10+ Sex Positions for Fat Guys [2023]

10+ Sex Positions for Fat Guys [2023]

For overweight men, feeling good about themselves in the bedroom can be challenging. Not only can obesity lead to physical problems in the bedroom, but it can also have psychological effects that damage your self-confidence.

However, there are ways for an overweight man to improve his sex life. Here’s a breakdown of a few tips on how you, as an overweight man, can have great sex by taking advantage of certain sex positions and techniques.

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Is Being an Overweight Guy a Turn-Off for Sex?

We know sex can be intimidating for bigger guys, but being overweight doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at having an amazing sex life. 

Let’s tackle any insecurity about your body weight as a turn-off. The truth is that when it comes to sex, almost any body type can be sexy when viewed by the right person.

Not every woman cares more about body type than personality. If that were the case, the “dad bod” wouldn’t be a trend. 

The biggest issues plaguing overweight men are:

Although you might be overweight, you don’t have to suffer from a lack of confidence and low-self esteem in the bedroom. A man of any size can go from shy to confident with a few easy tricks, detailed in the YouTube video below. 

For more on improving your sexual confidence such as, how to deal with being smaller than average below the belt and erectile dysfunction, check out our YouTube channel

Aside from personal shyness and low confidence, the other two things mentioned above can make some positions that other men enjoy much harder, but there are ways to work around that. 

For instance, pairing with an average-sized partner who can do more work for you in a woman-on-top sex position is an option.

 Another is choosing one of the man-on-top positions but bearing your weight on your legs rather than your arms and hands. 

Keep reading to learn more about sex positions better suited for overweight guys! 

Sexual Positions for Overweight Guys

Most big guys store the majority of their weight in their abdomen area, making certain sexual positions more difficult than it is for the average-size or slimmer man.

Men with big guts should avoid sex positions that involve straddling their partner or putting too much weight on them, as this can cause discomfort, depending on how overweight the guy is. This is especially true if your partner is petite.

Don’t sweat it, big guy! There are still plenty of sex positions that work for you.

Man on Top Sex Positions

Missionary position is the classic go-to man-on-top position for heavier guys because it’s comfortable and easy to maneuver into.

If your partner is petite, she can also put a pillow under her to help lift her body up. This way, you won’t be crushing her with your weight. 

Don’t forget to bear more weight on your arms and hands, and allow enough space between your bodies for your partner to breathe and feel comfortable.

Another man-on-top position that’s great for bigger guys is the Captain. It’s a sex position where you bear most of your weight on your thighs and legs while lifting your partner’s body upward and toward you. 

Being overweight doesn’t mean sex has to be boring. If you’re feeling bold and want to be on top during sex, try the London Bridge. 

It’s a sex position in which your partner bends her body, lifting her pelvis slightly off the bed. She should hold the position with the support of your arms. You kneel in front of her and enter. In this position, you can put as much weight on your partner as she’s comfortable with or move slightly backward with your back straight to avoid pressing your abdomen against hers. 

Women On Top Positions

These are great sex positions for overweight guys, as it puts the woman in control and makes it easier to adjust angles and depth of penetration without putting too much strain on her or your body.

Plus, it works well for guys who get out of breath quickly while thrusting and grinding. As your partner will be doing most of the work, you can relax and enjoy the view. 

The go-to is the traditional Cowgirl position and Reverse Cowgirl, in which the female partner straddles her partner. This takes some pressure off you to avoid crushing her and allows your partner to grind against your body, giving her plenty of control and freedom to move her body how she needs to orgasm.  

Another one to try is the Crab. In this position, the male partner lies flat on his back while his partner plants her feet flat on the bed and, using her arms and hands, moves her body up and down against her partner. The form of the female body should resemble a crab – hence the name “Crab.”

Standing or Kneeling Positions

The butterfly position is one of the most popular sex positions for overweight guys because it allows deep penetration and clitoral stimulation. 

To do this, you’ll need to place a couple of pillows on the bed. The female partner should lie on her back with her legs spread apart. The male partner will kneel in front, grab his partner’s lower body and lift it upward. She should keep her legs locked around his neck as he thrusts inside.

Doggy style position is a great way for overweight men to have sex without putting too much strain on their bodies. It also gives you a great view of your partner’s backside, which can be quite stimulating!

To make doggy style even better, try using a couple of pillows under your knees or legs to provide extra support and make it easier to thrust into your partner. 

An adventurous standing sex position for overweight guys to try is the Golden Arch. To do the position, you’ll need a sofa. Your partner should hang her lower half off the edge of the sofa’s arm while you stand and enter from behind. Positions like this completely take your weight off your partner’s body, and like Doggy, there’s a great view of the backside with the ability to pull her hair or scratch her back for extra stimulation. 

Seated Positions

Depending on the size of your gut, a seated position may result in the accidental covering of the family jewels. For guys who can have seated sex, it’s another great option because your partner can control the movement and avoid having too much of your weight pressed against her. 

If you have a bigger gut, don’t lean forward. Try leaning back more to expose more of your body and give your partner more freedom to move.

A favorite seated position is the Lap Dance. In this position, the male partner sits on the edge of the bed or sofa while his partner sits in his lap and pleasures herself with his body by either bouncing, grinding, or combining moves.

The Sofa Straddle is another option for bigger guys with a petite or average-sized partner. The male partner has to sit and support his partner’s movements with his hands and arms. She will sit completely in her partner’s lap, facing him, and use her leg muscles to grind or bounce.

How to Adapt Classic Sex Positions to Fit a Larger Body

With a few simple modifications, you can enjoy sex just like anyone else.

Overweight guys sometimes have a hard time finding comfortable positions for their body type. Many traditional sex positions can be difficult or even impossible when one partner is significantly heavier than the other.

To make things easier, consider investing in some sex furniture like sex pillows or a supportive wedge system. These items provide extra comfort and support while allowing you to enjoy different angles of penetration.

Not only will this help make sex more comfortable for both partners, but it also allows you to explore different positions and experience new sensations.

Techniques All Overweight Guys Should Know

If you cannot do all the bedroom activities your partner might have in mind, don’t worry. Here are some sex tips you can use to keep the spark alive!


Having a healthy sex life as an overweight guy doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right sex positions for fat people, you can enjoy the same pleasure and satisfaction as slimmer people. 

Missionary, Doggy Style, Cowgirl, and other classic positions can all be used to suit a larger body size.

Sex pillows and supportive wedges can also provide extra comfort and support while allowing for deeper penetration, G-spot stimulation, and more control over the angle of penetration. With creativity and experimentation, you can find what works best for you and your partner!

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