15 Easy Ways to Make Her Cum Over and Over in 2023

15 Easy Ways to Make Her Cum Over and Over in 2023

Did you know that women have a far easier time having multiple orgasms than men and that most women are, in fact, capable of experiencing toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasms in close succession? 

Although most women can have multiple orgasms, as few as 8%, in some studies, actually have had multiple orgasms.

Making her cum over and over seems like an uphill battle. However, helping your partner achieve multiple orgasms just got a lot simpler. Be sure to read our article How to Make a Girl Cum beforehand to better understand female arousal and how to make her cum. Once you’ve mastered that, move on to this article and learn techniques to make her cum over and over again.

This article will give you expert advice to ensure she experiences the Big O, not once but multiple times. 

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Get Her in the Right Mindset

The mind is everything, and if she is not mentally ready or wants to orgasm, she will not. 

Your technique could be on point. You could have spent the entire day planning the perfect romantic date and set up your apartment to look like a scene from a movie, but she may not orgasm. 

The secret to making her orgasm repeatedly is helping her through whatever mental and emotional trauma she may be dealing with at a particular moment. Trauma doesn’t sound sexy, and it’s probably not the tip you were expecting to receive. 

However, it could be standing between her and multiple orgasms. Here’s an interesting study on the link between trauma and intimacy. As you would expect, people with ongoing trauma experience anhedonia (reduced ability to have pleasure) and numbing. 

So what can you do if your partner is experiencing stress or lingering trauma? The answer is not simple, but it starts with talking to your partner and making a safe space to open up and talk about their experiences without judgment or shame.

Breathe With Your Partner

Many couples find breathing together helps them relax and become more sexually excited. When you breathe deeply, you increase blood flow to your erogenous zones. 

Deep breaths are especially effective when you’re trying to reach orgasm. During deep breathing, you inhale slowly and exhale. This technique increases blood flow to your genitals, stimulates nerve endings, and, more importantly, relaxes the body and mind, which is needed for multiple orgasms.

Get to Know Her

Imagine you get the woman of your dreams. You want to please her, so you learn every pussy eating technique available on the Internet, only to discover that she actually prefers anal stimulation and doesn’t cum from oral sex. 

Now imagine the same scenario, but you spent more time getting to know her, enough time to realize you had an anal lover in your bed and learned anal sex techniques instead. You would get better results, correct? 

Why waste your time doing something she dislikes (or doesn’t like as much as something else) and not giving her pleasure?  

Before you try to give her multiple orgasms, get to know her. 

What does she like in the bedroom? What gives her the most pleasure? Is there any particular body part that is more sensitive than others? You should answer all these questions before you can make her orgasm over and over again. 

Do More Foreplay

Foreplay is anything! It’s any sexual activity, or something non-sexual, that makes someone aroused and think about sex. If you skip foreplay and go straight to penetration, you miss a large part of the sexual experience. 

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few foreplay ideas.

Try Dirty Talking

The mind is a woman’s largest erogenous zone. Dirty talking allows her imagination to run wild, picturing all the sexual things you tell her. 

Tell her a sex story. Talk about your sexual fantasies. Remind her how sexy and attractive you think she is. Use your mouth, pun intended, to get her super horny. 

Kiss Her Passionately

Kissing is a great way to express affection and passion during sex. It also releases feel-good hormones in the brain. Instead of giving her a few pecks on the lips, kiss her madly and passionately using these must-know kissing techniques.

Play With Her Breasts

The nipples and areolas of the breasts are both highly sensitive erogenous zones on the body. Many women have sensitive nipples, and some can have a nipple orgasm and experience the same release of feel-good hormones as they do from clitoral or G Spot orgasms.

Give Her Oral Sex

Oral sex is a powerful aphrodisiac. Start kissing her neck and shoulders, then move down to her breasts. Once you get to her nipples, lick them lightly, then suck on them. Next, kiss her stomach and thighs, then move back up to her breasts again. Finally, pull down her panties and slide your tongue between her legs.

If your oral sex skills aren’t up to par, click here for an exciting explanation of every technique you need to make her orgasm from oral sex. 

Give Her a Rimjob

A rimjob, or rimming, is when a person licks and kisses another person’s ass. The anus and anal canal are super sensitive areas of the body, packed with tons of nerve endings that can send pleasure signals to the brain. 

Tossing a salad isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, give it a try before intercourse next time. 

Start with a Sensual Massage

A sensual massage relaxes the body, putting your partner in the right mindset to receive pleasure and cum over and over again. 

Find massage oil or some coconut or sesame oil from the kitchen. Start by asking your partner to relax on a soft surface, such as the bed or cushions on the floor. 

Massage the non-sexual parts of her body, such as her shoulders, arms, and hands. Then, work towards her erogenous zones like her neck, stomach, and thighs. Finally, after you spend a decent amount of time on those areas, start massaging her breasts and genitals. 

Create a Zero Pressure Environment

Now that you got her relaxed and horny, you don’t want to ruin it by switching gears and turning the peaceful bedroom environment into a war zone. She should not feel like a soldier on the battlefield being rushed into the field while her superior shouts, “Go! Go! Go!” 

She should not feel pressured to do anything. Allow the energy to flow naturally and transition from one sexual activity to the next without consciously thinking, Oh, she should give me a blowjob now, or Can I put it in yet?

If you spent your life vigorously jerking off to porn at a breakneck speed, slowing down and moving at a snail’s pace might seem unreasonable. But if you want her to orgasm, not once, but over and over, you need to be patient with your partner.

Create an Open Environment

She will not orgasm over and over if she cannot discuss what’s on her mind and what things she wants to try in the bedroom. 

If she’s too afraid to open her mouth and speak about her own sexual desires, some of her needs will not be met. You are not a mind reader. As much as you try, no one knows what’s going on in her mind better than her. 

Therefore, ask questions. 

Ask her open-ended questions about her sexual needs, desires, and fantasies. Open-ended questions do not have a yes/ no answer. Asking these questions allows her to answer in whatever way she wishes, without pressure to say anything in particular.

Turn Off the Timer

Great sex takes time. 

Good luck giving her multiple orgasms if you have a time limit for when she must achieve each orgasm. If you only have ten minutes for sex before work, it’s probably not the best time to try to give her multiple orgasms. A quickie can be fun too, so enjoy it and try to give her multiple orgasms on a day or evening when you do not have other obligations. 

No time? Make time. 

You should make your relationship a priority. Other obligations get in the way from time to time, but they can not wholly overshadow your relationship. 

Go on weekly dates. Turn off cellphones for one hour per day and talk to each other. Go on a holiday or getaway. Speak to a sex therapist or relationship coach for advice. Do whatever you need to make your sex life and relationship a priority again.

Touch Her Other Erogenous Zones

She has numerous erogenous zones all over her body. These areas of her body make someone horny when touched or stimulated.

They may be obvious, such as the breasts, nipples, lips, neck, ears, belly button, clitoris, anus, or vagina.

Or they could be less obvious, such as the inner thighs, knees, buttocks, feet, hands, scalp, shoulders, or back.

Spend a reasonable amount of time stimulating erogenous zones that are not her clitoris, anus, vagina, or breasts. When you do, it makes her more aroused, contributing to better orgasms and cumming over and over. 

Take Your Eye Off the Clitoris

When you focus all your attention on directly touching her clitoris, you miss out on some great opportunities.

Although the clitoris is highly sensitive and most of the best pleasure centers on the female body, it’s not the only pleasure center. Overstimulating one part of the body is a bad thing. It can lead to desensitization over time and gets boring! 

Instead of using your hand, fingers, or tongue for clitoral stimulation, spend more time giving love to the entire vulva by giving her a pussy massage. 

Don’t forget her G Spot, D Spot, A Spot, or C Spot inside her vagina, either! If none of these words sound familiar, click here. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about pleasure spots inside the vagina. 

Be Consistent

If you find a spot she likes, keep doing it until she tells you to do something else. If she likes fast and hard movements to orgasm, do that. If she likes soft and gentle touches to orgasm, focus on doing that. 

Many guys get bored and switch things up too quickly, causing whatever sexual tension that was built up to disappear. Instead, they should be consistent in their movements once they’ve found a certain technique that works.

It takes time to build up to multiple orgasms. Don’t expect instant gratification.

Be Present

Get out of your head, and stop thinking I need to do this, this, and that

Your ability to enjoy the experience decreases when you’re in your head. It also decreases your ability to make her orgasm because you aren’t paying attention to her body or physical cues. You might overlook signs that she’s ready to try something else or isn’t in the mood for sex at that particular moment anymore.

There are a lot of drawbacks to reading off a To-Do list in your head when you should be enjoying sex with your partner. 

Let go of all the To-Do lists, goals, and performance checkpoints you’ve generated inside your head and exist in the present moment with your partner.

Touch her body differently, look deeply into her eyes, and communicate and express your pleasure (grunt, moan, breathe, shout, etc.). 

Switch Things Up

Variety is the spice of life, so if you’re doing the same routine in the bedroom every time, it could be why she’s not having multiple orgasms. 

People naturally get bored by the same thing. If you have missionary sex and cuddles every Monday, it’s time to change it up to something more exciting and adventurous, or at least new. 

Switch things up by,

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are great tools for helping you reach multiple orgasms.

One sex toy such as a Hitachi wand, G Spot wand, butt plug, nipple clamps, blindfold, or handcuffs is excellent, but they are even better in combination.

We recommend using a G Spot Wand and Hitachi wand simultaneously for an orgasmic Hail Mary sex toy combination.  Here are a few more combinations that are perfect for multiple orgasms. 

Hitachi Wand and Vibrating Butt Plug

Vibrating Nipple Clamps and Hitachi Wand

Vibrating Nipple Clamps and G Spot Wand

G Spot Wand and Blindfold

Blindfold and Handcuffs

Sex toys are great for multiple orgasms and can never be understated.

Get Feedback

Many people take great pride in their sexual abilities and often never ask for feedback or look for ways to improve. If you do that, you’re not alone! The majority of people take a know-it-all stance in their love life.

Only some people (basically no one) actually know it all, and if you believe that you do, you will miss out on opportunities to learn and grow. 

After sex, get feedback. Learn what you did well and what could be improved on.

When you utilize these sex techniques, you will be 100% closer to making her orgasm, not once, but over and over. Those interested in learning more about sex, sex techniques, and the female body should follow us on YouTube and continue reading our weekly articles. 

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  1. You focus extremly little on piv. And an extreme amount on fingering, oral and sextoys. absolutley very good. But what is exactly your game ?. To finally eradicate penetration and penetration orgasms ?.

    Also with sexual hypnosis. Penetration orgasms are a fact. Because you condition her for that. and can be more powerful then vibrator orgasms. Simply because sex is a trance state. Heck, With sexual Hypnosis you can do anything.

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Something missing in your sex life?

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