How To Hit The G Spot Every Time

How To Hit The G Spot Every Time

You want to make your woman beg you for sex every night, right? But you don’t know how to hit the G spot, right?

You know, hands down, the best way to get her to want sex is to give her earth-shattering, mind-blowing, eardrum-rocking orgasms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re “good at sex.” Nothing drives women up the wall like a good orgasm.

And out of all of the five types of orgasms, the easiest one for you (and the best one for her) is the G-Spot.

Don’t waste your time eating her out, or messing with vibrators. Take a few minutes to learn about the G-Spot, and soon she’ll be crawling into bed on your demand.

So let’s get started.

Where Is The G Spot?

Since you’re reading this article, you probably don’t know where the G-Spot is, or how you can start playing with it.

Thankfully, the G-Spot is in the same exact location for every single woman out there.

There might be some variance with the exact location, but every woman’s G-Spot should be in the same area.

It might be deeper, or shorter, depending on her anatomy but it’s inside the vagina, 2-3 inches, and on the side closer to her front (her near side to you when facing her).

We’ll cover my specific technique for reaching the G-Spot in a minute, but first…

Make Sure She’s Horny

Before you get started I want to convey something very important to you.

The G-Spot can only be found when the woman in question is aroused.

This isn’t bro-science, this is a proven fact. When women go to the gynecologist, it’s impossible for the doctor to find the G-Spot…because she’s not aroused (well, I hope not).

In order for you to pleasure her G-Spot, she has to be aroused.

This doesn’t mean you kiss her for a few minutes then rip her clothes off. This means you take your time and show her body some love.

If you’re bad at foreplay, click here for 11 Foreplay Ideas That’ll Drive Her Wild.

Make sure she is extremely turned on and soaking wet, and then you can get to…

Finding The G-Spot

Just in case you forgot, the directions to the G-Spot are:

– 2-3 inches inside

– On the near side

So, how do you manually stimulate this area, without opening it up and looking inside? Don’t worry, Big Mike’s got you.

To find the G-Spot, lie in bed next to her. Have her lie on her back and spread her legs. Put your hand on her vagina, palm-side down.

Insert your middle and ring finger into her pussy, making your hands into a sort of devil horns sign, like you’re at a rock concert.

Finally – pull your two fingers up, like you’re signaling for her to “come hither.”

You’ll feel your fingers reach the top of her insides, and you’ll know you’ve reached the G-Spot because it’s rough.

Yes, rough. Like wet sandpaper.

You’ll instantly know that you’ve hit the G-Spot because the texture is worlds apart from the rest of the smooth, silky vagina. 

If you can’t find it, you’ve either gone too far, or not far enough. Go in both directions and see if you can find it.

Worst case scenario, you might have to pull UP a little more. With some girls, their G-Spots are at a different angle than the rest of their vagina, so you have to kind of pull backward.

That’s why I recommend the “come hither” technique, it naturally makes you pull in the correct direction.

Now that you’ve found it, let me teach you how to…

Pleasure The G-Spot

Good news– once you can find it, pleasuring the G-Spot is relatively easy.

All you have to do is rub it back and forth.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can get a G-Spot toy. There are companies that sell some great products that are curved specifically to target the G-Spot.

I prefer the manual technique. I’m old school like that. But if toys are your thing, the G-Spot toys are a great purchase.

My favorite way to hit the G-Spot is kind of weird…

I like to get in there, find it, rub it a little bit, and then kind of grab on to her. When you do it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The angle of the G-Spot allows you to grip her entire pelvis with your hand.

From there, move your arm back and forth. This will provide movement and intense pressure on the G-Spot. Do not let go of her. Feel free to get a little rough with this technique, and stop if you’re doing it wrong.

Like most things, all women are different, so experiment with your technique, tempo, and angle, to find what she likes most.

Take things to the next level with…

Sex Positions For G-Spot Stimulation

Manual stimulation of the G-Spot is amazing, but hitting it during sex can really drive women wild.

Most of the time when women orgasm during sex, the G-Spot is responsible.

Here are some positions that, with proper tweaking, will hit the G-Spot:

Missionary – take standard missionary, and raise her butt up. Put some pillows under her for stability.

Folded Chair – like missionary, but you bend her legs and put them over your shoulders. Holding her legs allows you to lift her up, and position your cock in the perfect position for G-Spot stimulation.

Cowgirl – probably the best for G-Spot stimulation. Get her on top, but have her sit up at 90 degrees (or farther). This’ll lean the front of your cock straight to her G-Spot.

Last but not least, let me remind you that all women are different.

There are five types of female orgasms. There are millions of permutations of sex positions you can use. Foreplay, with the right plans, can become an hour-long affair of ecstasy.

Sex is a skill. No one wakes up and suddenly becomes a sex god.

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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"