How to Do Sideways Missionary (With Photos!)

How to Do Sideways Missionary (With Photos!)

This position is similar to traditional missionary but has one noticeable difference—you embrace at an angle. This tweak gives extra pleasure to both partners as various erogenous zones are stimulated differently than in conventional missionary sex. Let’s dig into what makes sideways missionary such a powerful and pleasurable way for couples to connect and be intimate!

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What is Sideways Missionary?

Sideways missionary is a sex position where male and female partners embrace in an intimate eye-to-eye pose. 

The male partner lies on his side, with the female partner on her side, facing him. The male partner then enters the female from an angle, allowing for deep penetration and a unique sensation.

Here are a few pros and cons of the sideways missionary position:



Whether sideways missionary is for you is up to you and your partner, but we recommend trying it at least once. If it doesn’t work out, move on to one of the other sex positions on this list! 

How to Do Sideways Missionary?

To get into the sideways missionary position, the male partner should lie on his side with one leg bent at the knee and the other straight. The female partner should then straddle the bent leg and wrap her legs around the male partner’s waist.

Why We Love Doing It

 As mentioned, there are many benefits to the sideways missionary position

You might add this position to your favorite list too! Eye contact and close body contact make it a great position for intimacy and connection. The angle of penetration also allows for deeper penetration and increased stimulation of the clitoris. If the angle isn’t perfect on the first try, you can always switch the angle to find what works best for both partners.

Not to mention, while facing each other, you can take the opportunity to kiss or whisper every flighty word and phrase under the sun into her ear. 

How to Make The Position Even Better

To truly get the most out of this sex position, use your hands and fingers to tease, caress, and stimulate your partner. Take your hand and squeeze, tickle, and caress from your partner’s waist down to her thigh.

Reach down and use your hands to stimulate her clitoris or nipples, and while you’re at it, lean in close to kiss, nibble, or lick her face, mouth, neck, and shoulder. 

For an even more intense experience, you can add a vibrator or sex toy into the mix. Hold a vibrating wand between your bodies, so both you and her feel the vibrations.

Five Other Sexy Sex Positions

After trying out sideways missionary, give one of these five sultry sex positions a go next. 

Reverse Missionary

Unlike classic missionary, reverse missionary is a man-on-top sex position, where he supports his weight on his arms and penetrates his partner’s body at an angle.

To do this position, the female partner should lie on her back. Add a pillow for comfort under the head and potentially back or hips. The male partner should get on top, face his partner’s feet, and angle his penis down into his partner. It may be a bit of a challenge. 

Scissors Sex Position

Scissors sex position resembles sideways missionary. Rather than the female lifting her legs up and over her partner’s side, the male partner will lift his leg over his partner so that the two bodies look like scissors.

To do his position, the male partner should lie on his side while the female lies on her back. She should then spread her legs, twisting one leg over the other. The male partner will come in between her legs.  


Corkscrew looks like a combination of classic and sideways missionary. To do this position, the female partner should lie on her side but twist her torso so that she faces her man. She should slightly spread her legs so that her partner has space to enter but keep them tightly closed during sex. The male partner should get into position by getting on top of his partner and holding himself steady using his palms and arms as he would in classic missionary


Snakey is best described as an amateur wrestling move where one partner lies flat on the ground or surface while the other stands victorious above them, pinning their body into position. 

To do this position, the female partner should lie on her side and lift one leg up. Her partner then stands between her legs, grabbing the raised one and holding it while he thrusts into his partner. 

The Bow

The Bow and Corkscrew have a few things in common. The male partner stands while the female lies down, but the difference comes down to the positioning of the legs. 

 The female partner should lie on her side, putting one leg on the other while slightly twisting her torso to face her man. The male partner positions himself on top and enters his partner. 

And One Bonus…

Flip your partner around so that she faces away from you. Wrap your arms around her waist and enter from behind in a spooning position. 

To do the position, you and your partner should lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Your partner should be in front of you, with her legs slightly bent and her back against your chest. You can enter from behind and thrust into her in this close, intimate sex position. 


Sideways missionary is an interesting take on the classic missionary sex position. And if you’re feeling up for it, try the Scissors sex position, Corkscrew, Snakey, and Bow. 

And for a bonus, try flipping your partner around and entering from behind in the Spooning sex position. With these positions in your arsenal, you will surely have a night of pleasure and fun.

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