How to Do Deeper Anal Safely and Pain-Free [2023]

How to Do Deeper Anal Safely and Pain-Free [2023]

Anal depth training is a niche topic popular among BDSM communities and experienced anal lovers. While training, you push your body to the limit, so this activity is not for the faint of heart.

However, who said that we didn’t love a challenge?

If you’re interested in getting started in anal-depth training and want to know how, we will teach you everything you need to know.

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What is Anal Depth Training?

Anal depth training is inserting extreme-length dildos and sex toys into the rectum as far as possible. A non-porous, body-safe silicone toy is inserted deep into the anal cavity, well past the body’s natural internal curves of the intestines.

People who practice anal depth training get off on the deep pressure and challenge. The goal is not to stretch your anus, so the width of the sex toy is irrelevant. Instead, the goal is to insert the toy as far as possible into the anal cavity.

Anal depth training is not the same as anal training, a topic discussed below. Instead, anal depth training is for well-seasoned anal lovers and niche and BDSM community members. If none of those words describe you, you will be better off reading up on anal training first and saving anal depth training for a later date.

How is Anal Depth Training Different from Anal Training?

Anal training and anal depth training have some overlap.

For one, they both are a form of anal stretching and anal penetration. People who do anal training and those who try anal depth training need the perfect toy to start, relax their anal muscles, and receive sexual pleasure.

Now, here’s how the two are different. Anal depth training takes you to the maximum penetration depth possible.

People who do anal depth training use special longer sex toys like colon snakes, anal probes, or anal snakes and insert them to their maximum insertable length. These specially designed toys travel deep into the intestines, past the Sigmoid colon.

It’s a bit of a niche fetish!

Just because you enjoy anal sex or anal training with standard butt plugs, beads, and vibrators does not mean you will enjoy deep anal training.

Ultimately, decide for yourself if you would be interested in this niche topic and use this article to start anal-depth training with all the necessary precautions.

How Deep Can I Go With Anal Depth Training?

People who practice this form of anal play get off on the insertion length, so how far precisely can you insert your anal sex toys?

Let’s start by explaining what happens during anal-depth training. You insert the toy into the anal canal, starting with the rectum. The rectum is a relevantly small area in the large intestine that is straight and generally where most anal training stops.

Entering the rectum is enough for anal orgasms. Most people will receive sexual pleasure from stimulating the nerve endings of the anus and prostate gland (in men only) or D Spot (in women only when entering the rectum.

Beyond the rectum is the Sigmoid colon. The Sigmoid colon is bent and curves upward into the Descending colon, which connects to the Transverse colon. Beyond that are the Ascending colon and Cecum.

Most deep anal toys are designed to enter the Sigmoid colon, just beyond the bend. Although there are still plenty of intestines, the Sigmoid colon is enough of a challenge to satisfy most deep anal training enthusiasts.

Is Deeper Anal Safe?

Yes, if you exercise caution.

Firstly, understand that the large intestine is an exit, not an entrance. Although anal sex is extremely pleasurable, the body was not designed to let things into the intestines the way the vagina does. Therefore, anal penetration already comes with a unique set of challenges and preparation required to reduce the chances of pain and injury and maximize pleasure.

When you start anal depth training, you must take additional precautions because deep inside the intestines, you become less pain sensitive, making it difficult to know when you’ve gone too far and are pushing your body past its limits.

Start anal-depth training with the knowledge that you may accidentally injure yourself if you do not select suitable toys or take adequate precautions before beginning.

Therefore, let’s run through a list of items you must check off before starting.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions without self-doubt, continue reading and learn how to anal-depth train.

If you answered no, there’s no shame in sticking to anal training and anal sex! Both can already lead to multiple orgasms. Do you really need more than that?

Why You Might Like Deeper Anal

If you enjoy anal fisting and want a new challenge, deep anal training might be for you.

Inserting toys into the Sigmoid colon creates a feeling of persistent pressure. Unlike the anus and rectum, it’s less touch-sensitive and more pressure sensitive. If you enjoy that sensation, you might enjoy anal depth training.

If you’ve grown tired of anal play or using a huge dildo fascinates you, you might be interested in trying anal depth training.

Lastly, if you enjoy anal but want a challenge, anal depth training is the next step. However, ensure you have a solid grasp on anal training and are comfortable with toys inside your rectum.

How to Go Deeper Without Pain

Anal depth play has many challenges, particularly getting over the Sigmoid bend. However, that does not mean you can’t experience pleasure from depth training or that it has to hurt, so we will teach you how to enjoy it without pain.

For more on making anal an enjoyable experience, watch this video.


Some people choose to anal depth train with a partner. Depending on your physical capabilities, having someone else insert the anal sex toy deep into your large intestine might be easier. Or you might enjoy anal play with a partner and want to enjoy depth training with them too.

If you use someone else, ensure you communicate well with this person. Anal depth training comes with many risks, and if you cannot communicate with the person inserting the toy into the rectum and colon, it won’t feel pleasurable — to say the least!

Ensure that your partner is familiar with general anal play: ample lube, slow and steady, patience, etc.

If they are inexperienced, they might not understand when or how much lube to apply or go too fast when inserting the toy.

If you are going at it alone, listen to your body. If you begin sensing pain, slow down and stop.

Prepare Your Mind

Anal play and especially anal depth training take patience and mental clarity. You must force your mind and body to relax at several points in your anal-depth training session. If you cannot relax, feel anxious, or are prone to panicking, anal depth training might not be for you quite yet.

You must breathe deeply and relax to insert the toy past the sphincter muscles and the Sigmoid bend.

You must also calm your mind if you feel pain and relax enough to remove the toy without clamping up or panicking.

Once you’re mentally ready, make your body ready as well.

Make Hygiene a Priority

The large intestine is an exit, not an entrance. It is not accustomed to foreign objects. Before training, wash your toys with mild soap and warm water. After each use, wash again and store correctly.

As you insert the toy further into the intestine, you run the risk of running into fecal matter that may be making its way down your intestine. Avoid porous materials like the plague! Using porous materials is like asking bacteria and other nasty bits, such as fecal matter, to make your sex toy their new home. Porous toys can never be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after and before use.

Grab a Towel

You might need it! The large intestine is an exit for fecal matter at the end of the day. You can not 100% be sure that an accident might not happen during depth training, so save yourself from the headache later and put a towel down while you do depth training, just in case a slip-up happens.

Use the Best Sex Toys

Because you will enter the depths of the large intestine, you need suitable toys. Again, your toys should not be porous unless you want to increase your chances of starting a new colony of bacteria.

A standard butt plug won’t do either. The best toys for depth training are long. Beginner depth training toys are approximately 12 inches (30.48 cm) long. Still, you can find toys that exceed 20 inches (50.8 cm) and come in various diameters and shapes from standard dildos, animal and creature-inspired shapes and colors, and regular long black, hose-like sex toys.

Browse Esty or Squarepeg for unique depth-training toys. We are not affiliated with either of these sites, nor the toys recommended below.

You can find the perfect sex toy for your needs by Googling anal probe, depth training dildo, and colon snake.

You will find plenty of online sex shops offering specialty and long dildos, perfect for training. Here are two of our favorite sex toys for beginner depth play.

Hosed Realistic Anal Dildo

The hosed realistic anal dildo is a 19-inch long dildo, perfect for depth training. Additionally, it comes with a suction cup base that can be attached to the floor or smooth surface. With the base, you can more easily insert the dildo and guide it deeper inside.

Fisting Hand

fisting hand is another great choice for anal-depth play. It’s nearly 12 inches long and thicker than the hosed anal dildo mentioned above. This toy is perfect for anal beginners who want more girth in their depth training.

Your toy should be easy to remove and unable to get fully sucked up into the intestines. A flared base or handle makes the toy safer, as you can grab onto it and prevent it from moving further into the intestine.

When you purchase your first depth training toy, select one that is non-porous, super soft, long, slim, and has a flared base or handle.

Find the Best Position

The best position for depth training allows you to be comfortable and fully control insertion depth. If using a partner, select your position based on comfort and their ability to reach your ass and control the insertion depth.

Here are four comfortable positions for depth training.

Use Lube​

Like standard anal play, you need a lot of lube. We recommend J Lube. It’s a water-based powder that you mix with water.

Due to the depth of inserting your toy, you will need more lube than you can imagine. If the toy becomes dry during insertion, you will cause yourself pain and discomfort.

Three basic lubes are on the market: water-based lube, silicone-based, and oil-based lubricants. Purchase a lubricant that is appropriate for your toy. For example, a silicone-based lubricant is inappropriate for silicone toys; water-based would be the better option.

Each lube has its pros and cons. Water-based tends to dry up easier than silicone or oil, so you may use more of it. However, water-based is one of the best options because it can be used for any sexual activity.

Oil-based is long-lasting but sticky and stains everything. Also, you may want to avoid it if you use the exact bottle of lube for anal sex before or after depth training. Oil-based lube is not condom safe and has been shown to degrade them.

Silicone lasts longer than water-based lube but is incompatible with silicone toys.

Water-based is an excellent all-around option for depth training!

Once you have selected the lube, apply it generously! We mean generously. Use anal shooters or a standard syringe to get the lube deep inside you, and apply lube to your anus and butt cheeks.

Without enough lube, the toy might get stuck on the way out as it slides along dry flesh, or you could cause damage to the walls of your intestines during insertion.

Apply the lube to both your body and the toy. If reapplication is required, it would be best to have lube left over and nearby.


Depth training takes patience and time. You should give up and try something else for the evening without either.

Take time and allow your body to relax before going deeper into the anal canal. You must overcome two sphincters, the Puborectal Sling, and the Sigmoid bend. This will take time and patience as the body might naturally want to clinch up, especially if it’s your first depth training.

Go Slow​

Insert the toy slowly, allowing yourself more time to sense something wrong, or apply more lube as needed.

Breathe In, Breathe Out​

Breathing exercises are essential to getting the toy up and into the colon.

Breathing relaxes the body, so take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat the process several times until you are fully relaxed and feel like you can move the toy deeper into the rectum or colon. Pause if you meet too much resistance. Take a few more deep breaths and try again.

Get Past the External Sphincter Muscle​

You must first pass the external sphincter muscle. This ring-like muscle allows the anus to open during anal sex or anal play. The external sphincter is under conscious control and can naturally relax with practice.

If you have graduated from anal play to anal depth play, you should know relaxation techniques to control the external sphincter.

Get Past the Internal Sphincter Muscle​

After the external sphincter, you must pass the internal sphincter muscle. This is one that you should also have a good understanding of, as this sphincter is inside the rectum. Standard anal toys pass the internal sphincter during anal play and anal sex.

Puborectal Sling​

After passing the two sphincters, you must pass the Pubo- Rectal Sling. This is a powerful muscle that wraps around the rectum.

Without proper relaxation techniques and breathing, the sling will make passing the rectum into the colon impossible.

You can learn to relax the Pub0-Rectal Sling with repeated stimulation and practice breathing relaxation techniques.

Get Over the Sigmoid Bend​

Now, it’s the challenging part. The Sigmoid colon connects to the rectum and has an upward curve.

Getting the toy to curve and follow the natural path of the colon is difficult for most people and requires a significant amount of practice, patience, and relaxation.

It will probably take a lot of time and multiple depth training sessions to get past the bend and begin probing around and thrusting.

Be Persistent and Patient​

Depth training is a challenge. It takes most people multiple attempts to get beyond the Sigmoid bend, so do not be discouraged if you do not get it on the first few attempts.

Keep at it until you eventually make it over the bend and experience greater satisfaction from your training.


Some people choose to train with a partner. As depth training is prevalent in BDSM communities and dominance and submission play, you might have had a partner assist you in your first depth training session.

If that is the case, remember to give feedback to your partner and let them know how they did and what you would like them to do differently the next time you play together.


Anal-depth play comes with unique challenges, but if you follow these simple techniques, you can enjoy all the sensations and pleasures that anal play offers.

If you’re interested in learning more sex techniques, read the other articles on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on all the videos we create.

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