Every Woman Can Have Multiple Orgasms and Here’s How!

Every Woman Can Have Multiple Orgasms and Here’s How!

Any woman can experience multiple orgasms. Multiple orgasms are exactly what they sound like — more than one orgasm, usually in rapid succession, during sex. There are many myths surrounding female orgasms, with some women believing they can’t climax once, let alone twice or more.

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Let’s put the myth to rest. Your partner can experience more than one intense and highly satisfying orgasm. With the proper technique, patience, and the right stimulation of her A-Spot, C-Spot, D-Spot, G-Spot, or O-Spot, she can reach orgasmic bliss. For a good reason, we say at SQL that every woman is different, and every pussy is different.

The Beauty of the Female Orgasm

Women have a mind-blowing capacity to reach orgasm far beyond any guy. The clitoris, for example, exists solely for sexual pleasure and has a least ten times as many nerve endings as the penis. In some women, it’s even more than that!

When she orgasms, she will release oxytocin, the hormone that causes feelings of connection, warmth, and love, at a much higher rate than men.

Every woman can experience multiple orgasms in multiple body parts with a minimal refractory period, in most cases, after the first orgasm.

There's more than one way to have multiple orgasms

She can reach orgasm through stimulation of the opening of the vagina (O- Spot), the clitoris (External C-Spot), cervix (Internal C-Spot), O-Spot, G-Spot, A-Spot, and D-Spot deep inside the vagina. All the focus goes to the clit, but that’s not the only way to help her achieve multiple orgasms. Women have different types of orgasms because of different nerve pathways; some might be more pleasurable than others depending on the woman.

Numerous women require external stimulation of the vaginal opening or clitoris, whereas others will require internal stimulation to have an intense orgasm or multiple orgasms. Your partner might require oral sex, penetration, or a combination of actions to reach orgasm. Some ladies can even orgasm without vaginal stimulation by stimulating their other erogenous zones. I once had an ex-partner who orgasmed with nipple stimulation such as sucking or biting.

You might have to adjust your speed and intensity because some women require more pressure to reach climax. In contrast, some partners will pull back when there is too much pressure.

Communication with your partner is absolutely vital. Although you care for your partner and want her to have a fantastic experience each time, she has to understand her own body and where she likes to be touched so she can guide you. Women love men who know what they are doing in bed, but it’s not your responsibility to make her cum if she has not done the work to discover her sexuality, likes, and dislikes.

She can have multiple orgasms one after the other

The female orgasm is lightyears ahead of the male orgasm because she likely does not need a break or refractory period before having more orgasms. The refractory period is a physiological change allowing you to recover after an orgasm. For women, this period is much shorter and less intense. In men, the refractory period tends to come straight after the first orgasm, resulting in disinterest in continuing further sexual activity or a physical inability to have sex, in some cases.

Male arousal resembles a bell curve — it starts near zero, increases, and then falls back to zero. For a guy to have a second orgasm, he might need a momentary respite to get back to peak arousal and reach the point where he can cum again.

Female arousal is entirely different! She can stay at an elevated state of arousal and be near the point of orgasm immediately after her first one. You can also give her different orgasms, one right after the other. For example, you can stimulate her cervix (internal C-Spot) with your finger until she orgasms and then quickly transition to her G-Spot or clit (external C-Spot) to give her a second one.

She's more likely to have multiple orgasms when she's ovulating

There are a lot of misconceptions about the menstrual cycle. It’s not only a couple of days when she bleeds; it’s an entire month-long experience where hormone levels dramatically rise and fall.

If you have ever had your girlfriend or wife try to rip your clothes off as soon as you entered the door or beg you for sex multiple times a day, then it’s likely that she was in her fertile period.

During her fertile period (also known as ovulation), her reproductive system releases an egg and prays that a sperm will fertilize it. Humans haven’t evolved for asexual reproduction (making babies without a partner), so she needs to find some lucky guy to supply the sperm. For this reason, she’s likely to be very horny, have multiple orgasms, and possibly want rougher or more intense sexual intercourse during this narrow window of time.

Since the menstrual cycle is roughly 30 days, the fertile period will occur around the second week. After the second week, hormone levels will come crashing down, and she will be more sensitive and probably desire cuddles and kisses instead of hot, sweaty, bed-breaking sex.

You don't have to use your tongue to give her multiple orgasms

Only a tiny percentage of women have experienced multiple orgasms because a lot of ladies need a different type of stimulation and have not realized it yet!

Your tongue is one way to help her achieve the first or even second orgasm. The tongue can be very effective at clitoral stimulation, but not every woman wants that or will experience clitoral orgasm from the tongue alone. You might have to use your fingers to massage the clit (external C-Spot).

You should adjust your technique if you want to help your partner achieve clitoral orgasmic contractions. She might need up and down rubbing with one or two fingers, your entire palm to rub not only the clit, but other parts of the vulva in a side-to-side motion, or she might need you to use two fingers to essentially jerk off her clitoral hood and clit.

Start slow and see how she responds. If the response is dismal, switch up your technique. Ask her, “Do you like that? What can I do differently? Do you want faster or softer?” Constantly check in with your partner using verbal and non-verbal communication if you want to help her achieve not just one orgasm but a second orgasm, and perhaps even a third.

It might be time for more extreme stimulation

To orgasm, she might require extreme stimulation with an increasingly faster pace, such as lots of pressure on her pubic bone with your palm while you quickly rub her clitoral hood and clit. She might need a sex toy to cum. Many women love vibrators and Hitachi wands because of the intense and rapid vibrations. You might find your girlfriend in the shower one evening holding the shower head to her vulva for the fast streams of warm water.

For others, all of this might be too intense for their super sensitive clit or vagina, and she might crave a softer touch or light flicks of your tongue instead.

How to Give Women Multiple and Intense Orgasms

At SQL, we believe that every woman and every pussy is different. Women will experience distinct orgasms depending on which part of their body you touch, massage, or lick.

She can orgasm from internal and external stimulation, and each will produce a different sensation. Some women prefer external, whereas others prefer internal. Your partner should know her body and which stimulation she likes through self-exploration and masturbation.

You can give your partner multiple orgasms by stimulating one or more of these areas:

Find the A-Spot

The A-Spot is rarely stimulated, so the sensation might feel strange or highly pleasurable depending on your partner.

Use your longest finger of one hand and place your other hand on her pubic bone.

Extend your finger deep inside the vagina, pass the G-Spot, and slowly massage the top wall in a windshield wiper motion.

Massage the Internal and/or External C-Spot

There are two C-Spots: internal (the cervix) and external (the clitoris).

The clitoris has more nerve endings than your dick. For this reason, most women can experience at least one orgasm by stimulating the clit. You might need to alternate pressure from hard to soft, start slow, or try different stroking methods such as rubbing up and down or side to side.

The cervix feels like the tip of your nose and is a small area floating deep in the vagina. It’s located past the A-Spot and might be deep or shallow depending on your partner’s body. Many women find having their cervix stimulated highly arousing, which can produce orgasms as strong or stronger than clitoral orgasms.

Find the D-Spot

The D-Spot might feel strange to some partners as it is down towards the anal canal, so she might feel uncomfortable, but many ladies love the sensation.

Extend a finger deep into the vagina and press downward. Move your finger in a ‘come here’ motion.

Find the G-Spot

The G-Spot is the most well-known orgasm-inducing location, and it’s located about a knuckle and half inside the vagina.

You will recognize the G-Spot because it will feel bumpy. The area might be swollen and more prominent depending on her arousal levels.

Insert the middle or ring finger a knuckle and half inside the vagina and feel along the upper wall. Press and pull your finger towards yourself. You can also try the Spiderman grip, which resembles Peter Parker’s movement to spray his web in the first Spiderman movie. While massaging the G-Spot, play with the clit simultaneously for even better stimulation.

Find the O-Spot

The O-Spot is located right at the entrance of the vagina. Use one finger to rub the area in a circular motion.

She may only respond to one of these areas being touched or she might need two stimulated at the same time to reach climax. If you aren’t sure and she hasn’t explored her sexuality enough to know either, spend the evening exploring her body until you find the sweet spot.

Why She Isn't Having an Orgasm or Multiple Orgasms

It can be frustrating for tons of guys when their partner does not orgasm after their best efforts. You might start to think that something is wrong with your technique, so you change the sex position and try again, but still, she doesn’t orgasm, and you’re left wondering just what went wrong. You might do everything right in the bedroom and still not give your partner an orgasm. The reason she is not orgasming might not have anything to do with you or your bedroom skills.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is not your responsibility to make her cum. She needs to understand her body, what she likes, and how she wants to be touched. It’s your duty as her partner to follow her direction, touch her when and where she wants to be touched, and avoid sensitive or not pleasure-inducing areas. You’re not responsible for making her cum if she doesn’t know what she needs or likes.

There's a mind-body disconnect

Women are highly mind-body connected. If she has psychological trauma, she might not orgasm. Many women feel embarrassed or have been slut -shamed out of exploring their sexuality. Others can orgasm through masturbation but refuse to give up control of their body to their partner and let go in the bedroom.

There are physical problems

Natural vaginal lubrication is not something that you can switch on and off like a tap, no matter how much you wish it was. Some women experience ‘female ejaculation’ where, like men, they ejaculate fluid when they orgasm, but most women just get wet when they are aroused, generally instigated by foreplay. This means that once she has orgasmed, some women dry up a little, making the second orgasm harder and more uncomfortable.

Like many men, many women experience increased sensitivity after orgasm. Blood rushes to the clitoris which leads to sensitivity during and after the orgasm. If she struggles to have a second orgasm, it could be because she is still recovering from the first one. Give her some time to recuperate or try a different method, perhaps in a separate area, and see if you can get her to have multiple orgasms.

Notably, she might suffer from vaginismus. Health conditions such as vaginismus are not that rare but almost entirely unheard of by the general public. This medical condition causes the vaginal muscles to tense and tightens, affecting the quality of her sex life. Many women with this condition may find penetrative sex impossible or extremely painful. She might also have trouble finishing as a result.

There's too much pressure in the bedroom

Expecting your partner to orgasm makes her feel she needs to perform on command. Because she knows it means a lot to you that she orgasms, she might be unknowingly or knowingly causing her body to be too tensed and stressed.

She might also be worried about how long it takes her to orgasm. Orgasms require energy, so if you’re in a rush, it will probably not be enough time for her to fully become aroused, build up the sexual tension, and then climax multiple times.

An orgasm is a release of built-up sexual tension. If she feels pressured, she will not relax and release that tension. Before getting things started in the bedroom, have a quick conversation. Say something like, “I want to make you feel good and admire your body. There’s no pressure to do anything. If you want to stop, we can stop.” You should constantly reinforce that the bedroom is a safe space for discussion.

Be flexible and allow her time to recover, if needed. Do not immediately try to make her orgasm again if she’s not ready. While the refractory period isn’t a problem for most women, some will still need to rest after orgasms. Follow her lead — if she needs five minutes, give her five minutes before giving her a second orgasm, and likewise, if she’s ready to go for round two straight away, then don’t miss a beat!

She does not want to orgasm

Believe it or not, some women do not want to orgasm. The mood might not be right. She might be tired and ready for sex to be over so she can go to bed. She might not be enjoying herself and thus not really want to orgasm. She might even think her way out of orgasm because she’s stressed at work or has 99 other problems that need solving and her immediate attention.

You missed a spot

Women orgasm from the stimulation of different body parts, and some women prefer internal and external stimulation. You might have gone too slow or too fast or used the wrong amount of pressure for your partner to have multiple orgasms.

She might need help from a sex toy. There’s a vast array of options of sex toys on the market explicitly designed to give women orgasms.

She might prefer a different sex position. Some positions are much more well-adapted at producing internal orgasms by stimulating the G-Spot or any of the other sensitive areas of the vagina.

Once you talk with your partner, you can evaluate the problem and find a way to have her orgasm, not once, but multiple times. Keep a no-pressure and safe environment with the right lighting, music, and whatever she needs to feel safe and sexy. Take your time! She might need five minutes or she might need thirty. Whatever she needs you to have to be patient and willing to give her if you want her to orgasm multiple times. Lastly, if she doesn’t orgasm, it might not be your fault. There are numerous reasons why a woman isn’t able to orgasm during that particular sex session. Don’t take it personality and don’t take yourself too seriously in the bedroom.


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