How to Do the Wild Triceratops Sex Position (With Photos!)

How to Do the Wild Triceratops Sex Position (With Photos!)

This wild sex position is a relatively new take on a classic. It blends elements of standing doggy style with a sexy twist that can satisfy both partners with deeper penetration.

This article will show you how to have wild sex with this thrilling and hot position!

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What Is the Triceratops Position?

Triceratops sex position is a great way to explore dominance and submission in the bedroom and give both partners an intense orgasm.

It’s perfect for those looking to spice up their sex life without doing anything too complicated or challenging. So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to try in the bedroom, give the triceratops sex position a go!

There are two variations, standing and kneeling.

In the standing variation, the male partner stands behind his partner and wraps his hands around her wrists. He then pulls her arms back and thrusts into her from behind. The female partner can also arch her back to increase the sensation.

In the kneeling variation, the male partner stands behind his partner and holds her arms while he thrusts. The female partner kneels on a flat surface, such as a bed. 



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How to Do the Triceratops the Right Way

As with any great sex position, start with foreplay and preparation.

Get your partner wet and ready for this position by exploring her body with your tongue, fingers, and lips. 

For better foreplay ideas, click here

As mentioned, there are two variations of the Triceratops. Choose whether you want your partner to kneel or stand with you.

For the classic Triceratops, the male partner stands behind his partner. Use the wall for support if needed. The female partner stands in front, bends her knees, and arches her back. The male partner must reach down, pull her arms by the wrist, and hold on to them during sex, keeping her slightly bent and submissive. 

For an even more submissive vibe, loosen your grip on one wrist and command your partner with her free hand to stimulate herself with fingers or sex toys.

For the kneeling Triceratops, the male partner stands behind the female partner and holds her arms by the wrist. The female partner then kneels on a flat surface that is at an appropriate height. Once in position, the male partner can start thrusting while holding her arms.

Safety Tips for Triceratops Sex Position

Both partners should be comfortable with the position and understand what each other wants. The male partner should also ensure that he’s not putting too much pressure on his partner’s wrist or back, or thrusting too hard. 

When it comes to thrusting, start slow and gradually increase the pace, allowing you to build anticipation and make the experience more pleasurable for your partner.

And use lube if needed to reduce friction and increase pleasure. 

Why We Love Doing It

It’s dominance and submission play, where the giving partner holds his partner in place by gripping her wrist. For the submissive partner, there’s something incredibly sexy about being held while their partner takes control of the upper body.

It also gives the receiving partner a chance to be in control, as she can arch her back and move her hips to increase pleasure or change the depth of penetration.

Additionally, this position is highly intimate and provides wild opportunities for deep vaginal or anal sex, clitoral stimulation, and G Spot stimulation.

Five Other Similar and Sexy Sex Positions

Not every partner enjoys having limited control of their arms during sex. Although this makes the Triceratops one of the most exciting beginner-friendly positions, you can explore other positions that offer similar sensations while allowing the female partner to maintain greater control of her body.  

The CEO Position

The CEO sex position is very similar to the Triceratops, except the female partner keeps her hands in front of her and places them on her legs.

The CEO sex position resembles a secretary pleasuring her boss while he’s in the office, so her hands remain free to grip the desk for balance.  Because her hands are free, the female partner can easily pleasure herself. 

To get into position, the male partner stands behind his lady, pulls her in close, and penetrations her. She should bend her knees slightly and place her hands on her knees or thighs, or for more pleasure, play with her clit. 

We love this position for easy quickies!

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a standing sex position where the female partner keeps her legs straight and reaches down to touch the floor with her palms.

To do this position, the male partner should stand upright behind his partner. She should avoid bending her knees and reach straight down to the floor in a pose similar to the Downward Facing Dog in yoga.  

Leapfrog Sex Position

The Leapfrog sex position is a good alternative to Triceratops and a bit more challenging. It is a standing position where the man stands upright, and his partner presses her hands against the floor, making a shape resembling a fog.

To do this position, the male partner should stand upright while his partner bends her knees and comes close to the floor. She should then press her palm against the hard surface. This position is a bit of a challenge, and may take a bit of trial and error to get it right. Also, most women find this position hard on the knees and can only maintain it for brief periods before transitioning into something else.

The Morning Side Position

You’ll need a table or desk for this sex position. The male partner stands while the female lies her stomach flat on the desk, wrapping her legs around her partner’s waist.

To do this position, the female partner should lie on her stomach with her legs hanging off the edge of the table or desk. The male partner should enter from behind, and she should wrap her legs around him as he thrusts inside. 

The Bicycle Sex Position

The Bicycle resembles the Eiffel Tower more than the Triceratops, in that the female partner should expect to bend her body in a slightly more challenging way.

To get into this position, the female partner should do a yoga pose that resembles Downward Facing Dog, but bring the legs much further back. The penetrating partner stands over her so her legs are behind him. He should reach down, grab her wrist, and bring her body close to his. 

Final Note

The name Triceratops doesn’t immediately provoke sexy thoughts, but it is a great position, offering intense sensations and aspects of control and submission. Ultimately, exploring different sex positions is about experimentation and playfulness in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to give this one a try, or switch to one of our other 160 sex positions, explained in detail, with step-by-step instructions on executing each one properly. Click here to learn more!

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