Anal Squirting 101: What You Need to Know

Anal Squirting 101: What You Need to Know

Have you heard about anal squirting from porn videos but don’t know what it is or how to do it?

Or maybe you’ve tried it but weren’t successful.

You aren’t alone, and you’ve come to the right place. 

For those curious about anal squirting, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know, from how it works to how you should prepare for your first time. Here’s everything you need to know about anal squirting.

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What Is Anal Squirting?

Anal squirting is the release of fluid from the urethra during sexual stimulation of the anus and rectum with fingers, toys, or a partner’s penis.

It’s similar to squirting from vaginal stimulation with sex, toys, or fingers, and the mechanisms are quite similar.

This fluid is often clear and odorless and can be released in small to large amounts.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not urine but a combination of fluids produced by Skene’s glands near the urethra.

Can You Really Make a Woman Squirt With Anal Sex?

No, she does not squirt from her anus.

But, yes, you can make her squirt by pleasuring her anus via anal play or anal sex. 

Here’s how. 

Anal squirting results from intense pleasure and stimulation of the anal area. This can be achieved through various techniques, such as using fingers, toys, or even a penis. When the anus is stimulated, it can cause pressure against the G Spot, thus stimulating Skene’s Gland. 

The vaginal and anal canal walls are much thinner than people think. During heightened arousal, the G Spot swells. As the G Spot enlarges, it occupies more space in the vaginal canal, therefore making the anal canal and vaginal canal closer.

Some women have even reported squirting more from anal play than from vaginal sex because the anus has tons of nerve endings, giving anal play a unique and often highly pleasurable sensation.

You are more likely to be able to make a woman squirt if she is already comfortable with anal play. For that, we recommend anal training. 

Review our guide to anal training here, where you will find the information you need to have lots of enjoyable anal. 

If your woman is uncomfortable with anal or hasn’t even been able to take more than a single digit inside of her yet, we advise sticking to vaginal stimulation of the G Spot.

Wait until she reaches a place where she can comfortably take a sex toy or penis inside of her rectum without pain or anxiety. Now that we’ve cleared that up.

Here is what you need to do to make your partner squirt from anal.  

What Should You Do Before Trying Anal Squirting?

Before trying anal squirting, it is important to make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the idea. Talk about it beforehand and ensure that you are on the same page.

Topics of discussion should include, but aren’t limited to, 

Once you’ve cleared up any confusion between you two and you’ve both decided that tonight is the night she squirts with anal, start by doing this.

Foreplay! We bet you thought we would mention her ass first, but you’re wrong. Foreplay is necessary to get a woman to the point that she’s wet and ready for sex. 

In her mind, it should already feel like you two have been going at it hot and heavy for twenty or more minutes. The more turned on she is at the beginning, the more likely she is to squirt and orgasm.

Squirting and having an orgasm is not the same thing. Often, they occur around the same time, but a woman doesn’t have to squirt to have an orgasm. She also doesn’t have to orgasm to squirt, which is great news for the men out there who struggle to make their woman cum. 

Make her wet, ready, and swollen (the G Spot and clitoris, we mean). 

Here’s more on foreplay if you need tips and tricks to get your partner hot and craving sex before her clothes even come off.

Don't Forget About Hygiene

If you are getting all your information from anal squirt porn videos, you might have forgotten that anal squirt and anal play have special hygiene needs that you should consider before entering the backdoor.

Make sure you and your partner are clean before engaging in anal play. This means showering, using a douche or enema (use with caution and care), and ensuring that the area is free of fecal matter.

Reschedule anal if it’s the wrong time of the day. For example, she has an upset stomach or feels an impending bowel movement. 

You should also use a condom when having anal sex to reduce the risk of infection or STIs.  

Get Used to the Feeling

As mentioned, anal squirting is not for anal virgins.

It’s possible she could squirt from her first time if she’s really into it and had lots of practice and warm-up beforehand. But it’s not likely.

Most women are nervous during their first time having anal sex. In many circles, it’s still taboo, and a lot of misinformation about it impedes pleasure and increases anxiety. 

Overcome fears about anal sex: Check

Once she’s okay with anal and has a fair bit of practice with fingers and toys, it’s still vital to get her used to the intense pressure against her rectum and G Spot. 

For many women, having their G Spot stimulated via the anal canal is a new, exciting affair. For others, it’s slightly overwhelming, and some mentally fight against the pleasure they’re receiving because it’s too much, too soon.

To squirt, she will need to become accustomed to intense anal stimulation. The feeling might be strange, exciting, nerve-racking, or even scary-good (depending on who you ask). 

Warm Up the Anal Canal First

She’s overcome her fears about anal play and anal sex. She has practiced solo for a bit, or maybe you’ve helped with your fingers and sex toys. Now she’s ready to try anal squirting. 

Like with all forms of anal stimulation, warming up the anal canal before penetration is recommended. Rather than marching straight in, guns blazing, start slow and easy. 

Use a finger or two and trace around the entrance of her anus first. Get your finger soaked with lube, and slowly insert one or two. Allow your partner time to relish the sensation for a bit. 

If she’s an intermediate at anal play, then you might be able to skip past the fingers and go straight for the sex toys. 

The idea here is to make her anus ready and relaxed enough so that when you enter her for anal sex, she doesn’t clench up unconsciously.

Plus, all the easy and gentle fingering and sex toys are getting her more excited and dying of anticipation of what’s to come when you finally put your penis inside her. 

When you insert yourself inside, wait before you start heavy thrusting. The anus (the area on the outside) has more nerve endings than the rectum itself, so the pleasure she receives (at least at the beginning) is from having her anus touched. 

So be slow. Let her feel every inch of you against her anus as you slowly enter, stretching her out along the way. 

Allow her time to get used to a larger object inside the rectum and relax a bit, basking in the feeling of having her anal canal stretched. Be gentle and easy at first. 

Use Plenty of Lube

You should already know this by now, but it is worth mentioning again — have a lot of lube. In fact, add it to your Amazon automatic re-order list and have a fresh bottle shipped to your home once per month.

You never want to run out of lube, especially during anal sex. At that point, you won’t be left with many (if any) options. 

Water-based lube is preferred for most anal experiences. There are times when silicone and oil-based are appropriate, which you can read more about here. However, water-based is the best all-around lubricant safe for the vagina, anus, and mouth. 

You can try to sweeten the pot with flavored lubes. You can find basic flavors like vanilla and strawberry to more unique ones like cinnamon roll or birthday cake. Why not make your girl taste like a strawberry shortcake?

Apply the lube liberally to your penis, her anus, or the sex toy you’re using. Don’t be afraid to use too much lube — there is no such thing as too much lube in anal play. 

Have No Expectations

It’s important to have no expectations.

Not every woman is capable of squirting during anal sex, and that’s perfectly okay. Squirting is a complex process and requires a lot of practice and patience, and it can take some time before you or your partner can achieve the desired results.

It’s also important to remember that everyone experiences pleasure differently, and what works for one person may not work for another. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the results you were hoping for right away.

More importantly…

She doesn’t need to squirt to have a good time! Sure it’s fun, sexy, and pleasurable, but squirting is not the same as an orgasm. She doesn’t need to squirt to orgasm or orgasm to squirt. 

Lastly, go at it with a trial-and-error mindset. Be open to things not working out the way you wanted, and be willing to accept it, laugh at it, or enjoy making hot love to your partner without squirting.

It’s a fact that squirting from anal requires time and patience, and it’s not something that you can rush through.

Try Sex Toys

If you’re having trouble squirting with penetration or fingers, try anal sex toys. 

Sex toys can be a great way to add extra stimulation and pleasure during anal sex. There are a variety of different types of sex toys that can be used for anal play, including butt plugs, anal beads, and vibrators. 

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place during sexual activity. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used to stimulate the G Spot.

Anal beads are a string of small, round beads that are inserted into the anus one at a time. They can provide extra stimulation during sex and for anal training.

Vibrators are designed to provide extra stimulation and pleasure during sex. Various vibrators can be used for anal play, including bullet vibrators and vibrating anal plugs.

A standard dildo is another option for stimulating the G Spot via the anal canal. Use it to thrust in and out of your partner, hitting her G Spot along the way.

The right sex toy will depend on several factors, including,

You can try to make your partner squirt with a sex toy in her ass. Or, go this other route instead. Use the sex toy vaginally to stimulate her G Spot while you penetrate your partner anally during sex. 

The double stimulation could be what she needs to squirt. In this case, you will need a few different sex toys. 

The final option is to use sex toys BEFORE anal penetration to increase arousal levels, getting her to the point she wants to orgasm and squirt.  

This can be done by vibrating her clit and/or G Spot while she relaxes on the bed. When she reaches the point where she is very turned on and ready to squirt, finish her off with anal penetration. 

Multiple sex toy combinations can help women during sex or anal play. What works for one might not work for another. With time and exploration, you will eventually find something that works for your partner’s body. 

Explore Multiple Sex Positions ​

To squirt, you need a perfect position to hit your partner’s G Spot from the backdoor. Depending on her body and arousal levels, you might need plenty of trial and error. 

Here are three beginner suggestions. 

Finally, don’t forget about combinations! Oral stimulation of the clitoris or anus can be a great way to increase arousal. Sex toys can work well with the perfect sex position to take her over the edge and make her squirt. 

No matter what sex toys you choose or the positions you explore, communication is key. You will not make her squirt if you are wasting your time in a sex position that feels so-so or just okay. 

Talk to your partner about what feels good and doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination for anal squirting. 

The Squirting Part

Now that she’s warmed up and ready for penetration, it’s time for the main event. You can start with slow thrusts at first, gradually increasing the intensity as she gets more aroused. Make sure to use plenty of lube and communicate throughout the process so that both partners are comfortable.

Experiment with different positions. Different angles and depths of penetration can lead to different sensations and intensities of pleasure. Additionally, toys such as vibrators or dildos can help to increase stimulation and provide new sensations.

When your partner is close to reaching her peak pleasure, she may experience contractions and fluid release. This is a sign that she is about to experience an anal squirting orgasm. At this point, you can increase the intensity of stimulation until she reaches her peak pleasure.

Once your partner has experienced anal squirting, it is important to take a few moments to relax and enjoy the afterglow. This can be a very intense experience for both partners, so it is important to take some time to recover and reconnect.

Finally, remember that anal squirting is not something that happens every time. It takes practice and patience to become comfortable with the process and learn how to do it correctly. With the right preparation and communication, however, it can be a very enjoyable experience for both partners.

What Are the Benefits of Anal Squirting?

It looks sexy and is quite the ego boost the first time you make a woman squirt with anal. It’s not an easy thing to do.

It can help to increase arousal and intensify orgasms, as well as provide an opportunity for better intimacy between partners.

Additionally, it can help to reduce stress and tension in the body, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable sexual experience.

In addition to the physical benefits, anal squirting can also be a great way to explore and express your sexuality. It can help open communication between partners and create a safe space for experimentation and exploration.


With the right preparation, communication, and experimentation, squirting with anal can lead to intense orgasms and a stronger connection between partners.

Here’s what you have to do to make it happen!

Anal squirting takes practice and patience, but with the right techniques, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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