How to Eat a Woman Out From Behind: Tips and Tricks

How to Eat a Woman Out From Behind: Tips and Tricks

The spectacular view is one of the primary reasons eating her out from behind can be so enjoyable. In this position, she is bent over with her ass and vagina lifted upwards, spreading her cheeks for you to see and enjoy all that is on offer.

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You’re winning if you’re an ass man or tits kind of man, as those will also be visible, swinging underneath her suspended rear. Put a mirror in front and let her watch the action too!

The view isn’t the only selling point for eating her out from behind. Eating her out from behind in doggy style will position you as dominant and her as submissive. This, paired with the intense clitoral stimulation she will receive, might be what it takes to give her an orgasm. If you’re considering trying anal with your wife or girlfriend, you need to continue reading.

Why Should I Eat Her Out?

For a considerable number of women, oral is exceptionally pleasurable. Many women find it challenging to have an orgasm from penetrative sex because they’ve never had the right spots stimulated — yes, there’s more than one. Or maybe she just enjoys the sensation of having her boyfriend’s head buried between her inner thighs and slowly teasing her until she becomes super sensitive and climaxes.

She might also enjoy fingering, but for some, oral sex is miles better – it’s a bit like comparing a handjob to a blowjob – the winner is clear.

But whatever you do, stop with the ABCs. That’s not the only way or the best way to pleasure a woman orally, and that must’ve come from sex comedy films from the 90s or something, but it’s absolute BS.

If you want to learn the best way to eat pussy, consider checking out our course at Sexual Quantum Leap, where we offer tutorials and retreats to help you become the best she’s ever had in bed.

Why should I eat her out from behind?

It’s a different sensation and allows you easier access to her anus. Many ladies enjoy a little anal play, so if she is in a doggy position receiving oral, you can quickly move into anal sex or just lick her ass while you go to town on her pussy.

Because her clit is further away from your face, you can spend more time focusing on the entire vulva. Don’t ignore the clit, but often too much focus goes to it during oral sex!

The clit is extremely sensitive and has at least ten times the amount of nerve endings as the head of your penis, which means a lot of women will orgasm from stimulation, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the entire vulva.

She has two beautiful lips (the labia majora and labia minora) that need attention, an incredible, sensitive vaginal opening that you can lick with your tongue or rub with your fingers.

Simply put, eating her out from behind is better if you want to lick her ass or just want to spend more time teasing the vulva and vaginal opening.

It stimulates her C-Spot

The External C-Spot, also known as the clitoris, is one of the most sensitive areas of the female figure, but you can’t spend all of your time on the clit. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it either —it’s dessert after a full course meal, so despite temptations, make her wait! Tease the entire area with your tongue and fingers, saving the clit for last when she begs you to touch it!

Again, the clit is not the only cool kid on the block. Don’t forget about the entire vulva. If you want to help her orgasm, consider stimulating her other spots (A-Spot, D-Spot, G-Spot, Internal C-Spot). If you’re thinking, “what the hell are those?” don’t worry, I’m about to explain, but you should check out our Youtube videos and consider enrolling in the Best She’s Ever Had course if you want to get comprehensive sex education.

It gets her WET!

Numerous ladies need help getting wet from time to time, whether due to menopause, birth control, health problems, or arousal problems. If your partner struggles to get wet, know it isn’t always your fault.

Eating her out is a great way to get her wet, as it stimulates her sexually, coaxing those juices out of their hiding place and lubricating her with your mouth.

It's Hot AF

You probably think getting a blowjob is unbelievably hot, and your girlfriend might think being eaten out is one of the sexiest things you can do in the bedroom. This is not only down to the simple fact that it feels good but also shows a level of care and attention that turns many ladies on and makes them feel special and sexy.

Women are often denied sexual pleasure, so when they meet a man who is willing to eat them out and do it well, for that matter, it turns them on beyond belief.

Every Woman Is Different. She Might Not Like It!

As we like to say at SQL, everyone woman is different, and every pussy is different. Your woman may adore being eaten out from whatever position possible — sitting on your face, lying on her back, or from doggy position.

Some do not enjoy being eaten out or are too timid or ashamed to allow themselves the pleasure. She might feel bad that her pussy doesn’t look a certain way or been told she smells. Maybe she has never been told something is wrong with her but has seen scenes in movies that lead her to believe something is wrong with her body. If she’s self conscious, she might not want you to eat her out from any position.

You can help her relax and enjoy herself by constantly and continuously telling her how much you love going down on her. Better yet, don’t just tell her — show her! Put some effort into enjoying her pussy. Don’t just lick the clit for 10 seconds and move on to something else. Spend extensive periods just adoring the fuck out of her pussy.

Many guys love eating pussy, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of them, or you care enough about your partner to meet her needs by doing some homework and figuring out how to best satisfy her. We’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’re the other type of guy, the one who hates eating pussy, because maybe an ex-girlfriend didn’t smell the best or tasted odd, but your current partner is asking you to go down on her, the experience doesn’t have to be one-sided and only pleasurable for her. There are numerous ways to make her taste and smell better before oral that we will discuss in this article.

What If She Doesn't Smell or Taste Great?

Shit happens! She might have an infection like bacterial vaginosis that requires antibiotics from the pharmacy, candida overgrowth, a condition caused by yeast treated by over-the-counter antifungal medication, or an STD that 100% needs a nurse or doctor’s attention.

Don’t automatically jump to thinking your lady has a medical issue. Maybe she’s sweaty and didn’t have time for a shower before hopping into bed with you, or perhaps she’s just finished her period one day before you went down on her, so she has a lingering metallic taste from her menstruation. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to suffer through the experience.

If you HATE eating pussy, she will KNOW! There’s no way to fake it. She’ll sense that you’re only doing it out of obligation and either try to speed things up and fake an orgasm or outright tell you to stop and move on to penetration. Either way, she’s not going to get much out of the experience, and you definitely will not either, so what was the point?

Sex is about play, fun, and exploration much more than it is about orgasming— yes, you heard that right! You can make the experience pleasurable for yourself and ensure she feels amazing by using flavored water-based lube or syrups (making sure they are vagina-friendly first, of course) to make her taste like a lollipop smell like a confectionary shop.

You can also try moving things to the shower before the bedroom. Have a hot, steamy shower together. If you’re worried she might be offended that you want her to shower before oral, don’t make that the point of showering together. Just tell her that you want to try something different tonight, grab her hand and lead her to the bathroom, undress each other, and take your time getting soapy in the shower. Take her out by her hand and bring her to the bedroom where you massage her before bringing her ass up into the air and licking her from behind.

There’s also PH-balance vaginal-friendly soap that you can purchase, or maybe your girlfriend already owns, that is made to help keep the environment fresh and balanced if you know what we mean.

Just make it about a sexy, fun time in the shower. You’ll achieve two goals: she’ll be baby fresh, and you got the opportunity to have hot shower time with her.

How Do I Eat Her Out From Behind

There are plenty of ways to eat her out from behind, but I tend to find that it’s easiest if she is in doggy position and you are behind her. Angle your head, so it’s slightly underneath her vagina, and then stretch your tongue as far forward as you can for clitoral stimulation, but don’t ignore the entire vulva.

Repositioning a little if you struggle to reach her clit might be a good idea. Ask her to lower her chest and stomach to the bed, massage table, or wherever you are so that she is ass-up, tits-down. This will send her rear end soaring towards the sky, making it easier for you to access her.

If you’re both a little tired, there’s no harm in both lying down on your fronts and getting the job done that way. Simply spread her legs and find a way to elevate her ass either with her sticking it up manually or by positioning a pillow underneath her pelvis and then lie in between her legs, with your lips locked on her sweet spot.

Why limit things to the pussy? A lot of women love rimjobs as much as having their pussy licked. Lick inside and around the anus at various speeds and directions and watch how her body reacts. While licking her ass, insert two fingers on each side of her clitoral hood to stimulate the clit while enjoying her ass. Slowly insert a well-lubed-up index finger or two fingers in if she’s interested.

What If She Doesn't Orgasm?

It can be hard enough to make her orgasm with your fingers, so doing it with your tongue can feel like a bit of a mission.

An orgasm is not the goal of sex, and yes, you heard us right! She can still fully be present and love the experience without orgasming, so don’t pressure her into it if it’s not happening, and don’t feel like a failure. However, you can increase the likelihood of orgasm by following these tips.

I Hated It. What Do I Do Now?

Be present with your partner. Whatever needs she has, such as having her ass eaten out, listen to her, but don’t neglect yourself. Make sure your needs and concerns are heard as well.

Whatever you do, remember that sex is fun, and it’s not a game where there are winners and losers. If she doesn’t cum, but still had a blast and loved the experience, then don’t be upset that you “lost” by not giving her an orgasm. The goal is play, exploration, and fun; if it doesn’t work out that evening in the bedroom, try again or try something else.

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