How Do You Know When a Girl Squirts — The Truth Revealed

How Do You Know When a Girl Squirts — The Truth Revealed

Female sexuality and anatomy are complex and mysterious. Women often don’t talk openly about their sexual experiences. This makes it difficult to know exactly what happens during sex. Additionally, Women experience orgasms differently. Some women squirt easily, and some don’t.

Squirting is not as challenging as it seems, so we created a list of misconnections and facts about this pleasure-inducing female phenomenon to help you identify if your partner has squirted. 

Here’s everything you need to know about squirting.

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What Is Squirting

Women do not have a male prostate, but they have Skene’s glands.

Squirting, also called female ejaculation, is an act in which fluid from the female prostate (Skene’s glands) is expelled quickly. This can be done manually (ejaculating while masturbating) or automatically (ejaculating during sexual intercourse).

There’s a lot of misinformation about squirting that we wish to dispel to help you understand when and if your partner has squirted. 

How to Know When She Has Squirted

Depending on your partner, it can be difficult to know when and if she has squirted. Women ejaculate up to 2 ounces of fluid, but for others, it might be just a few drops. How much fluid is released depends on the person.

The tell-tale sign that someone has squirted is increased vaginal wetness. Female ejaculate tends to be clear and watery, resembling clear urine. Other times it’s more of a milky white liquid, resembling male ejaculation.

The fluid is expelled from the urethra in an explosion of fluid. Afterward, the bedsheets will have fluid droplets, excluding those prepared with waterproof bedding or a towel.

The G Spot is also likely to be very swollen. The G Spot is one of the many pleasure centers inside the vagina. For most, it’s the second most pleasurable location aside from the clitoris. You can find the G Spot with one or two fingers along the upper wall, about a knuckle and a half inside. Before sexual arousal, the Spot is normal size. Still, it can quickly engorge with blood through stimulation and swell to twice its normal size. A swollen G Spot is a great sign that she is very turned on.

As she nears squirting, the increased pressure in the bladder and urethra may give her the false impression that she has to pee. When she feels the urge and gives into it, followed by a sudden release of pressure, it’s a great sign that she has squirted.

Lastly, you can know if she squirted when she confirms that she has. Suppose you are new to Squirting, but your female partner is not. In that case, she will know her own body well enough to pinpoint when exactly she’s ready to squirt and when she has already squirted. Simply follow her instructions. 

If you and she are inexperienced with squirting, listen for the keywords, “I feel like I’m about to pee!” This is the most difficult part of squirting, as most women want to clench their pelvic floor muscles and stop the liquid from flowing. Most people are used to, in some way or another, holding their bladder until they find an empty bathroom stall. It becomes both a conscious and unconscious behavior. Encourage your partner to give in to the sensation and relax her muscles. Continue the same motion and rhythm, and then jerk your fingers or toy out to unblock her urethra when she’s finally ready to expel the fluid. 

To summarize, she has most likely squirted when the G Spot is swollen; she had the urge to pee, followed by a relaxing and pleasurable feeling and increased vaginal wetness.

What Does Squirting Feel Like

Women who have squirted report feeling either one or all of the sensations right before their squirt: 

Most women feel a strong urge to urinate during stimulation that leads right up to them squirting, but not all females. For some, the feeling may be more subtle, and the feeling may be indistinguishable from a G Spot orgasm. 

Despite the differences in how it feels leading up to squirting, all women who have squirted agree that it feels really good and enhances their sex life.

Squirting Myths

Many women and their male partners have not realized that they have experienced squirting before because they believe in one or more of these myths. In particular, they expect a large volume of fluid to launch at rocket speeds. 

Some of the myths regarding squirting include:

Women Don't Squirt

This is a complete myth! Women can and do squirt. In fact, 69% of participants in this 2017 study proclaimed they squirted through solo masturbation, partnered stimulation, or intercourse.

Only Certain Types of Toys Work

This myth is true to a certain extent. G Spot wands are preferable to other toys such as clit suckers, anal beads, and clit vibrators. 

However, some women need double stimulation to squirt, and so, in that case, more than one type of toy is suitable for making a woman squirt.

Start with a G Spot wand or your fingers. Read this to learn how to make a woman squirt with your fingers or toys.

G Spot wands are great because they apply consistent and forceful pressure to the G Spot, two things you will need to make her squirt. But if done correctly, many ladies can squirt for the first time from their partner’s fingers. 

If neither fingers nor toys work, purchase a bullet vibrator or Hitachi wand. Stimulate her clitoris with the wand, and use your fingers or toys for G Spot stimulation.

There’s one combination, in particular, that we recommend. The Hail Mary combination utilizes our two favorite sex toys: the Hitachi wand and the G Spot wand.

While your female partner holds the wand to her clit, you stimulate her G Spot with the other wand. This move is promised to make any woman cum and squirt.

A Woman Can't Squirt During Sex

This is also a myth. Women can squirt during vaginal penetration, but it is much harder. According to one study, most women squirted from masturbation and stimulation than from intercourse. 

Making your partner squirt from your penis is a challenge and advanced move only recommended for couples who have mastered squirting with fingers and toys first. 

You Need to be Sexually Experienced

You do not need to be experienced or have had many partners to squirt. Some women are naturally born squirters and do it easily, often with or without a partner. Others tend to take more time learning how to do so, with the medium age for their first squirt being nearly 26 years old. 

You Cannot Learn to Squirt

False! A woman that has never squirted before is not doomed to a squirt-free life for all of her existence. Chances are, she just has not found the right partner or used the right techniques on herself to squirt. There are many reasons women cannot squirt: shame, embarrassment, wrong technique, incorrect pacing, rushed stimulation, etc. 

For some, squirting comes naturally. For others, it’s a learning process that will take a lot of trial and error in the form of different movements, rhythms, and toys. 

Squirting Is Just Pee

Squirting is not urine. Chemically, squirt and urine are different. Squirt is mostly urine when the squirting partner does not empty their bladder before sexual stimulation. 

Squirting is released from the urethra, doing sexual arousal and stimulation. The urge to squirt feels much like the urge to pee, and urine and squirt may combine when the bladder is full. Although it’s not terrible, it won’t be as pleasant as a pure squirt.

In its purest form, squirt tastes and smells nothing like urine.

Squirting Is Dirty

It’s not dirty; squirting can enrich your and your partner’s sex life. When the bladder is empty, the fluid expelled is clear, natural smelling, and tasting, or it might have a sweet taste and aroma. 

Not to mention, it’s really hot and intimate. 

If, for some reason, you’re opposed to getting your bedsheets wet, just put a towel down or use waterproof bedding. Then it’s pleasurable and easy to clean up. 

Squirting is a Fetish

It isn’t!
Squirting is not a kink like watersports, bondage, and foot worship. Squirting is a natural phenomenon when a woman receives the right stimulation.

Squirting is completely normal. Most vanilla-sex couples can enjoy squirting as much as adventurous and kinky couples can. 

Squirting Is the Same As an Orgasm

A G Spot orgasm, the spot about a knuckle and a half deep inside the vagina, and squirting are not the same occurrence. Although a woman can squirt and orgasm simultaneously, she does not have to. 

A G Spot orgasm may be pleasurable but not lead to fluid expulsion from the urethra. Likewise, squirting can be pleasurable but might not cause her to orgasm. 

Squirting Looks Like Porn

Porn is the source of many myths regarding sexual activities and intercourse. Although we all know, to some degree, that what we see on the scene is faked, edited, or rehearsed, it’s hard not to internalize those images and apply them to the real world.

Most women will not expel large amounts of liquid, as seen in porn. You might get lucky and meet a fine lady who can squirt like that, but it’s rare and most likely not going to happen.

Instead, it’s more probable that your partner releases no more than 2 ounces (75.6 g), which is still a lot of fluid, but nowhere near the high-pressure hose, you see in porn.  

Not Every Woman Can Squirt

Anatomically, every woman has the right structures inside her body to squirt. It is a matter of patience, trial and error, and technique — not anatomy. 

Additionally, research suggests that all women can squirt. Whether she will or not is a more complicated issue, as squirting has many hindrances.

Squirting Facts

Here are a few squirting facts to pair with the myths we dispelled above. 

Squirting Feels Like a Build-Up of Pressure

It will feel like having a full bladder when she is about to squirt. Both the urethra and bladder will feel full, and the feeling will subdue once she releases the fluid. 

Squirting Rarely Happens During Sex

Rarely — not never!

Most women will have their first squirting experience from G Spot stimulation with a sex toy or fingers, not from their partner’s penis.

In fact, most women do not orgasm from only penetration, so it’s no wonder most will not squirt from it either. 

With the right movements during sex, you could make your partner squirt. Still, it will take practice and is only recommended for couples that have already mastered squirting techniques with fingers and toys. 

She Needs A lot of G Spot Stimulation

For some women, gentle and consistent pressure is enough to squirt, but this is not the case for most women. Do not be surprised if you have to pull with significantly more force than imagined. 

High-speed vibrations might even be necessary, depending on the person. 

She Needs To Be Sexually Aroused First

A woman will not squirt without G Spot stimulation and sexual arousal. Forget it if she’s not interested in sex, not turned on, and does not want to squirt.

How to Squirt

Watch this for a full explanation of squirting.

Start by increasing sexual arousal before taking her clothes off. She is more likely to squirt if she’s very horny and aroused. Therefore, spend a lot of time dirty-talking and whispering romantic, sensual, or kinky things into her ear. Start with caresses and massages, followed by kissing and slowly taking off each other’s clothing. 

Warm up her genitals and slowly insert a finger, two fingers, or a sex toy into her vagina. Pull upward and outward towards yourself using a consistent pace and movement. Ask your partner for guidance if your technique is not working, she seems bored, or nothing happens after minutes of doing this. 

Consider double stimulation by stroking her clitoris or sucking and rubbing her nipples.

When she utters the magic words, “I’m about to pee!” Encourage her to let go. If she starts to ejaculate, remove your fingers or toy.

But don’t force her to squirt; it might not happen on the first or even fifth try. Adjust your position and technique, and keep trying. 


Is squirting normal? — Yes!

There are many misconceptions surrounding female ejaculation. The truth is, it can happen, and it does happen. However, it is a challenge for many women and takes practice. If you want to learn how to squirt, read our guide here. 

Squirting is rare than an orgasm, so most people don’t know how to recognize it. Hopefully, our article has cleared up any misconceptions surrounding Squirting and taught you some ways to recognize it.

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