How to Increase Precum in Seven Easy Steps With Minimal Effort

How to Increase Precum in Seven Easy Steps With Minimal Effort

If you’re googling this article, you’ve seen precum. It’s the sticky, semi-transparent fluid that comes before sexual activity. But what exactly is it?

And is it possible to produce more precum, and do you even need to for better sexual health? In this article, we will answer all your questions about precum, including how to increase your load!

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What is Precum?

Precum (pre-ejaculate) is a fluid that exits the penis during arousal. It might happen during foreplay, masturbation, or sex, which has earned it the name “arousal fluid”. Precum serves an essential purpose.

Precum production starts with Cowper’s Gland (bulbourethral Gland), a pea-shaped gland near the urethra.

Cowper’s Gland and the prostate gland are not the same and have very different functions — pointing it out in case you might have heard ‘gland’ and confused the two.

Cowper’s Gland secretes a fluid, mostly water, enzymes, and mucus. Precum serves the vital function of;

Without Cowper’s Gland making pre-ejaculate fluid, making it out of the testicles, urethra, and penis would be a challenging mission that few would survive. Cowper’s Gland, and by extension precum, is essential to men’s sexual health.

The Difference Between Precum and Cum

Pre-ejaculate fluid is another name for precum, whereas you might know ejaculate as semen or cum.

Precum and cum are not the same, although they both serve vital functions. Precum is much lighter, watery, and semi-transparent. In contrast, semen tends to be thicker, whiter, and more opaque.

Function-wise, they’re different as well. Precum exists to clear out the urethra by neutralizing the acidic environment. As men use their urethra for both urine and semen, it has the negative effect of making the urethra more acidic and less ideal for the health of sperm that needs to pass through it. Semen, on the other hand, is a carrier fluid for sperm. Precum (pre-ejaculate) cleans you out, and semen (ejaculate) carries sperm.

There’s a common myth floating around that precum cannot cause pregnancy. Sorry to say, but that is untrue. Precum, although not the carrier fluid for sperm, does sometimes contain sperm. It’s been estimated that sperm is present in precum 41% of the time, and in 31% of those cases, the sperm was, in fact, mobile and very much alive.

Therefore, don’t convince your girlfriend to let you put “just the tip in” before rinsing off the precum — unless a surprise pregnancy is your endgame.

Likewise, suppose you have an iron will and have perfected the withdrawal method to last longer in bed. In that case, your precum could be your kryptonite that leads to an unplanned pregnancy. Practice delayed orgasm and edging to last longer in bed, but not to prevent pregnancy.

Likewise, If you are positive for any sexually transmitted diseases, you could pass it on to your partner with your precum during sexual intercourse. Sexually transmitted infections can be spread from partner to partner through bodily fluids such as saliva, semen, vaginal fluid, and pre-ejaculate fluid.

How to Increase Precum

Men typically produce about one tablespoon of precum. This amount can vary depending on how much semen a man ejaculates each week.

In most cases, the amount a man produces is not enough to lubricate his penis enough for penetration. However, some people produce very large amounts.

The amount of precum you produce is not under conscious control, and you can’t will yourself to produce more. If you don’t have pain, discomfort, or a complete absence of precum, assume that your body is producing the exact amount you need to clean out the urethra and keep your swimmers alive and healthy.

There are natural methods and remedies and solid changes to your lifestyle to improve the quality of your precum. It’s more manageable than you think. Here are a few techniques to improve the quality of both your precum and cum, and potentially increase the volume as well.

Stay Hydrated

If you’ve forgotten to drink lots of water the majority of the week, it could be affecting your precum and cum volume and quality. Precum is mostly water, so the first step to increasing the quality and quantity of precum is to stay hydrated.

Take These Supplements

Taking zinc, magnesium, copper, vitamin C, or L-arginine supplements, if you are deficient in any of these, will help improve not only your precum but your semen volume as well.

Too many supplements can be a waste of money, at best, or cause health problems, at worst. If you aren’t actually deficient in these areas, pass on the supplements and continue on to the next tip.

Eat These Foods

Instead of taking supplements, eat a variety of protein sources, vegetables, and fruits to obtain all the vital nutrients you need to increase your load.

Eating a healthy diet

L-arginine can be found in most protein sources, such as healthy fish, red meat, chicken, and tofu or soy. Increase the amount of protein in your diet while cutting back on sugary sodas, candies, and any other libido-destroying drinks or food like alcohol. Likewise, copper and zinc are found in fish, shellfish, nuts, and whole grains.

Vitamin C is in abundance in most fresh fruits such as oranges, lemons, mango, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Magnesium is an easy-to-obtain mineral. You will get more than enough magnesium from dark leafy greens, beans, peanuts, almonds, and cashews.

Try to Exercise

Exercise, in general, can be an incredible boost to your sex life. It will not only improve your precum but for other aspects, such as how long you last in bed, your semen volume and quality, and of course, how good you look without your clothes on.

A combination of a great diet and exercise will improve the quality of your precum and increase semen volume.

Practice a Healthier Lifestyle

Stress management and quality sleep are needed for precum and everything else in your body. More importantly, a lack of sleep and too much stress could be affecting your sex life overall.

Suppose you’ve found yourself weighted down by the burdens of life, stressed out, overworked, and lacking a good night’s sleep. In that case, it’s no wonder your reproductive system is crying out for help.

Try stress alleviation methods such as meditation, deep breathing, talking about your problems, or taking a moment to relax and de-stress. If sleep is your concern, improve the quality of your sleep by purchasing better bedding, more comfortable pillows, a fan, or better AC unit, or a heater if you live in a cold climate. De-stressing will also help with sleep quality, as sleeping peacefully is challenging when the world’s weight is on your shoulders!

With these two changes, you will likely see improvements in your overall mental, physical, and sexual health.

Try Masturbation

Whether you’re sexually active or only practicing self-love at this moment in your life, masturbation with toys, watching porn, or just with your hand and imagination is the simplest way to increase the amount of pre cum produced.

Seek Medical Advice

Two major conditions, prostatitis, and enlarged prostate can cause a reduction in ejaculation and pre-ejaculate because they affect your reproductive and prostate health. Speak to a professional to see if either of these two conditions could be the source of the issue.

The Benefit of Increasing Precum

On average, a man produces a teaspoon of precum, but because it slowly oozes out of the tip, it might seem like a lot more. Your body is a well-working machine, and unless there is pain, discomfort, or a sense of something being wrong, assume that your Cowper’s Gland has got it covered. You are producing the exact amount of precum your body needs for sexual health.

Some men may want to increase precum because as the body ages, Cowper’s Gland produces less pre-ejaculate.

Although the role of precum in fertility is small, precum is a solid indicator of a man’s sexual health. Young adults produce bigger loads due to increased sexual arousal levels and better health and fitness. As a gentleman ages, the volume of precum could decrease unless the man takes active steps to prevent it.

The benefits of increasing precum are better sexual health. As stated, precum is essential for neutralizing the slightly acidic environment in the urethra and for lubrication. Without it, semen will have a more challenging time successfully exiting the penis during orgasm and carrying healthy amounts of sperm.

If better sperm mobility and better lubrication is your goal, you might want to increase your precum.

Cons to Increasing Precum

While large amounts of precum do not pose a health risk, it can cause discomfort when the amount of precum a man releases soaks into his underwear when he is aroused.

The issue should get better if you are aroused most of the day due to age, as older men tend to produce less fluid than teenage boys and young adults. If you don’t think the issue is related to age and sexual urges, it’s best to speak to your doctor.


How much precum the body produces is not under your conscious control, and the human body is, more likely than not, perfectly capable of deciding for itself when enough is enough.

However, using the methods described in this article, you can improve the quality of your precum and ejaculate.

Remember that you don’t need ample precum for great sex or pregnancy! Let your body do its thing.

If your precum is a problem, or you want to increase your probability of getting your partner pregnant, try speaking with a fertility expert and doctor to see what can be done to improve the quality of reproductive health.

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