Worship Her Ass So She Cums Multiple Times

Worship Her Ass So She Cums Multiple Times

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous behind staring you in the face. Whether you’re an ass man or tit kind of guy, we all can admit that there’s just something special about a woman’s bottom. 

In this article, we’ll teach you all the ways you can adore and worship her ass to make her cum multiple times

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What Is Ass Worship?

The name says it all. When you worship an ass, you adore it, give words of affirmation to it, and absolutely cannot keep your hands off it! The ass is an erogenous zone on the female body and exploring it is highly pleasurable.

However, ass worship does not have to include anal play or anal sex. 

For some people, ass worship is non-physical. They stare at a beautiful ass as it passes by, or speak words of positive affirmation whenever they find one that particularly catches their attention.

Others, take a hands-on approach by using their tongue, hands, sex toys, and whatever else they can get their hands on to express physically how much they adore someone’s ass. 

Ass worship can go both ways. It does not always have to be a man worshiping a woman’s ass. If you prefer receiving anal pleasure, encourage your female partner to worship your ass using any of the methods below.

There is no one way to worship a luscious ass, nor is one way better than the other. Like most things in the bedroom, whatever you do is between you and your partner. Or maybe, it’s you, your partner, and your neighbors if your apartment walls are thin.

How to Worship an Ass Without Sex

It may come as a surprise, but you do not need to have sex with a beautiful, amazing woman to worship her ass. Although doing so during sex, too, is highly recommended.

Ass worship, anal play, and anal sex are not synonymous terms. Anal play is any activity where something is inserted into the anus, be it a toy, finger, or penis. Anal sex has some overlap with anal play. Anal sex happens when a penis enters an ass.

When you worship an ass, you can simply acknowledge its beauty. After all, a woman’s backside is one of the most appreciated areas of her body, along with her breasts and thighs.

Next time you want to worship her ass without penetration, try any of these highly addictive asstivities!

How to Worship an Ass During Anal Sex

Ass worship does not have to include sex, but if you choose to have a little fun with the backdoor entrance, remember the backdoor friend is a frienemy (friend + enemy). 

The anus is a pleasure center in both men and women, but if not properly taken care of, things turn sour quickly. Therefore,

How to Worship an Ass With Your Tongue

Anilingus, analingus, rimming, rim job, and tossing a salad are all terms that describe worshiping an ass with the tongue. 

Anilingus is a beloved activity by many, but nothing is worse than preparing to adore someone’s lovely backside only to discover they aren’t so clean back there. Here are a few tips for getting ready to give an anus some love with a tongue.

Once her gorgeous derrière has been prepared, get down on your knees and lick it right there in the shower or head off to the bedroom. Ask your partner to either lie flat on the bed or kneel with her ass high up in the air, whatever position is more comfortable for you. Spread her cheeks and start licking her asshole. If rim jobs are new to you, here are a few tips to toss a salad better than any man before. 

Rim Job Techniques

Giving a rim job does not have to be complicated, get your tongue in there and start licking. Start on the outside, licking slowly up and down or around in a circle. Keep your tongue flat when licking vertically. 

Your tongue should not penetrate her asshole at the beginning. Just take your time getting her wet and craving you inside her. When she signals that she’s ready, start moving your tongue until it’s pulled slightly into her asshole. At this point, your tongue should be more pointed than flat. While inside, move your tongue in a circular motion. 

Finish up with full long licks by pushing your tongue firmly against her cheeks and moving it up and down or by kissing all over her with your lips. 

Experiment with different positions. You might prefer easy positions such as her lying flat on her stomach while you lick her ass, or having her on her knees with her ass in the air. You could also try more advanced positions such as when a female bends backwards and places her hands and feet on the floor. While in the position, slide under her and eat her ass.

Dirty Talk Techniques for Ass Worship

Instead of using your tongue to lick and kiss her ass, use it to praise and give positive affirmations to it.

Dirty talking while worshiping an ass is a two-prong approach, leaving you and her exceptionally satisfied. One, it helps you get turned on by speaking about your sexual desires. Two, it helps her get turned on by listening to how much you love and want her body.

There’s no one way to dirty talk while ass worshiping. If you think it, say it. She may have a weak spot for hearing about how her ass looks in jeans or how much you want to spank her.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are twenty dirty talk suggestions to make any woman hot and wet.

Dirty talk is about expressing your feelings. If the words you use are vulgar, it does not mean it’s a representation of you as a person or that women would never want to hear something like that in the bedroom.

How to Worship an Ass With Your Hands

 Get handsy in these next few ass worshiping activities. 

Getting handsy is a great way to engage in anal play and ass worship without penetration. Although anal sex can be orgasmic and pleasurable for most people, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea just yet. Therefore, if your partner isn’t down to let you stick anything in yet, try this instead. 

Booty Massage

A booty massage is an experience most women will never forget because she’s probably never had one before. Grab some oils, such as coconut oil for a cooling sensation or sesame for a warming one, and pour a generous amount onto her backside. 

Grab and squeeze each cheek while oiled up, then rub and massage each one. When she’s relaxed and moaning, take a finger and trace it along the entrance of her asshole. This area is incredibly sensitive, so once your finger gets going there, she’s bound to let out more than a few moans of absolute pleasure.

Hot and Cold Play

Grab some ice from the freezer and trace a piece along her backside, watching how she reacts to the sensations. Believe it or not, but extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can be highly arousing for a lot of people, especially when applied to their more sensitive areas. 

On the other end of the spectrum, experiment with heat by taking warm wax and allowing it to drip slowly along her buttocks. Allow the wax to cool onto her skin, and have fun removing it later. 

Impact Play

Impact play is a BDSM activity where one partner spanks, hits, slaps, or strikes, their partner for sexual pleasure. There are a lot of myths surrounding impact play, with some believing only one person (the one during the hitting) benefits. However, impact play can be for mutual gratification, where both partners receive sexual pleasure from hitting or being hit by their partner.

Here are a few ways to engage in impact play while worshiping her luscious ass.


Grab your partner and take her over your knee. Instead of spanking her, scratch her back and ass with your fingernails. Try an up and down motion first, and then once you find the areas that get the most response, trance your fingernails in a circular motion.

How to Worship an Ass With Sex Toys

Anal play is one of the hottest things around right now. People love to get their butts licked and fucked!  Why only use your hands to adore a lovely ass? Get some sex toys to help you do the job. There are numerous sex toys on the market to ass worship. Some are for penetration, such as vibrators and butt plugs, while others are external, such as paddles and floggers.

If you want to really go all out, there are some amazing sex toys that can take your pleasure to new heights. From vibrators to butt plugs, here are 12 of our favorites.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are another great toy to play with an ass. Anal beads are similar to a butt plug, except they’re shaped differently. They’re usually smaller than a butt plug, too.

Some anal beads are made out of metal, while others are made out of plastic. Anal beads are great for people who want to try anal play, but are intimidated by larger anal plugs.

Anal Tail

An anal tail is a cute butt plug that, once inserted, leaves a cute and fluffy tail on the outside. Popular choices include a cat or fox’s tail. These types of butt plugs function much the same as standard non-vibrating butt plugs but are mostly for aesthetics. 

These little fluffy tails make the wear look cuter or sexier when wearing one, making this toy a favorite amongst ass worshipers.

Butt Plugs

A butt plug is a great way to start worshiping an ass. A butt plug is a long, thin, or thick object that goes into the ass.

They come in all shapes and sizes; some are made of silicone while others are made of plastic, making them great toys for anal newbies. In most cases, you can purchase an anal training kit that includes non-vibrating butt plugs of various sizes. 

Always use ample lube before insertion and slowly work your way up to the larger-sized butt plugs. 


Canes are an advanced BDSM sex toy used for impact play.

If inexperienced with impact play, start with hands, floggers, paddles, and even whips before moving up to canes because they tend to be more painful, if used incorrectly.

Diamond Butt Plug

Diamond butt plugs are just prettier variations of a standard butt plug. These sex toys are typically made of metal or other hard and inflexible material. Once inserted, only the diamond-like crystal on the handle of the butt plug remains visible.

These butt plugs are more for aesthetic purposes, as they do not function better or worse than other non-vibrating butt plugs. For ass worship, you may prefer a diamond butt plug because it will look ten times more appealing and sexy in your partner’s ass than an ordinary black butt plug.


A dildo is basically any toy shaped like a penis. There are plenty of options available, ranging from realistic-looking penises to inflatable ones. Dildos are great for couples who enjoy anal play together and function much the same as butt plugs, except they are designed to be moved in and out to simulate anal sex or vaginal sex. 


Floggers are a popular BDSM sex toy. They can be used during impact play and consist of long tails or tresses attached to a handle to strike someone’s body multiple times for pleasure. 


They are longboards with a handle that are used to strike someone, usually on their ass, but other parts of the body may be hit as well.

Paddles are similar to whips and floggers because all three can be used during impact play. These tools are typically used to discipline someone during BDSM, role-playing, or sexual acts involving dominance and submission.

Remote Control Plug​

A remote control plug is a battery or USB-rechargeable vibrating butt plug that can be controlled by another person. These sex toys are amazing for couples who want to play while on outings. 

Pop the remote control plug inside, take the remote control, and press the on button whenever you please. If you’re interested, you may also find a vibrating egg appealing. These devices function the same, but instead of being inserted into the anus, it goes into the vagina.

This toy is great for ass worshipers who want to control their partner’s sexual pleasure or for couples wanting adventurous anal play outside the home.

Vibrating Butt Plugs​

Vibrating butt plugs are the more excited cousin of the non-vibrating butt plugs. They also come in various sizes and materials, but unlike the standard butt plugs, these devices are battery-operated or USB-chargeable to deliver highly pleasurable vibrations. 

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plugs​

These devices deliver the same vibrations, but are inflatable to larger sizes while inside the rectum. The biggest reason why someone may prefer an inflatable butt plug to a standard plastic, silicone, or metal one is that you can adjust the size without stopping to insert a different butt plug.


A whip is a tool that is designed to strike someone. Whips come in many styles, such as leather, nylon, rubber, and wooden. Whips are used during many BDSM activities to punish, discipline, or establish dominance.

Like floggers, paddles, and canes, whips are used during impact play. 

The Best Ass Worshiping Sex Positions

These ass worshiping sex positions are some of the best ways to get into anal play.

These positions allow you to enjoy the pleasure of having your penis, toys, or fingers deep inside her tight little asshole while your woman enjoys the feeling of being penetrated or having her ass adored.

On Her Knees​

Ask your partner to wait for you on the bed in a kneeling position with her legs spread as wide as she can. Get behind her and caress her ass cheeks before giving her a little love tap or trying anal play. 

While in this position, tell her how sexy she looks and how much you can’t wait to take her. 

On Your Face​

Get your partner to sit on your face for you to give her a rim job. Ask her to hover slightly above your face, and use your mouth to lick, kiss, and bite her ass while using your hands to grab, spank, and caress it.

On the Counter ​

While in the kitchen, gently push your partner down so that her stomach is in contact with the kitchen counter. Push her head down to lift her ass into the air. Tell her to stay put while you lift her skirt or dress to adore or play with her ass. 

In a Spreader Bar ​

Buy a spreader bar and lock your partner into place with her ass high up in the air. Sex toys add additional sensations and are great for couples who enjoy role-playing and dominance, and submission.

Give her booty some love while she’s in the spreader bar, unable to escape your hands, tongue, or toys.

Andy’s Pro-Tips

Andy, the founder of SQL and sex expert, recommends these activities for men wanting to worship their partner’s ass in newer and more exciting ways. 

The Waiting Ass Technique​

Before you come into the bedroom, tell your partner to wait for you on the bed with her ass up in the air. Keep things interesting by letting her know all the sexy things you can’t wait to do to her, but refuse to reveal when you will come into the bedroom. Make her wait for you and dream of all the intriguing activities you may have in store for her. 

The Nutella Surprise

Take Nutella, pour it on her ass, and eat it off of her body. We love this technique for newbies who may want something sweeter to really get interested in anal play. 

If you are in the minority of individuals on Earth that have not yet developed a love for Nutella, you can swap it for a sweet syrup such as strawberry or chocolate and get the same effect. 

The Ass Owner

This is a fun submission and dominance ass-worshiping exercise. While worshiping her ass, establish dominance by claiming her ass and body as yours. Dirty talk and tell her, “That ass is mine!” 

An extension of this activity includes claiming her ass by leaving marks behind. Of course, obtain her consent before leaving marks on your partner’s body. She may not be into it 

With her consent, use a sex toy such as a flogger, paddle, whip, and cane or your hands to leave marks and bruises on her ass. It may sound extreme, but you may be surprised to learn that some women get off on seeing the marks from the previous night’s sexual activities. Tell her to take a photo of the marks and send them to you. 

There are countless ways to explore a sexy bottom to make her cum multiple times. If ass worship is something you enjoy, incorporate all of these sexy techniques into your bedroom habits.

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Something missing in your sex life?

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