How To Make A Girl Squirt During Sex

How To Make A Girl Squirt During Sex

You’ve come to know how to make a girl squirt. But first… 

YES – squirting is real.

NO – you don’t have to be a pornstar to make your girl do it.

Even though I am an ex-pornstar, I know that any girl can squirt, since I’ve taught plenty of my friends how to turn their partners into Mt. Splashmore.

And today I’m going to teach you how.

See, I used to be just like you, I thought squirting was a myth.

It was just pee. Or it was something faked in the porn movies.

That was until I had it happened to me, for the first time, on camera.

I walked into the set and the producer told me, “psst, Mike. You’re in for a treat today. She’s a squirter.”

“No way.”

The scene became an epic hit, and I was in disbelief the entire time.

The fact of the matter is – all women can squirt. But, like orgasming, it’s a learned act that takes time and exploration to acquire. Once your woman learns how to do it, she’ll be able to repeat it for years.

Here’s how to make your girl squirt.

Step 1 – Prepare In Advance

Before you make your girl squirt, you need to make sure she’s ready. Talk with her and tell her, “I’m going to make you squirt tonight.”

Be confident. She’ll love it.

Then, prepare for the fluid frenzy by laying out towels over the bed. Yes, towels. Multiple.

Squirting is an all or nothing affair. She’ll either explode fluids, or nothing will come out. There’s no middleman.

Step 2 – Foreplay

Regular readers will know that I’m a huge proponent of foreplay, but for squirting, this needs to be emphasized.

See, squirting is an orgasm on steroids.

Foreplay is necessary to warm your girl up, so she can orgasm, so OF COURSE…foreplay is necessary for making her squirt.

With regards to squirting, I strongly suggest you do foreplay for a longer period than you usually do. Take your time to remove her clothes, and give her body plenty of love with your fingers and mouth. Foreplay should last at least 30 minutes.

If 30 minutes seems like an eternity to you, you might need some new foreplay ideas.

Step 3 – Penetration

Now that she’s all hot ’n’ ready, it’s time to start penetrating her.

At this point, you need to decide if you’re going to make her squirt with your hand, a toy, or your penis.

No matter what device you use, the technique is the same.

However, you want to commit to one choice before you start having sex. This is so you can focus on the task at hand. Commit to one instrument (penis, hand, toy) and stick with it.

Let’s pretend you’re going to use your hand.

To give her a squirting orgasm, you’re going to follow the same exact steps that you would to give her a G-Spot orgasm…with ONE crucial difference (we’ll get to that).

Start by inserting your fingers into her vagina.

Find the G-Spot. This is accomplished by finding the rough patch on the upper side of the vagina.

Once you’ve located the target, give her the “come hither” movement by pulling your fingers towards you, to stimulate the G-Spot.

Rub here for a few minutes, and when it’s time to get to squirting, here’s what you do…

…you get violent.

Well, sort of. Grab her G-Spot and start rubbing it faster, stronger, and crazier.

Squirting will not happen if you treat it like a bunny. Get in there, get dirty, and use your powerful man-strength.

Don’t worry about hurting her, vaginas are tough. They’re built to take a pounding.

Something you definitely want to watch out for is how she feels.

She should be responding pretty well to this, and giving you lots of “oohs” and “aahs.”

Keep going, even if she orgasms multiple times. Now you’re probably wondering, how do I know when she’s going to squirt?

The big differentiator between a regular orgasm and a squirting orgasm is simple – when she’s ready to squirt, she’ll feel like she has to pee.

REALLY BAD. Like, 8000-mile road trip bad.

Ask her if she feels like this, tell her it’s okay…and keep going. When she feels like she has to pee, and she’s close to orgasm…

Step 4 – Pull Out

Yup, you heard me right. Pull out. She can’t squirt if you’re inside of her blocking the passage of fluids.

Pull out, and if she hasn’t orgasmed yet, start going to town on her clit. This will drive her over the edge of orgasm if she isn’t there already.

Keep rubbing her clit, and if she doesn’t orgasm, go back to the G-Spot and repeat the cycle.

That’s it! I don’t have to tell you what it’ll be like when she orgasms. You’ll know.

Best Sex Positions To Make Her Squirt

Lastly, let me key you in on some positions to make her squirt.

Now remember, it doesn’t matter if you use your hand or your penis, but the angle is extremely important in both.

You need to be able to stimulate the G Spot…AND pull out at the right time so that you can make her squirt. For this, there are really only two options.


Despite not being the best at hitting the G-Spot, doggystyle ranks #1 for how hard you can pound her. Squirting orgasms take work, and doggy is made for the job.

To make up for its lack of G-Spot contact, angle yourself above her a little more than you usually would.

You can also reach around and rub her clit while you’re penetrating her.


Cowgirl gets great praise for its top G-Spot contact, but it fails to let you pull out on time. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get distracted and forget to remove yourself from her.

It’s a trade-off. If you can focus on her arousal, time the orgasm, and yank her off of her, cowgirl is good. Otherwise, stick with doggy.

What If She Can’t Squirt?

Even if you’ve read this entire article, and applied every single tactic shared here, it’s possible that your girl still…can’t…squirt.

In that case, maybe it’s not your technique, but maybe your relationship is on the fritz. Maybe you have hardship at your job, or the sex is drying up, or maybe it’s just the seasons.

Either way, I understand. Relationships have their ups and downs. Even though I spent years in the porn industry, I still have to put in work to improve my marriage.

By far, the best thing I’ve done for my wife is to read Revolutionary Sex.

It’s a guide written by my friend Alex Allman, and I have to say, it lives up to its name. Working in porn morphed my views on sex to the negative, and Revolutionary Sex is what brought me out of the dumps and helped piece back my relationship with my wife.

Click here to learn more.


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