Quick and Easy Ways to Tie Someone to a Bed Without Posts

Quick and Easy Ways to Tie Someone to a Bed Without Posts

Learning how to tie someone up is a thrilling, fun, and sexy thing to do in the bedroom. Whether you want to be tied up or going insane thinking of the moment when your partner will ask you to tie them up, it’s fun and playful for both parties involved!

There are a few reasons why being tied up or tying someone is incredibly arousing! For one, it’s the thrill of being at the mercy of someone else, and it’s erotic and kinky. It’s also power play, where one person has significantly more dominance and control over the other. 

Learning how to tie someone to a bed without posts doesn’t have to be complicated, and we will show you how to do it using items already in your home and with sex toys available online.

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Can I Tie Someone to a Bed Without Posts?

Yes — absolutely!

Doing it at home and with your bed is as easy as searching your garage or home office, or raiding your wife’s or girlfriend’s closet. 

It’s not a big deal if you don’t own any professional restraints. You do not need to purchase a new bed or vigorously search the internet for hotel rooms with comfy beds with a bedpost. You also don’t need to browse the bondage selection of your local sex shop quite yet.

We have tips both for persons reading this that wants professional restraining toys and those looking for DIY solutions.

Under the Bed Restraints 

This is one of the simplest methods for restraining someone without a bedpost. All you need is velcro straps. Attach the strips to the back of the bed frame and then attach them to the person’s wrist and ankles, and voilà!

You can find a pair of professional velcro under-the-bed restraints at any online or in-person sex shop. They are relatively inexpensive, costing about USD 40.00. 

You can pick up a pair at your local sex shop, online adult shops, or even Amazon.


Ropes are everyday household items that you may have lying around already. If not, you can find all sorts of ropes in a hardware store and general shop.

We recommend going to a specialty store because they’ll point you to the high-quality ropes made of different materials that are safer, more comfortable, and more suitable for sex. 

When selecting the perfect rope, ensure that you have enough equal pieces to secure both arms and feet to the bed. You’ll need two ropes if you only want to secure the arms or legs, and four if you’re going to secure both. 

Find a rope that is the appropriate length for your bed. The rope must be long enough to be threaded around the bed frame, tied, and connected to your partner’s body. The rope length depends on the thickness of your mattress, blankets, and whatever else you may have between your partner’s body and the bed frame. 

Find the softest rope you can find and tie one end around the bed frame to secure, wrap the other end around your partner’s wrist, and tie it to comfort. Knotty boys interested in learning how to tie a slip knot or zip snare should check out these YouTube for advice.  

Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) will, without a doubt, ensure your partner is not going anywhere for the evening!

Shibari is for advanced users only, as learning how to tie the ropes takes ample practice. Depending on your city, you can locate Shibari clubs where individuals go to learn how to tie the ropes while clothed and practice tying up their partner. 

If you’re a fan of the rope tip discussed above, you may want to eventually invest in some Shibari lessons to take your sex life to a new level. 


A cord is a simple piece of equipment that can be found in your garage or purchased for just a few dollars at the general hardware shop in town.

When selecting your cord, it’s essential to choose the correct number of cords and the right length of cord. You need four cords, one for each wrist and each leg, if you intend on restraining both legs and arms to the bed.

Next, and this part is essential, select a long enough cord to thread around the bed frame and then comfortably secure it around someone’s wrist or ankles. The exact cord length will vary depending on your particular bed type and the thickness of the mattress, sheets, and blankets covering the top. Therefore, it is recommended that you test the cord before introducing it into the bedroom. 

While the girlfriend or wife is away, ensure that the cord is long enough to suit your needs. You may want to leave them dangling on the side of the bed to arouse her and let her know what thrilling activities await her in the evening. 

Practice tying knots with the cord for a secure yet comfortable fit. 

Zip Ties

Securing someone to the bed with zip ties is a little more complicated, but worry not! We got you covered. 

Most people have a few zip ties somewhere in the house at this moment. If not, take a trip down to your local hardware or general store and pick a bag or two up. 

Wrap one zip tie around the bed frame. Wrap another around your partner’s wrist or ankles. Finish by incorporating one or two zip ties to connect the one attached to the bed frame and the one attached to their body, depending on the length of the zip tie.  

When tying someone up with zip ties, remember that zip ties are not meant to come off quickly! Therefore, discuss with your partner if they feel safe enough to allow you to tie them up with something that will mostly need a pair of scissors to come off or a lot of force to break by hand. 

Also, the hard plastic of zip ties may be uncomfortable around the ankles or wrists, especially once things get moving, if you catch our drift. You can get around this by avoiding making the ties around the ankles and wrists tight. Leave a lot of space between the plastic ties and their wrists, and keep the ties loose.

If you have the time before jumping into bed and getting business, think about shopping for zip ties made for sex, such as these, on Amazon or any sex shop. 

Another option is to find a necktie, tie it around the ankle and wrists, and then secure the zip ties on top of it. The soft fabric of the necktie will add some cushion between the skin and the plastic. 

Or simply zip-tie the hands behind the back and legs together. You won’t need to secure your partner to the bed then.


woman tied by the hands while receiving cunnilingus

Handcuffs work great if you’re looking for a quick way to restrain someone. They come in various sizes and styles and are designed to control someone’s movement — what more can you ask for?  

If you’re already a little kinky, you’ll have no problem finding a pair tucked away in the drawer. 

You can also purchase a new pair for just a few dollars from your local sex shop. We already have a guide for using handcuffs in the bedroom, where we teach you everything you need to know, such as how to find the most comfortable pair and how to get your partner obsessed with using them in the bedroom. 

You’ll need more than one pair of handcuffs to secure someone to the bed. Take one pair and snap one end onto the bed frame and the other to your partner’s wrist; depending on the length of the handcuffs and the thickness of your mattress, you may need other materials to connect the wrist and bed frame. 

Finally, take another pair and repeat on the other wrist. If you want, repeat on the ankles. 

But, using handcuffs to secure someone to the bed frame is tedious. You’re better off using under-the-bed restraints purchased from a sex store. 

Or try incorporating handcuffs and ankle cuffs to keep your partner at your mercy, securing her hands over her head. The two combined make it difficult to get off the bed. You won’t need to connect anything to the bedframe in that case.


woman hogtied

A scarf functions essentially the same as a rope. Raid your girlfriend’s or wife’s closet for one.

There are some essential elements that the scarf must have to work. Firstly, it must be long enough to be threaded around the bedpost and secured around her wrists and legs.

Secondly, the scarf has to be flexible enough to be tied. Some thick, knitted winter scarves are far too bulky and thick to be tied around a body part as small and delicate as the wrists. Go for one that is lightweight and silky. 

Thirdly, don’t forget to locate four scarves, one for each leg and arm, in the closet suitable for tieing. The scarfs do not need to be identical but should be similar lengths and thicknesses.

If you live in a hot climate and do not have any scarves anywhere in the house, most fashion stores have a small section of fashion scarves. Fashion scarves are meant to be worn as accessories, not as functional pieces of clothing for warmth. You should be able to find these in both cold and hot climates. 

Loop one end of the scarf around the bed frame and then tie a knot. Repeat on each side of the bed until you have four knots. Finish by wrapping the other end of the scarf around each wrist and ankle and securing it with a knot.

Or just hogtie your partner.


A sarong is a long piece of fabric tied around the waist. Your partner probably has at least one sarong if she has ever visited a tropical island, or you both live near the beach or visit one frequently, as sarongs are often tied around the waist to cover swim bottoms.

Sarongs come in various lengths and sizes, but most are lightweight fabrics you can easily manipulate enough to tie around the bed frame. It has enough length to be tied around the wrist or legs, assuming your mattress is not ridiculously thick. 

You probably already realize that a sarong is a rectangular piece of fabric; you may end up with wonky bits that hang on and off the bed, but as long as the visuals are not an important aspect of the evening — well, not the fabric’s visuals — you should be okay.  

Spreader Bars

woman tied with spread bars

Spreader bars do not connect directly to the bed, but if you want to restrain your partner and ensure they are not going anywhere, these babies will do the trick!

You can purchase a bundle of arm and leg spread bars or buy each separately. As a bundle, expect to pay USD 50.00 or more at your local sex shop or general retailers such as Amazon. 

The spreader bar works by separately securing the upper and lower body so that the person cannot move freely. 

When used correctly, you’ll get the same effect as tying someone to the bed frame without the hassle of figuring out how. 

Permanent Solutions

A permanent solution, and one you may want to consider if kink and restraints are your thing, is installing a bedpost to your bed. 

A bedpost can be purchased separately from the bed and bed frame at many furniture stores, or by contacting the manufacturer of your bed.

This is one of the more expensive options on this list and will permanently alter your bed, which you may or may not want. Therefore, save this option for when you’ve grown tired of the DIY options and sex toys on this list. 

How to Know If the Person Is Comfortable

When engaging in any type of kink, comfort, and safety are a priority. 

Things are further complicated when people use items such as zip ties and cords that are not meant to be used in sexual activities. 

Confirm your partner is comfortable and safe by constantly checking in with them throughout sex. Ask if the restraints are okay or if they need adjustment. Consider having them restrain you using the same restraints so that you can better understand the feeling and, thus, foresee any potential problems. 

How to Make the Experience More Comfortable

Select the most comfortable material you can find, or add cushioning where required. 

Pull the restraint tight, but leave enough room. You should never make any restraint so tight that it cuts off circulation. Remember that the material may be slightly uncomfortable, so leave more room than you usually would when using hard plastic.

If using a rope or cord, you can use a slip knot to make it easier to tighten and loosen the knot.

Only restrain them in a position of comfort. If your partner is uncomfortable on their back because of medical concerns or a recent injury without restraints, they will not be comfortable with the restraints either. Before tying up your partner, ask them to lie in the position they will be restrained in. If there are any issues, they should speak up before the restraints go on.

Make adjustments according to your comfort. If your partner has issues being on their back for long periods, you could restrain only the legs, so they can lift themselves and sit from time to time.

Safety Concerns

Restraints during sex are perfectly safe and result in a lot of bedroom fun!

Select the most appropriate materials you can find and ensure your partner is relaxed before tying them up. 

For added safety measures, only use materials that you can easily remove. Most sex handcuffs do not come with a key and real lock and can be quickly snapped off, for example. 

If using DIY materials, leave them loosely tied, so your partner can easily wiggle out of the loose restraints if they decide to do so. 

Keep a pair of safety scissors nearby so that if the knots become too tight, and you cannot untie them to free your partner, you can easily cut through the fabric instead.

And always use safe words. 

Safe words are code words used during sexual activities to control the pace or stop altogether. Safe words are always needed when one person has limited or no control over their body. 

They can be both verbal and non-verbal. Have a conversation about what particular safe words you will use. 

We suggest using the words yellow and red during sex. When someone shouts yellow, it signals to slow things down. Ask what’s wrong and what to do differently.

When someone calls red, it signals to stop completely. When your partner says red, immediately stop and discuss the problem. 

Also, watch their body language for signs of distress. If you think your partner is not enjoying the experience as much as they should, stop and have a word about the matter.

Whether you end up with a DIY project or scrolling through online sex shops for help, remember to leave your partner ten times better and wetter than before when you restrain them to a chair, bed, and more.

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