How to Properly Rim Someone: Tips and Techniques for 2023

How to Properly Rim Someone: Tips and Techniques for 2023

Rimming, also known as tossing a salad or a rim job, is a form of oral sex where the person performing the act (the giver) licks their partner’s (the receiver) anus, the anal opening, and the area around it.

This is done to stimulate the nerve endings in the rectal region. Some people enjoy it because it feels like having someone lick their genitals; others do it because it stimulates the nerves in the anal area.

Whether it’s your first or millionth time rimming someone, you will find new and exciting techniques to try with your partner, detailed in this article. This is how you give a world-class rim job!

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Why Does Rimming Feel So Good?

The anus is made of very delicate skin, and it can stimulate the nerve endings without penetrating the rectal canal.

This stimulation can lead to intense sensations of pleasure and, depending upon what else happens during the session, to orgasm.

It’s excellent foreplay! Although it’s an enjoyable foreplay experience, those who do it are unlikely to climax from just rimming alone, which is why we’ve included transitions into other types of sexual acts in this article.

How To Give the Perfect Rim Job

Use these tips for a successful and highly pleasurable rim job. 

Do yourself and your partner a favor by washing with the shower hose attachment to fully clean your anus before having your ass eaten.

No one likes dirty butts, especially not the ass eater that’s getting personal with your derriere. It makes the experience more pleasurable for the giver to lick a freshly washed ass than one covered in sweat and maybe a bit of something else. 

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to douche before anal play or anal sex. If your diet is fine and your bowel movements are regular, you should not need to douche, as the rectum will be empty. 

A hairy receiver might also want to remove some of his butt hair with a gentle shaving cream.

Don't Over-Clean

This tip applies to women who use strongly scented soaps and body washes. Be mindful of overwashing your ass before your rim job. Everyone wants their skin to smell and taste good, but avoid using harsh soaps that leave behind a strong odor or residue. You don’t want to fill your partner’s nostrils with an overwhelming smell of flowers, vanilla, or cherries. More importantly, many of those strongly scented body washes leave behind a chemical taste after washing, which doesn’t taste great in your partner’s mouth. 

A bar of simple soap is fine. You don’t need special body washes, oils, or shower gels to clean before your rim job. 

Another helpful tip is to avoid using douches or enemas before anal play. We all want to avoid accidents and the embarrassment that comes from having something slip out during anal sex, but assuming you’re regular, a douche will be just a waste of time. The rectum will already be empty because of your morning regular bowel movement. 

Assuming you are not regular, it might be better to work on your diet and incorporate more fiber and less fatty foods. Doing so will improve not only your sex life but your physical health as well. If you feel like you need a douche or enema because you are not regular or are currently constipated, stop right there! A douche will remove fecal matter, yes. However, there is no way to know if 100% of it exited the rectum. You might get a surprise during play if one tiny piece is left inside, and as you relax and start enjoying, it comes out. 

Avoid douches and enemas if you can, and focus more on improving gut health. 

Have a Good Diet

A great diet will help you do more than maintain the number on the scale or beef up in the gym. A good diet filled with fiber-rich foods, such as nuts, beans, broccoli, avocado, whole grain bread, and even popcorn, can give you an extra fiber boost.

As your middle school health teacher already taught you, fiber is needed to maintain a healthy large intestine. Regular bowel movements in one piece will help prevent accidental slip-outs during anilingus or anal play

Obviously, this tip is not something you can do right before your rim job, but it’s something to be aware of if you decide to make an an anilingus a regular bedroom habit.

Love Butts

If you want your partner to enjoy your rim job, you have to act like you love their ass more than air! No one wants to feel like their partner is doing something out of obligation or that their partner is being held against their will. 

Not everyone wants to eat ass, and that’s okay. Don’t pretend like you want to if you don’t. The best rimjobs come from men and women who love ass, or at the very least, their partner’s ass. 

Give the receiver verbal or physical reassurance before, during, and after the rim job stating that you think they have the sexiest butt on the planet and enjoyed the experience.

Make It Tasty

Skip this step if you enjoy your partner’s natural flavor. If you want to try something different or don’t enjoy the taste of your partner’s skin, try sweetening the deal with Nutella, warm chocolate, strawberry sauce, or flavored water-based lube. We wrote detailed instructions on making someone’s ass taste good, so check that one out if you want to know every way possible to eat a tasty ass. 

Spread Those Cheeks

Give yourself full access to your partner’s anus by fully spreading their cheeks or putting them in a position that allows their cheeks to naturally spread. Doing so will make it easier for the giver to lick, kiss, or nibble on each centimeter of their partner’s body. 

Don't Overdo It

Rimming feels fan-fucking-tastic! Both men and women can enjoy having their anus and anal canal pleasured with a tongue, finger, toy, or more. It can be easy to overdo rimming your partner if you aren’t sure what to do next or continue to get a pleasurable response. 

Nevertheless, don’t endlessly rim your partner. Rimming is an appetizer, not a full-course meal. The goal is to turn on your partner, get them wet or hard, and to crave other sexual activities. 

It’s okay to rim, do something else, and then rim again, but don’t mindlessly eat ass for hours. 

Anilingus Positions

Getting the position just right is key to a successful anilingus session! Some recommend putting a pillow under your partner’s behind so that it elevates their reared slightly, giving easier access to their goods. Others suggest using a restraint to hold your partner’s legs open. 

All of these positions are great for beginners and advanced alike. Watch How To Make Anal Play Enjoyable For Her – Secret Tip Revealed below.

Doggy Style​

Doggy style is a classic and will make moving on to penetration easier once your partner is warmed up by your rimjob. Put a pillow under their stomach, raise their ass high into the air, and start kissing both cheeks. Use your hand to spread your partner’s legs so that the cheeks open and give you easier access to their anus. Lick their pussy or balls, perineum, and then move up to their anus. Move your tongue in a circle and then up and down. Slowly insert the tip of your tongue deep into their anal canal. Use your free hands to play with their balls, give a handjob, finger their G Spot, or rub their clit. 


Put a pillow under your partner first. Kneel or lay flat in front of them while using your hands to pull their thighs upward, spreading their cheeks. Lick around their anus, slowly sliding your tongue inside and continuing to lick. Transition into anal sex or vaginal sex afterward. 


Ask your partner to position themselves towards the edge of the bed. Put a pillow under your partner to make them more comfortable, and grab another for your knees. Kneel on the floor in front of them and give them a rim job using one of the techniques taught below. 

Tongue Techniques

The key to a great rimjob is getting the tongue movements right! If you’re a newbie to rimming, you might not have thought of many ways to lick your partner yet, which is why we have created a list of tongue movements you can use to pleasure your man or woman.

Flat Tongue: Stick your tongue straight out, so it is flat. Lick up and downwards without focusing on any particular area. Use this technique at the beginning of your rimjob to tease your partner before you focus on the particular spot they like the most.

Tongue Twister: Move your tongue quickly around in a random pattern. Press hard against their anus with your tongue, and continue to move it around. Use this technique if your partner likes rapid movements and pressure against their anus.

Tongue Tip: Use only the tip of your tongue to tease their anus. Press only the tip against their anal opening and slowly lick before working your tongue deeper inside. The technique allows you to focus on one particular spot to maximize your partner’s pleasure.

Spelling Bee: Spell out a word on your partner’s anus using your tongue. The technique is suitable for receivers unsure what type of movements give them the most pleasure and would like to experiment with different ones. It’s also an easy way to incorporate variety into their rim job.

Anilingus Techniques

In between licking and kissing their anus, blow warm breath on it from your mouth. The sensation is unique and highly pleasurable. This technique is also a great beginner one for people who might not know how to lick or kiss their partner’s ass yet. 

The Rusty Trombone: The male partner must be the receiver, and he should stand while his partner kneels behind him to give the rim job. While licking, his partner should reach around and play with his balls or give a hand job for double stimulation. 

Lick & Toy Combo: Lick your partner’s perineum. If your partner is female, it might also be a great idea to start eating them out first and then moving down to their anus. If the receiver is male, give him a blowjob and play with his balls. Move down to his perineum and lick in all directions to start. Zone in on the direction that gives the best reaction, and continue doing that particular movement. Stop licking them for a second to prepare their sex toy. We recommend starting small and slim if your partner has limited experience with anal play. Use water-based lubrication. Bonus: If it’s flavored water-based lube, spread it on their cheeks and perineum, too, and have fun tasting vanilla, caramel, chocolate, or whatever flavor you prefer. After applying ample lube to the toy and the anus, slowly start inserting. Learn more about the ends and outs of good anal play here.

Once the toy is inside, use your hand to slowly thrust it in and out while licking their vagina or balls, perineum, and around their anus as the sex toy goes in and out. 

Lick & Fondle: Start by licking the perineum before moving down to the anus. Both men and women have one. It’s the small space between their vagina if you’re licking a female partner or the tiny space between the balls and anus if the receiver is male. Get your tongue on their perineum and passionately lick in all directions (up, down, left, right). Do what feels good to your partner and gets the best reaction. While licking, put your finger on their anus and, using the saliva from your mouth, start rubbing in a circular motion. If they allow it, slide the finger into their anus while you lick the entire area. 

Pegging: Pegging is a sex act that involves a female partner “pegging” or inserting a dildo into the male partner’s anus. A rim job is an excellent warm-up to a pegging session, so start by getting him relaxed and ready with your tongue. Kiss, lick, or maybe bite a little until he’s moaning in ecstasy and ready for more. Apply lube to your clean and hygienic dildo and your partner’s anus. Slowly insert the dildo, allowing him to pull you deeper inside. Don’t force the toy deeper, as your partner must first relax his external and internal sphincter muscles. Keep the bottle of lube handy. You might need more! Once inside, slowly pull the dildo slightly back and slowly thrust into him until he’s ready for you to stop. 

Dirty Girl or Boy: Restrain your partner in either missionary or doggy style to the bed using a restraining kit, handcuffs, or other DIY materials. The giving partner will now have full access to their partner’s body. Start by spreading their cheeks with your hands or restrain your partner with their legs spread so far apart that the device does it for you. Start by licking from their pussy to their perineum, going back and forward slowly. Another great technique is going the figure eight from pussy to perineum or balls to perineum if the receiver is male. Once they’ve been warmed up, slide your tongue down to their anus, gently licking in a circular motion, and transition to an up-and-down motion. Work just the tip of your tongue into their anal tongue and continue flicking, as it’s pulled deeper inside. Finish by ending the rim job and moving on to anal play with toys or anal sex. 

The Vampire: Teeth can cause pain and pleasure, so use them sparingly. The first step to becoming an anal vampire is ensuring that your partner is fond of biting. Have a quick conversation before rimming him or her. Make sure they know that you will use your teeth at some point. With their consent, start by kissing and licking as you usually would. When they’re warmed up, move your mouth to their thighs and begin biting them. Start with one thigh and then move on to the other. Start licking their anus, and then use your teeth to nibble slightly on their anus and the surrounding area. The anus is covered with nerve endings, so don’t overdo it. Continue as long as you are getting a pleasurable response. 

The Bend: This technique will work when the receiver is male. The giving partner should get on their knees behind the receiver while he stands. While his partner licks, he will push his penis down between his legs so that his partner can lick the head and shaft of his penis in between eating his ass. 

Get Handsy: While licking your partner, use one or both hands to scratch their butt cheeks with your fingernails. Slowly trace your nails up and down each cheek. You can also try spanking, squeezing, relaxing, or grabbing and holding their cheeks. 


Few sex acts are as fun and easy as ass-eating. It also introduces your partner to anal play and pleases them in another, more exciting way. Hopefully, this article taught you more techniques to please your man or woman in the bedroom.

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