How to Face Fuck Better Than a Pornstar

How to Face Fuck Better Than a Pornstar

Face fucking is an absolute favorite. When it comes down to it, nothing beats fucking a beautiful woman in the mouth while looking into her eyes.

The thing about face fucking is that it’s almost impossible to master unless you know what you’re doing. Most people end up gagging and choking because they don’t do it correctly. So let’s fix that.

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about face fucking. From the best techniques to aftercare, we’ll cover it all.

We’ll even show you some awesome face fucking sex positions and give you professional tips. 

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What is Face Fucking?

Face fucking is exactly as its name suggests. It is a sexual act where a man penetrates or “fucks” his female partner’s mouth with his penis and then ejaculates into her mouth or onto her face or breasts.

You probably learned about it or have seen it first in porn. It’s super dominant, kinky, and sexy-aggressive sex that many couples want to try.

Face fucking, although more commonly done by male partners, can also be accomplished by a female partner riding or straddling her partner’s face.

The Psychology of Face Fucking

Face fucking is a major turn-on for both men and women, who partake in the activity for a few key reasons.

What's the Difference Between Face Fucking and a Blowjob?

A common misconception is that face fucking is synonymous with giving a blowjob.

Face fucking, and a blowjob, both involve putting a penis into someone’s mouth for sexual pleasure, but there’s a key difference between the two acts.

When you face fuck, you thrust into your partner’s mouth as you would during vaginal or anal sex. Typically, she has no control or very little control over the act. Whereas when you receive a blowjob, either partner can be in control. For example, she may grab your penis, insert it into her mouth, and move up and down at her pace to pleasure you. During face fucking, you’re in control, not her.

A blowjob can be aggressive sometimes, but it can also be slow, soft, and gentle. Face fucking tends to be a little more rough and intense than a standard blowjob because the male partner moves as he would during vaginal and anal sex.

What About Deep-Throating?

Deep-throating is a sexual act that involves putting the penis as far down into the woman’s throat as possible instead of just in her mouth.

Deep-throating can happen during face fucking, but it doesn’t have to. Likewise, a woman may or may not be deep-throating during a blowjob.

The key difference between face fucking and deep-throating is the level of control and depth of penetration. 

In face fucking, the male partner “fucks” his partner’s face; thereby, he is in complete control of sex. Deep-throating, on the other hand, may be controlled by either partner.

Secondly, during face fucking, the penis does not have to be inserted deep into the mouth and may not touch the partner’s throat. In deep-throating, his penis is inserted as far back into the mouth as possible, hence the word ‘deep’ being in the name.

Face fucking and deep-throating can be combined if your partner is comfortable with it and has decent control over her gag reflex.

And Throat Fucking?

Throat fucking is a form of face fucking that involves inserting the whole penis into the woman’s throat. The male partner inserts as much of his penis as possible into his partner’s mouth to throat fuck her.

Face fucking, and throat fucking are pretty similar; the only difference is the penetration depth. Face fucking can be shallow or deep, but to throat fuck, you must put as much of your penis into your partner’s mouth as possible — assuming she has control over her gag reflex.

What to Do Before You Face Fuck a Woman

Woman licking the body of a man

At its core, face fucking is self-explanatory; it’s just a version of oral sex, so grab her face and go to town.

But there are a few things you need to remember before getting down to business in the bedroom. 

Get Her Consent

Before having oral sex, ensure she wants to face fuck. Giving a blowjob is not synonymous with face fucking or being face fucked, as described above. 

If she consents to give a blowjob or a rough blowjob, she might not want to be face fucked. Therefore, ask before grabbing her hair, pulling her towards you, and thrusting into her mouth.

Maintain Her Trust

 After you get her consent, maintain her trust. 

If she consents to slow and gentle face fucking because it’s her first time, don’t take advantage of the situation and move faster and deeper. If you go beyond her comfort zone, she probably won’t want to try it again. 

Learn her limits and respect them throughout the experience. Although it might be tempting to go just a centimeter deeper or a millisecond faster, it might backfire and get her running out of the bedroom, not begging for more.

Learn Her Limits

Face fucking is about control, but that does not mean complete control.

You can face fuck without going very deep, without making her feel she’s completely submissive, and without making her feel she cannot easily exit the situation should things get too hot and heavy.

Before face fucking, discuss whether she likes to be tied, restrained, backed against a wall, pinned against the bed or sofa, or have her face held.

A partner that’s comfortable with anything and everything means you can choose from an endless list of positions or sex toys to spice things up, but a partner with some limits may prefer:

Control the Almighty Gag Reflex

As stated, deep-throating and face fucking are not the same. You can face fuck your partner without triggering her gag reflex.

But if you want to go deeper into her mouth, and she’s comfortable with it, make sure she has solid control over of her gag reflex. 

The gag reflex is the urge to vomit when something touches a certain point in the throat. Some lucky ladies have no gag reflex or have learned to control it through practice and patience. Triggering the gag reflex is uncomfortable and can induce vomiting in some.

Ask her before face fucking if she likes it deep, if she has tried deep-throating, or if she knows how sensitive her gag reflex is.

Establish Non-Verbal Safe Words

You need to take one last step before you face fuck a woman. You need to establish nonverbal safe words, actions that you use to communicate to each other that you’re ready to stop.

Non-verbal safe words are essential. Typically, safe words are verbal, such as yellow or red. However, when you face fuck, she probably will not be able to utter a comprehensible word. Use unmistakable signals to communicate to slow down or stop altogether.

A few options are, waving hands, shoulder taps, or thigh taps. When she raises one hand, it means to slow down. When she raises two, it means stop completely and discuss the problem. 

Another great option is to have her tap your shoulder once to slow down, or twice to stop and discuss. Depending on your position, she might not be near your shoulder, so choose the thigh tap instead. It functions the same: one tap means slow down, and two means stop.

Know the Finish Line

Consider where you will “finish” before it’s time to save yourself a lot of trouble later on. The last thing you want is to be ready to cross the finish line but unsure of where the actual finish line is. Is it her mouth? Her breasts? Her face? Into a towel?

Not every woman is comfortable with semen in their mouth, and she may not want you to cum on her face.

Ask, before face fucking, if she swallows or wants your cum inside her mouth. If you need a towel because she does not want your cum on or inside her, grab it before face fucking, and before you’re in the heat of the moment and need it the most.

Choose the Right Position

There are many positions to choose from when fucking someone’s face that we’ll be sharing throughout this article, but the best one for you will depend on what you’re looking for and how much control you want over the situation.

Some positions are more submissive than others. For example, the Girl Power position is better for a woman who wants to avoid a more submissive stance, likes light domination, likes to give minimum control to her partner, and enjoys being placed in a less vulnerable position.

If she’s not comfortable being submissive, pick a position where there’s nothing behind her head, such as a bed, pillow, or wall, so she can pull away, giving her more control. 

On the flip side, a position like the Sexy Schoolgirl or Downward Dive, where her partner sits on top of her and fucks her throat, is best for men who want to be in a dominant position and women who want to be dominated by their partner.

There are plenty of positions that work well for face fucking. We’ve put together a list of our favorites below.

How to Face Fuck Better Than a Pornstar

We’re going to teach you how to face fuck correctly. No, It does not start with going straight into her mouth and smearing her saliva all over her face. Instead, start by getting her mouth soaking wet.

If you’ve ever tried getting a blowjob in a dry mouth, then you know it’s not great! Like many other things in life, the wetter, the better.

Always start slow and gentle, allowing her ample time to build up enough saliva in her mouth before increasing your speed. 

Start Slow

When you first start face fucking, it might be challenging to get started. She may resist a little. She may try to pull back if you’re going too fast and frightening her. Or she may panic and tell you that she doesn’t want to do it.

Slow and steady wins the race. There’s no rush. 

Start Gentle

Don’t go too hard and deep right away. She’ll enjoy face fucking more if you do it gently before transitioning to the rougher stuff (if she agrees to that). 

Once you’ve got her mouth wet, increase your pace. Keep doing it until you find the right speed for your pleasure, or she signals you to stop or slow down. 

If her mouth is soaking wet, and she’s giving the okay signal, increase your pace from slow and gentle to harder and faster.

 Give Eye Contact

If you’re looking into someone else’s eyes while fucking in the mouth, chances are good that you’ll enjoy yourself even more.

Eye contact is one of those things we’ve always known is sexy, even though nobody knows why. But now scientific studies are backing up the notion that men and women both find it attractive.

Researchers say that while you’re having sex, you want to look into each other’s eyes because it makes you feel like you’re connecting emotionally. Eye contact triggers activity in the brain called mirroring, where you mimic someone else’s emotions and actions. And according to some research, looking deep into someone else’s eyes during sex increases arousal levels.

Don't Force It 

If your penis is not going as deep as you want, don’t force it. You may trigger her gag reflex, or she may panic. Or, she may signal for you to stop completely. 

If you meet resistance, slow down and pull back a little. 

Give Her a Break

Face fucking can be a great addition to the bedroom. But there’s one thing you should know about it— it can be pretty exhausting! If you don’t give yourself enough breaks, you could end up hurting your partner. 

The Best Face Fucking Sex Positions

There are many positions for face fucking. Recall, the best position for face fucking depends on how much control you want to give each other. Some women prefer being dominated, while others enjoy avoiding a compromised position and being in control.

Another thing to consider is achieving the perfect angle for maximum pleasure, as some positions are better for going deeper into the throat than others and may involve gagging.

We’ve compiled a healthy mix of ultra-dominant and slightly less dominant sex positions for every couple reading this.

Easy Face Fuck

Face-fucking a woman

The classic face fucking sex position can be done anywhere at any time.

There should be nothing behind her to hinder her from moving backward, so open space is best for the Easy Face Fuck sex position. 

The female partner gets on her knees while the male partner stands. Like a standard blowjob, she should come towards her partner and be at an appropriate height so that the mouth is level with his penis.

She should open her mouth as the male partner slowly inserts his penis and thrusts at an appropriate pace. 

If she’s comfortable, he can grab her hair and pull her face closer to his body so that the depth of penetration increases. 

The Bed Straddler

The Bed Straddler face-fucking technique

The female partner lies down with the pillow under her neck for comfort, while the male partner gets on the bed and straddles her body.

His knees should be just above her shoulders or tucked under her armpits.

Start with his penis between her breasts if you want to start with titty fucking and transition into face fucking, then slide up to her mouth.

The male partner can thrust into her mouth or grab bits of her hair by the root, pull her face upward, and then thrust into her mouth.

Don’t go too deep at first. Start slower and shallower, then increase the pace and depth while keeping an eye on her body language.

The King's Chair

The King's Chair face-fucking technique

The male partner sits comfortably on a sofa or chair while the female partner crawls towards him. While he sits, he should grab her hair or face and pull it closer to his body. Slowly, he should begin pulling her hair backward so that her head bobs up and down on his penis.

Another way to do this is to hold her face in place while the male partner moves his lower body up and downwards to thrust into her mouth.

Going Overboard

The Going Overboard face-fucking technique

In this position, the female partner should lie on the bed with her head slightly hanging off the edge. The male partner should stand and thrust into her mouth while her head hangs off the bed. 

Sexy School Girl

The Sexy Schoolgirl face fucking technique

She should style her hair in two pigtails to get the most out of this sex position.

After styling her hair, she should crawl towards her male partner, allow him to grasp each pigtail, and pull her face towards his erect penis. During sex, he should maintain a firm grip on her pigtails and use them to move her head back and forward.

The best way to pull a woman’s hair is by the roots, not ends. Pulling from the ends is slightly annoying or painful to some, so instead, get as close to her head as possible and pull.

Against the Wall

Face fucking against the wall

As the title suggests, this position is done with a wall behind the female partner, limiting her movement. She should get on her knees while the male partner stands. 

Another version you can try is instead of kneeling, she can sit on the floor with her head against the wall. The male partner can stand over her with one leg on each side of her body, lean forward to place his penis in her mouth, and then thrust in and out while she’s pinned against the wall. 

Downward Dive

The Downward Dive face-fucking technique

She should lie comfortably on the end of the bed, leaving enough space above her head for her partner to hover above her in a plank position. 

Girl Power

The Girl Power face-fucking technique

Men who want to feel dominated and controlled during oral sex will love the Girl Power face fuck position.

The male partner lies down on his back while his partner gets between his legs and faces him. She should use her hands to grab his penis while she sucks and licks.

Sixty-Nine Edition

The Sixty-Nine Edition face fucking position

The classic sixty-nine sex position does not require an explanation! We all already love this one… for obvious reasons! Try the classic sixty-nine with the woman on top, or reverse so that the male partner is on top and thrusting down into his partner’s mouth.

Role Reversal

The Role Reversal face fucking position

If you’re a man who enjoys being dominated by your female partner from time to time or loves giving oral sex, this position is for you. She will be in control and face fuck you by straddling your face and moving her hips and body while receiving oral sex. 

How to Get Your Wife or Partner Obsessed With Face Fucking

With a long-term partner, trying new sexual activities can be a lot easier because you should already have a baseline knowledge of her turn-offs, limits, and boundaries. 

If you’ve never face fucked before, start by introducing the topic before sex. Ask if you can try something a little different by thrusting into her mouth instead of receiving a standard blowjob. When she’s giving you a blowjob, slowly start thrusting into her mouth while you watch her reaction. 

If she pulls back or resists, stop and allow her to continue the blowjob. When you finish, talk about the experience and what happened.

Be open to role reversal. Your wife may be more keen to allow you to fuck her face if she can ride your face from time to time. This allows her to understand better why being in control is so arousing and why you might want to try it next time in the bedroom. 

Remind her that face fucking is not only about your pleasure; it’s about hers too. A lot of women enjoy the submission aspect of face fucking. If she’s already expressed interest in that, remind her that face fucking is a different way to try submission and dominance. 

Lastly, for those who have never tried face fucking in a committed relationship, remind your partner that variety is essential for a healthy sex life, especially after being together for an extended period. Tell her that face fucking is something you’ve never tried, and stress that it’s something new to do and could be fun because of the novelty of the experience.  

Andy's Pro-Tips

Andy, the founder of SQL and sex expert, has a few role-playing tips to make an evening of face fucking ten times better than anything you’ve tried before.

The Beggar

Blindfolded woman

This one requires a little preparation and is recommended for kinky couples or those open to trying kink.

Tease her all week without giving into any of her sexual desires. At the end of the week, send her a sexy text message before you get home, telling her to wait on her knees, mouth open, and in her sexy lingerie. 

If she’s keen, add a blindfold to the mix. Tell her to wait on her knees, mouth open, in sexy lingerie, and with a blindfold so that she can only eagerly wait and listen for you to walk into the bedroom. 

When you enter the bedroom, tease her more by caressing and touching her entire body before grabbing her hair, pulling her face to you, and face fucking her. 

The Night Crawler

The Night Crawler face fucking position

Order her to wait on the other side of the bedroom. Walk towards her, grab her by the hair or throat, and pull her towards your body to face fuck her. 

To spice things up, dress in a sexy costume for the evening. She can be a sexy cat with ears and a tail to crawl closer to you before you take her by the hair and throat. 

The Hoe Destroyer

The Hoe Destroyer face fucking technique

Warning! This activity is mostly for kinky or open couples who enjoy consensual humiliation. Remember that this website’s activities should be practiced with 100% consent. Humiliation as a form of dirty talk and other sexual activities interests some women, but not all. Therefore, proceed with caution.

You should pin her against a wall with lipstick in her hand. Take the lipstick and write HOE on her face: H on one cheek, O around her lips, and E on the other. 

Use your penis to smear the lipstick across her face while maintaining eye contact before inserting your penis in your mouth to face fuck her. 

Couples who are uncomfortable with the word or do not enjoy humiliation can do this instead. Take the lipstick from her hands. Apply it to her lips before face fucking, and enjoy the lipstick stains left behind on your penis when you finish.

Face Fucking Aftercare

Face fucking is a very intimate and intense experience. Allowing one’s partner to take full or partial control of their body can be slightly stressful or intensely orgasmic for others.

Either way, after face fucking your partner, ensure she’s okay. Double-check that she does not feel unwell, that the experience was pleasurable for you and her, and that no boundaries were crossed. 

Hand her a bottle of water to hydrate and a towel to help her clean the saliva, smeared makeup, or cum off her face.  

You can follow these tips to learn how to face fuck better, leaving your partner better and wetter than you found her.  For more sex education, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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