How to Fuck Harder and Better Than Any Pornstar in Five Easy Steps

How to Fuck Harder and Better Than Any Pornstar in Five Easy Steps

The key to fucking hard is ditching everything you think you know from porn. You cannot just grab a woman and immediately penetrate her—at least, not if you want her to speak to you again.

It’s not just about the penetration; it’s everything that comes before (the foreplay) and afterward (the aftercare and feedback).

Fucking hard means different things to different people, as the speed, intensity, and rhythm will vary substantially from partner to partner. For example, some women crave doggy style with their face pushed into a pillow, and others only want a little hair pulling.

This article will guide you through five simple steps to help you become an expert in bed and give your partner the most amazing time of their life. So get ready for a wild ride as we teach you how to fuck hard like a professional pornstar!

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Why Do Women Love Fucking Hard?

Women crave rough sex as much as men do. It’s a fallacy that most women only enjoy cuddles and light kisses.

One of the reasons why rough sex is so fucking hot is it reinforces dominance as a man. A dominant man equals safety, or at least it did to our caveman ancestors.

You aren’t fighting foreign invaders trying to pillage your village anymore, but the principle still applies, dominance equals safety. Let’s be clear. Dominance and domineering are not the same. In short, a domineering guy is a complete asshole. He’s a bully in the bedroom and leads with force, not consent. A dominant guy leads with consent, and there’s no force involved when you lead with consent.

Women love being tossed onto the bed and taken because it’s incredibly primal and animalistic.

Moreover, the feeling of relinquishing control and allowing someone you completely trust to have full access and control over your body can be undeniably sexy.


How to Have Rough Sex

Fucking hard and rough sex go hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other. Fucking hard is a physical action, but rough sex is the entire experience. It’s raw, animalistic, and passionate, but don’t rush in with guns ablaze.

If you want to have satisfying rough sex, you need to establish some short and simple rules of engagement.

1. Communicate

Communication is sexy, although it does not sound that way. Women emphasize the emotional, mental, and physical connection between themselves and you. When you fuck her, you’re meeting her physical needs, but you haven’t even touched the emotional and mental ones yet.

You might get her to orgasm once if you’re lucky. However, that’s not going to make her crave you more. When you unlock all three parts, you give her permission to open up about her sexual desires. You might find she has the wildest fantasies and kinks that no guy has ever asked her about.

When your partner feels safe, she can open up. You might be the first man that has ever asked her what she likes and encouraged her to embrace her sexuality. She might be too timid to speak openly. It’s your job to be patient. Keep an open mind and maintain a safe and non-judgmental environment. If you’re the first man that has ever done that for her, I can guarantee she’ll crave sex with you.

Great sex is never about the size of your penis.

Some ladies claim that nothing less than six inches will do, but that can’t be true. Otherwise, how would billions of men less than six inches have devoted partners? Don’t waste your time focusing on the size of your penis. Focus on the factors you can change—your attitude towards sex, knowledge of sexuality, and skills.

Better communication = better connection = better sex overtime

Establish whether she enjoys hard sex. She might be willing but apprehensive. Maybe she’s completely down for it and already knows what she likes.

Rough sex is a paradox. From the outside, it appears that the woman is entirely powerless; in reality, she is in absolute control of the situation. When that’s the case, she will be ten times more willing to engage in intercourse.

Think about these questions.

Safe words are not optional in rough lovemaking or BDSM. Choose a word that can not be misunderstood, and you will remember. Discuss the safe words before sex every time, as she or you might have forgotten if it has been a while since things got that hot and heavy inside the bedroom.

We recommend the following safe words because they are easy to remember.

2. Build a Connection and Increase Anticipation

Sex for a woman is more mental than physical; this is even more true when you want to fuck hard. Women need to build up to rough sex. What does that look like—anticipation!

3. Find the Right Timing​

Sex for women is nearly entirely psychological. Without trust and a feeling of safety, she won’t want to let go completely. Work on building trust and a connection with your partner first.

As we mentioned, she’s not always going to enjoy a hard fuck. She’ll go from begging you to pin her against a wall to wanting to be held and cuddled in a soft fuzzy blanket. Why? It’s partly because of her menstrual cycle.

A woman’s menstrual cycle is more than just her period; instead, it’s a whole 30-day experience of rapidly rising and falling hormones. Around day 14 or 15 of her 30-day cycle, she’ll go into ovulation. Ovulation is the only period in which a woman can get pregnant.

Before you immediately scroll down to the bottom of the page, thinking, I don’t want a kid. This section isn’t for me—stop! There’s some vital information here.

Ovulation means peak fertility and peak estrogen levels. What does that mean for you? She’s incredibly horny!

You will find that she’s more interested in the rough stuff during ovulation. A few days after peak fertility, estrogen levels will plummet. She’ll be more sensitive and probably wants to be cuddled by a big teddy bear.

4. Find the Right Technique

The key to a pleasure-filled experience is consent. Know what your partner likes. If both of you have never tried fucking hard before, always start slow and work your way up because you might not know how far she’s willing to go.

Start with the hair-pulling test. With one hand, gently pull her hair. On the next pull, use a little more strength. Ask her, “Do you like that? Want me to go harder?” We can not stress enough that every woman is different, so always gauge her reaction and understand her body language. When in doubt, stop and ask.

Incorporate some biting and scratching. Adjust the intensity of both according to her reaction. Start with little bites along the neck with light pressure, and proceed downwards. With your head buried between her thighs, lightly run your fingers down her legs. While eating her pussy, take a break from the main meal to devour her thighs with small bites.

Give her a little spank before and during penetration.

Tie her up. You can purchase handcuffs, ropes, and ties from anywhere. Alternatively, you can find a necktie and use it as a soft restraint to tie her hands to the bedpost, behind her back, or any location in the house.

You can also try choking. Choking is a kink for many girls, but you have to get the amount of pressure right. You never want to use too much force when choking a girl. Make sure she can use her safe words while being choked. If she is unable to talk, use non-verbal communication. Great non-verbal safe words include the shoulder tap and hand wave. She can tap you on the shoulder or wave her hands to signal you to stop or slow down.

5. Find the Right Position

The proper position is essential to fucking hard. Some positions are better than others and allow for deeper penetration.

The key to rough sex is pinning her down, grabbing her thighs, and taking complete control of her body with her consent. These are beginner friendly sex positions that will drive her wild!

The following positions are advanced because they require skills to avoid finishing too soon. These exceptionally hot positions require preplanning at the local sex shop or online store.

Rough Sex Ideas

We cultivated a list to get things moving in the right direction, but always discuss with your partner whatever fantasies the two of you have and how you can make them a reality.

Beginner Friendly

Here’s a date night idea guaranteed to lead to a pleasure-filled evening. Many women are interested in public sex because the thrill of being caught is highly arousing.

Take her out on a date and demand that she wear her sexiest underwear. Before leaving the house, insert a vibrating egg, Ben Wa Ball, or Yoni Egg to help tease her and stimulate her vagina while in public. Excuse yourselves to the bathroom and completely ravish her in the public restroom.

Not a fan of public sex? Keep it in the house, but make it ten times better by hosting a wrestling date. Buy pillows and cushions, and then go wild on the floor. Introduce a friendly competition. If she wins, she gets something. If you win, you get to fuck her right there on the floor.

Next, pick her up off the floor and carry her into the bedroom. Toss her on the bed and lovingly spank her ass before pushing her down into doggy or missionary position.


You can try something a little rougher. Why not role-play a break-in or robbery? As we discussed, always converse beforehand with your partner.

Last Words on Fucking Hard

Fucking hard doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. It can be a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life and explore new fantasies with your partner.

Always communicate, set boundaries, and use safe words if needed. With the right attitude and preparation, you both will have an amazing love-making session!

Watch this video to learn how to make your woman crave rough sex.

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