand and takes out the toy. Communicate throughout the process. Describe what you are thinking and feeling.

Read body language. Is she grabbing you and yanking your pants down? Or is she a little slower and timid? Adjust your pace accordingly. 

During ovulation, you may discover that she likes the idea of rougher and harder sex. This is peak fertility and estrogen levels. You don’t need to know whether or not she’s ovulating; just read her body language or ask her what she’s craving.

Everyone should look at sexuality with a beginner’s mindset. If you don’t know, ask. Women love inquisitive men. She’ll think of you as more capable and compassionate when you ask her questions. 

7. Encourage Her to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Source: Wevibetoys / Upsplash

Get her into the dressing room, and make her try it on and show it off.

The look on your face as you watch her prance around in her tiny sexy lingerie is highly arousing. She’ll feel hot when she sees how turned on you get.

Some women love the idea of public sex, but whether or not they would ever attempt it is another story. However, if public sex is one of her fantasies, then trying on sexy lingerie for you in a shopping center will be extremely stimulating.

She’ll get turned on if she’s visualizing sex in her mind. Sometimes it’s not about what she’s seeing in real life; it’s what she’s seeing in her head.

Try on the sexy outfits. Leave the store and immediately go somewhere private. We recommend going back later and buying the lingerie. Wrap it neatly in a box, and place it on the bed. Tell her to open it and put it on. She won’t be keeping it on for long, but the idea is to make her think back to how she felt trying on all those sexy pieces at the store and how now, you’re going to rip it off her.

You can also do this instead. Go to the lingerie store. Make her try whatever she likes. Ask her to prance around in front of you. Buy her favorite one, and then immediately go home for a private show.

8. Get Handsy

Do not immediately grab her ass or breast unless that’s her specific turn-on. You want to work up to that by engaging with other erogenous zones (thighs, back, neck, feet, etc.).

Some zones are no-goes for certain partners. The neck, in particular, can be a tricky spot. Many women find it incredibly sexy to be held by their necks, and others may find it intimidating or scary. If you aren’t sure, ask.

Every kink is healthy if it’s done with consent. Choking is a popular kink, but take a moment to discuss it beforehand. Understand what your partner’s dislikes are. 

Give her a massage. Ask her to lay down in only her underwear or completely nude. Caress her entire body with a focus on the erroneous zones mentioned below. Keep in mind that every girl has a weak spot that makes a current run down from her head to her toes. Use oils or lotions if needed.

Touch her hair. A head massage is highly relaxing, but you can also go straight to gently and playfully pulling her hair. 

Touch and Kiss her Ears. After kissing her lips, move down to kissing or softly push her hair back behind her ears.

Touch the Nape of Her Neck. For a gentle touch, stroke lightly using your fingers. Work down from her ears or hair. For a rougher touch, take one hand and wrap it around her throat. Use your thumb to stroke up and down. 

Massage Her Breasts and Nipples. Cup her breasts and use your thumbs to continue stroking and caressing her nipples. You may also try using your tongue for a little extra stimulation.  

Stroke Her Stomach and Waist. Move down from her neck by lightly stroking her stomach. Place both of your hands on her waist and guide her towards you. This works if she's standing or laying down. 

Stroke Her Inner Back. If she's turned away from you, this is an excellent opportunity to use your fingers to move lightly against her lower back. Try a circular motion or lightly run your fingertips up and down her back. 

Caress the Inner Thighs. There are bigger kids, the vagina and ass, on the block, so the inner thighs get overlooked. However, the inner thigh is very sensitive. Rub in a circular motion or lightly run your fingers along the lengths of her thighs and watch how she reacts. She might gently start guiding her vagina towards you. Make her reach the point where she's begging for it to be touched, but don't. Wait a bit more.

Play with Her Ass. Give her a couple of spanks across the middle of her ass. Follow by massaging with your hands; add oils or lotions for extra fun! You can also try getting on your knee and kissing or eating her ass to make her wet and horny.

9. Giver Her A Pussy Massage

Source: Taras Chernus / Upsplash

Be present with your partner. Set up the experience by setting the mood – use candles, her favorite smells, and music. If she can feel that you want to explore her body, it allows her time to relax and let go. We created a step-by-step tutorial on how to give a mind-blowing pussy massage on Youtube.

10. Give Oral Sex

Use your mouth to kiss, lick, and suck multiple parts of her. Focus your attention on the top, and then work your way between her legs. Don’t go straight for the pussy – wait!

Give her a solid passionate kiss on her lips. Place several soft or hard kisses along her neck. Maybe give a few bites as well.

Move down to her nipples. Kiss and suck on each nipple while you cup her breasts. Adjust your intensity. Some adore having their nipples caressed and sucked; others do not. If she isn’t responding to your efforts, ask her what you can do better.

Kiss along her stomach as you use your fingers to explore her body. Alternatively, you can place your hands on her and pin her against the bed or wall.

Move down south. You have to love her pussy! If you’re only giving oral sex because you want girls to give you a blowjob later, you already fucked up. Treat her pussy like you’re going on a date with it. Be in the moment and allow yourself to let loose.

Take a break from the clit and focus on the entire area. Many guys focus too much on the clit and completely forget about the rest of it. Give some love to everything! Move down to the ass and give that a lick.

Tell her how much you love her and how much you adore how wet she is. Positive reinforcement is essential to making a girl wet.

Allow her to guide your tongue. If she pushes your head downwards, don’t stop and follow her direction to the left or right.

Read her body language and listen for visual cues. Is she moaning, grunting, or becoming breathy? If you aren’t sure what to do, ask. You can also avoid the uncertainty by allowing her to sit on your face. If she’s on top, she can adjust the speed and intensity.

One or more of these suggestions are going to get your girlfriend or wife super wet! If you’re a guy who wants to get a girl wet, check out our course, where we discuss how to become the best she’s ever had.

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