How to Tease a Girl During Foreplay

How to Tease a Girl During Foreplay

Most men tend to look at foreplay as a necessary drudgery they need to endure to get to the good stuff.

Few, if any thoughts are given as to how to tease a girl during foreplay or how to (God forbid) prolong the foreplay in order to give her maximum pleasure.

That approach is wrong.

First of all, women on average need at least 10 minutes to get properly turned on before they are dripping wet and ready for some crazy, passionate lovemaking.

And, secondly, they tend to enjoy foreplay as much as they enjoy sex. For them, sex itself is merely an extension of previous pleasure – so skip it at your own peril.

Indeed, men too can learn to enjoy foreplay and to use it to turn the girl on so much that she will be begging you to ram your dick inside of her.

Want to learn how?

Read on.

Change The Way You Think About Foreplay

Stop thinking of foreplay as a necessary evil and start thinking about how you can use it to elevate your sex game to a whole new level.

Yes, if you get foreplay right, not only will she have more frequent and intense orgasms, but she will also get addicted to you (as a bringer of those orgasms).

If you put in 20-30 minutes of your time and really get her going with foreplay, she will go crazy with desire for you – both inside and outside of the bedroom.

That’s because while you are kissing her, biting her, fingering her, and doing all that other fun stuff, her brain is releasing a ton of pleasure hormones – dopamine, oxytocin, etc. At the same time, her subconscious mind is connecting you to those hormones, since you are the only one there.

That means that every time you are around she is going to get a small release of those hormones…and feel those feelings again.

That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Show Off Your Desire

show off your desire

So, if foreplay is the key to her getting obsessed with you, how do you become a master at it? What is the most important thing to keep in mind?

One word: Desire.

That is, your desire for her.

There is the time and a place to see a woman as a sex object – and foreplay is the perfect time for that.

This is not the time to be timid or dull. You need to show her just how much you want her. How much her body turns you on. How you enjoy the touch of her skin, the feel of her lips, etc. You get the idea.

And you need to be animated. It’s no use telling her how much she turns you on if your voice is so monotone it’s almost robotic, and if you are unmoving. You need to grab her, caress her entire body, show off passion in your voice.

The more things you can do to show off your desire for her the better.

So use your voice, your body, your hands, your tongue. Start off slowly and then, as she gets more turned on, start moving your hands faster and faster, start grabbing her ass more forcefully, start biting her a little bit more hard (but watch so you don’t hurt her), and in general, be more like a caveman. A very turned on caveman.

Keep Her Guessing

Predictability is the passion killer.

Telling her she turns you on while caressing her is great. Doing only that for the next 10 minutes will bore her to tears.

You need to be unpredictable. Always keep her guessing – if she can’t predict your next move she will be in a constant state of suspension – which will be exhilarating for her.

The key is to break any pattern of behavior you might develop in bed.

For example, if you always lick her pussy for 5 minutes then immediately go inside of her, next time do it for 7 (or 3) minutes and flip her around and start playfully biting her body. Or start licking her neck. Or grab and squeeze her ass. Whatever – you get the point.

Observe any pattern you might develop and break it intentionally – and she will love you for it.

Stimulate Both Her Body And Her Mind

talking dirty

Caressing her body, licking her, kissing her, etc. is not enough.

Dirty talking, whispering in her ear, telling her how much you want her, etc. is not enough.


You need to stimulate both her body and her mind if you want maximum results.

Doing so will unleash a cocktail of emotions that will shake her entire body and leave her soaking wet, ready, and eager for you to grab her and do with her whatever you want.

And, the best of all is that the effect is synergetic.

What I mean by that is that stimulating both her body and her mind at the same time will have a far greater effect than both of those things combined.

If you hit her with this double punch, she will be pleading with you to take her right away. It’s fascinating how this technique can turn even the bitchiest of girls into your submissive little sex slave if done properly.

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P.S. All these tips are useless if you bust too quickly to apply them. To learn how to last longer in bed and drive her wild with orgasms, check out my Secrets to Lasting Longer guide.


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