A Guide to the Eagle Sex Position + 5 Other Hot Sex Positions to Try 

A Guide to the Eagle Sex Position + 5 Other Hot Sex Positions to Try 

Sex is essential in many relationships, but it can sometimes become stale. That’s why it’s important to shake things up in the bedroom by trying out some exciting sex positions, such as the Eagle.

This article will take you through everything you need to know about the Eagle sex position and then talk about five other hotly recommended positions that can add something extra to the bedroom. So if you are eager to try something new and thrilling with your lady, keep reading!

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What Is the Eagle Sex Position?

It’s one of our faves and a great way to add excitement to your sex life. The Eagle is a variation on the good ol’ missionary with some added oomph to make it even better.

You start by having your partner lie on her back, then come between her legs while she keeps them wide open —hence the name “Eagle.”

You might have heard of its many variations, such as the Spread Eagle, Sofa Spread Eagle, Soaring Eagle, or even the Exposed Eagle.

Why We Recommend the Eagle Sex Position

It’s no secret that the Eagle is one of the best beginner-friendly positions and an all-time favourite sex position for many. It’s great to get your heart racing and blood pumping in the right areas!

So why should you give the Eagle sex position a try? Here are multiple great reasons:

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the Spread Eagle or Broken Eagle version of this position. We teach you how to do them below!

Of course, there’s no single position that works for all couples.

The Eagle sex position may be difficult for some women who can’t maintain their legs in an extended position. It could prove challenging when one or both partners are heavier, particularly around the abdomen.

It might also not be the best fit for couples who prefer it from behind, the side, or standing.

How to Do the Eagle Sex Position?

The Eagle sex position is super easy to pull off. The female partner should lay on her back, as in the missionary position. The male partner gets on top; while doing so, she should angle her pelvis slightly upward and keep both legs wide open. Once both partners are locked in the position, start thrusting. 

Here’s how to make the position better.

How to Introduce Sex Toys to This Position

Tired of just the basics? Introducing sex toys into this hot and heavy situation can add a new level of pleasure for you and your partner. You can try using vibrators, wands, anal plugs, and more.

For your pleasure, a vibrating cock ring is a good choice. It traps blood in the penis, assisting with longer and harder erections. Plus, a lot of guys enjoy the sensation as well. 

If you want to take it up a notch, try adding nipple clamps or even bondage gear like handcuffs, bed restraints, and blindfolds for some kinky fun.

No matter what type of sex toy you choose, make sure everything feels good, and you haven’t gone overboard with too many fancy tricks and devices. 

Five Similarly Hot Positions

If you’re a fan of the Eagle sex position, then you might find these five new positions worth trying.

The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle is the most well known eagle position, where the female partner’s legs are as wide open as possible while lying on her back and then reaching down to stimulate herself.

This position gives easy access to all the pleasure zones and allows for deeper penetration than usual. Don’t be shocked if this one makes you scream with delight!

For something a bit kinkier, use a spreader bar to lock her legs in place while doing the Spread Eagle. 

If you like the exposure of the Spread Eagle, try the Exposed Eagle. It’s essentially the Captain position, where the female partner lies completely flat on her back while her partner kneels between her legs, grabbing each ankle and thrusting into her. It’s pretty simple to get into, and most couples will enjoy trying this one.

The Broken Eagle

The Broken Eagle is like the Eagle, but with a twist! In this version, your partner lies down on their back with their legs spread wide open.

You get up on your knees and lift one of their legs over your shoulder while they keep the other leg extended on the bed. This angle of penetration is perfect for hitting those special spots inside.

The C.A.T.

The C.A.T. position, known as Cat or the Coital Alignment Technique, is much more than a sex position; it’s a technique designed to increase bonding and clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

The man is on top, but instead of thrusting in and out, he rocks his hips back and forth for maximum pleasure. Click here to learn more about the C.A.T. 

The Seashell

Seashell is like Missionary and the Eagle, but rather than spreading her legs wide, she places them between herself and her partner while he thrusts. It’s another way to change the angle and depth of penetration without doing anything too adventurous.  

The Oyster

Oyster can start like the Eagle. When engaging in intercourse, the male partner should take hold of both ankles of the female partner and place them up by her head, keeping control throughout the activity. The body’s positioning changes the angle of penetration, which may be more pleasurable for some women.  

The Soaring Eagle is similar to the Oyster, but rather than the male partner holding her legs in place, she will.


The Eagle is perfect for those who want something different from traditional Missionary, but still want to stick to classic positions. This position provides all the same benefits as the classics but with a few extra perks. Plus, it’s fairly easy to do, hot, and you won’t regret it. 

Need something new to watch and learn? Check out our YouTube channel for awesome sex ed videos on all topics. Then click here to find more related articles!

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