The Speed Bump Sex Position + 6 Hot Alternatives to Try!

The Speed Bump Sex Position + 6 Hot Alternatives to Try!

Are you seeking new ways to enhance your sex life? Everyone enjoys variety in the bedroom, and while Missionary can be great, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up occasionally. We have a perfect position if you’re looking for a way to get creative. Speed Bump is the newest addition to the ever-growing list of sexual positions that offer both partners pleasure.

Fun, easy, and creative – this position will surely add some excitement!

Look no further if you want more ideas on amping up your lovemaking session and aren’t sold on the Speed Bump yet. We have six hot alternatives to the Speed Bump, guaranteed to bring more passion into your bedroom.

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What Is the Speed Bump Position?

It’s a rear entry position all about thrusting and grinding, with excellent views from behind! The Speed Bump position puts the male partner on top, with the female partner lying beneath him. The male then thrusts his hips forward and back, creating a rhythmic motion that will surely get both partners in the mood! 

Unlike Doggy Style, both partners lie flat against each other, making it a far more intimate experience from the close body contact. 

How to Do It for Maximum Pleasure

As always, start with a little foreplay.

The sex position is straightforward, and the female only needs to lie on her stomach with her entire body flat against the bed while her partner gets on top. The male should then thrust his hips forward and back, creating a rhythmic motion to pleasure both partners.

Tips to Master the Speed Bump

If you want to get the most out of your Speed Bump experience, here are a few tips to master it:

Benefits of the Speed Bump Sex Position

The Speed Bump sex position is great for couples who want to try something new in the bedroom. Plus, because it doesn’t require fancy positions or acrobatics, it’s perfect for those nights when you want to keep things simple but spice things up.

The Speed Bump is also great for G-spot stimulation, making it a popular choice among women who enjoy this type of pleasure.

Finally, the Speed Bump allows both partners to free their hands for added stimulation or caresses.

Alternatives to the Speed Bump

We recommend giving the Speed Bump at least one try next time you’re in the mood for some rearview action, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, here are some hot alternative positions to try, recommended by our sex and relationship expert.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is a classic and needs no explanation. Chances are you’ve already tried and done it. If for some reason, you’ve stuck to Missionary your entire life and never given Doggy a thought, you’re most likely in for a world of pleasure.

Doggy Style is a classic because of its ease, great views of the rear, and excellent G-spot stimulation.

To get into Doggy Style, have the female partner get down on her hands and knees while the male partner enters from behind.

The Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog is another man-on-top sex position, similar to Doggy Style but a bit more relaxed — perfect for those lazy mornings. If you’re a fan of the Speed Bump, try this one by starting off in the same position but having your partner lift her upper body slightly off the bed. Press your face near her head, whisper whatever turns her on, or breathe together while making love.

The Turtle

The Turtle is an interesting take on Doggy Style – another animal-themed position. The female partner gets down on all fours, compresses her upper body so that her chest is near her legs, and hangs on tight to her ankles while her ass bounces up. 

Binding Wheelbarrow

If you don’t like Speed Bump because it’s uncomfortable being flat against your partner, you might like this one even better. It’s a take on Doggy Style, where the female partner starts on all fours. Rather than remaining in that stance, she relaxes her legs to hang loosely on either side of her partner and then bounces or grinds against him. The penetrating partner kneels in this position, so the male partner only needs to be able to sit comfortably on his knees for a period. 

Flat Iron

Flat Iron offers more comfort than the Speed Bump, allowing partners to be farther apart. This might be useful if one partner is significantly bigger than the other (i.e., You’re a big guy, and she’s a petite lady!).

This one resembles Doggy Style, except the female partner will lay flat on her stomach while her legs remain to spread. The penetrating partner enters from behind, with their knees bent and leaning over her body. In this sex position, the male’s chest does not press against the female’s back. 

The Reverse Cowgirl

Try the Reverse Cowgirl if you want to switch from the traditional Cowgirl position. With this variation, the female partner straddles her partner, facing away from him. This intimate position gives both partners a great view of each other’s bodies and allows for some interesting angles of penetration.

The Reverse Cowgirl is great for those who want the pleasure of Cowgirl, but with a twist. Plus, it’s great for those backside views as she rides.

Final Note

It’s one of many great sex positions for couples to explore. It works especially well for those who enjoy rear entry positions, allowing deep penetration, G-spot stimulation, and intense pleasure from close body contact.

There are plenty of alternative positions to try if the Speed Bump isn’t your thing, including Doggy Style, The Lazy Dog, the Turtle, Binding Wheelbarrow, Flat Iron, and the Reverse Cowgirl. So don’t be afraid to explore new ways of getting it on!

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