11 Unique Foreplay Ideas To Drive Her Wild

11 Unique Foreplay Ideas To Drive Her Wild

If you are looking for some general, high-level stuff you need to do to improve your foreplay game, read first How To Tease A Girl During Foreplay. After you’re done, come back here and use one of these specific foreplay ideas to boost your lovemaking skills to the stratosphere.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark this article, and come back and read it for inspiration and ideas every now and then. Don’t try to remember all of these techniques – choose one or two that look most interesting, try them out, and then come back for more. That way you’ll get the most out of this guide.

O.K., with that out of the way, let’s talk about some unique foreplay ideas that can leave her dripping wet with pleasure.

Kiss Her Neck

kissing her neck_foreplay ideas

This is a great example of an advice that is widely known but still wrongly applied. Everybody knows what you should kiss, lick, and even bite her (gently) on the neck.

But, what most men get wrong is HOW they do it. They do it without passion and excitement, just a little peck here and there and then they are done.

Well, their loss. Because if you do it with passion and fervor she will get turned on beyond your wildest dreams.

So, be sure to kiss her on her neck. But, more importantly, also use your tongue to lick her all over. (if she’s wearing perfume this will leave a sour taste in your mouth – be a soldier and endure it)

Also, gently use your teeth. A little bite here and there will leave her trembling with desire – just make sure that you don’t leave any marks; she probably won’t appreciate it.

Talk Dirty To Her

Talking dirty is something everybody wants to do, but they are afraid they are going to sound stupid. And with a good reason – some things that girls have said to me in bed were real erection killers.

So, how can you talk dirty without making a complete fool out of yourself?

Easy. Never “just” talk dirty. Always be doing something else while you are whispering raunchy, naughty things in her ear.

It can be kissing and biting her neck as in the previous example. It can be going down on her, as you’ll see later. It can even be just pinning her arms down and kissing her.

Now, the other thing you can do is to simplify your dirty talking when you are starting out.

Instead of calling her derogatory terms, use these two techniques.

First, just tell her what you are going to do next. “Now I’m going to down on you…and lick you all the way down…lick your entire body…” etc. Be sure to show off desire in your voice, as you can’t wait to do those things.

Second, just ask her if she likes what you are doing. Provided that she is gasping and clearly enjoying herself, the answer will be yes. “You like it when I bite you on the neck, don’t you?” etc.

Using just these two tips will definitely spice up your sex life and introduce you to the wonderful world of dirty talking.

Just The Tip

This is usually the technique you should use when you are ready to finish foreplay.

Why? Because when you are using this technique you will end up having sex – guaranteed.

Basically, what you should do is put just the tip of your penis inside of her…and then pull it out. Then put it back in. Then out. Then in. Then…you get the idea.

The idea is to tease her with “just the tip” of things to come.

This technique is extremely powerful. Don’t be surprised if she tries to grab your ass and tries to push you all the way in. Resist that.

Instead, ask her: “What’s wrong? You seem a little bit impatient…” or “How bad do you want it?” – all with a mischievous smile on your face.

When you are done with foreplay and just want to start having sex, just push your dick all the way in when she least expects it and start fucking her incredibly fast and hard. Don’t be surprised if she comes right then and there.

Pull Her Hair

This is a caveman move that works extremely well, but it can hurt her if you don’t know what you are doing.

What most men do is grab her by the end of her hair and pull with all their strength – which will hurt her and suck out the horniness out of the room.

The key is to grab her by the root of her hair and squeeze your fingers in a fist. Don’t try to yank her head – instead, strong and slow is the way to go.

When you try this technique for the first few times, err on the side of caution and pull lightly.

Then, as you see that she clearly enjoys it, slowly increase your grip strength until you’re Zorg the Caveman reincarnated.

Play With Her Breasts

boobies foreplay ideas

Ah, boobies. One of the greatest pleasures in life a man can have (besides beer).

Too bad most guys are clueless when it comes to the proper way of turning a woman on just by playing with her nipples.

Firstly, don’t bite her nipples. While it can be done so the girl enjoys it, most guys are inexperienced in this and bite too hard. I don’t have to tell you that that is a major mood killer.

Second, do use your tongue and suck, lick and kiss both her nipples and her entire breasts. A good way to do this is to start off slowly and then, as she gets more turned on, escalate your speed.

And, third, some girls like it when you squeeze their boobs hard, while some only want gentle treatment. You will have to find out which type of girl she is. (Pro tip: Just ask her.)

Go Down On Her

Eating a girl out is both an art and a science.

The main thing to remember is to do it with enthusiasm. You can have all the techniques in the world, if you are silent and lack passion, she will never get turned on. So be sure to check out my other article, How To Tease a Girl During Foreplay for a complete mindset change when it comes to foreplay.

That’s the art part. Now onto the technical stuff.

Because this is such an important subject, and there is so much there needs to be said, I wrote an entire step-by-step guide on GirlsChase on how to eat a girl out.

It’s a 5000+ word complete guide to eating a girl out, so be sure to check it out.

Bite Her Lip (Gently)

This is another technique that sounds simple, but where you can horribly mess up.

This lip-biting should be slow, sensuous, and erotic. It should be a natural extension of kissing.

There should never be any pain involved. You should bite her hard enough to make her horny, but not hard enough to break the mood.

Because every girl has a different pain threshold, this will require some experimentation on your part.

Just don’t go overboard with it.

Pin Her Arms

Pinning her arms is a great move that can be used both during foreplay and during sex.

It’s best used when you are on top of her and can control her completely.

This is a great time to add some other things from this article to the list: kissing, biting, dirty talking, etc.

She’s completely under your control and this fact will immensely turn her on.

You can now use this as a starting point to introduce some light BDSM and domination stuff inside your bedroom.

After all, 50 Shades of Grey is not a multimillion bestseller because of its writer’s ability, right?

Use Your Fingers Intelligently

As with eating a girl out, this is an enormous subject that needs to be covered more thoroughly than I can do in this article.

(Which I did in my other article: How To Finger A Girl: The Ultimate Guide)

Also, every girl is different and has different preferences, so you’ll need to both ask her what she likes and experiment to find that winning, “Oh my God!” combination.

Basically, you can either finger her clit or her vagina.

When it comes to the clitoris, be sure that your fingers are wet and follow her (verbal or nonverbal) cues.

When it comes to vaginal stimulation, the best thing you can do is finger her G-Spot. Here’s how to do it:

First, locate the G-Spot. Here’s a picture of it:

Credit: 360nobs.com

What you do is use your index and middle fingers, slide them in, and make a “come hither” motion with them. Do this for a few minutes and you should feel her g-spot growing. Keep fingering it until she comes or becomes so turned on that she demands you have sex with her that instant.

Blindfold Her To Increase Her Pleasure

blindfolded sexy girl

If you can keep your woman in suspense, she’ll be dripping wet with excitement.

And what better way to keep her in suspense than to blindfold her? If she can’t see what you are about to do, every move you make will be a delightful surprise.

I suggest you purchase a blindfold in secret and then tell her that you have something to show her later, in bed. This will pique her curiosity and then, after you show her what you’ve bought, she will be more than happy to try it out.

By the way, getting a blowjob while being blindfolded is an amazing experience, so don’t think that blindfold is only for her.

A Little BDSM Never Hurt Anybody

Disclaimer: This is written for entertainment purposes only and I’m not responsible if your dumb ass does something stupid.

This is slightly more advanced technique which is why I left it for last.

There are a lot of light BDSM techniques you can use in foreplay, but my favorite is choking her.

Now, you’re not a fool, and you understand that a lot of things can go wrong here. That’s why I suggest proceeding with caution, and only if you tried all other techniques on this list.

First, talk to her about this. Feel her out and see if she is open to this kind of experience. If she gives you a green light, then you can try it out.

Next, it’s imperative that you start off lightly. Start off using only 20% of your strength and then slowly increase the pressure until she tells you that it’s too much.

Third, when you are choking her, apply your grip strength to the sides of her neck, not her windpipe.

On each side of the neck are carotid arteries that carry oxygen to the brain. Stop that oxygen briefly and she will experience a sense of lightheadedness, giddiness, and pleasure.

On the other side, if you choke her windpipe, she will only experience discomfort.

And lastly, this choking should only take a few seconds – 5 at most, but stick to 2-3 seconds to be safe. Any more than that and you risk her losing consciousness.

Again, only do this if you talked with her and she is cool with it. And, of course, if she experiences discomfort at any stage and tells you to stop, stop immediately.

P.S. All the foreplay ideas in the world are useless if you are a 2-minute man. To get rid of premature ejaculation and learn how to last longer in bed naturally, check out my Secrets To Lasting Longer program.


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Something missing in your sex life?

Up your game with the "Best She Ever Had Online Academy"