The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Missionary Sex Position

The Ultimate Guide to Reverse Missionary Sex Position

The reverse missionary sex position is complicated, to say the least. It’s more pain than pleasure if you do it incorrectly, and it’s challenging to create and tough to maintain for the duration of sex.

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Who said we didn’t have an audience of readers that enjoy a challenge? The reverse missionary position can be introduced into any bedroom if the couple is adventurous enough.

What is the Reverse Missionary Position?

Missionary isn’t outdated. In fact, you can spice up just about any tried and true sex position, as detailed here.

Suppose you’re looking to go one step up from missionary. In that case, we’d recommend starting with a few of the suggested positions below and then attempting reverse missionary once you master and have had enough fun with those.

How to do Reverse Missionary

The position is similar to classic missionary. Both partners are flat, while the female partner relaxes and enjoys while the male does copious amounts of arm or core strength training exercises.

The male partner faces the female partner’s feet, as shown in the photo. This position will need a fair amount of communication, flexibility, and strength to avoid overstraining yourself.

Start slow. Carefully insert yourself inside her vagina without your partner moving with you. It’s better if she is motionless while you adjust yourself. Ask her to reach down and guide your penis if needed.

Once inside, begin thrusting into your partner. She might need to angle her pelvis upward and thrust with you to enhance the sensation, or depending on your comfort level; you might need to thrust while she continues to lie still.

Aside from the classic reverse missionary, there’s one more variation. You’ll find this version of the reverse missionary position on a website or two. This is a face-to-face position, unlike the first variation. In this variation, the guy lies on the bed as if he and his partner were going into the cowgirl sex position. Don’t allow her to get on top; instead, ask her to kneel in front of you while you place both hands around your ankles and lift your pelvis slightly upwards. Your partner must then insert you inside of her vagina. In this variation, she’ll control the intensity and pace.

What You Will Need To Pull This Off!

Success with this position won’t come quickly. However, if you’re daring enough, grab a pen and paper and jot this down.

Why You Should Attempt Reverse Missionary

Be warned!

Certain men will not be able to pull off this position, but don't worry. You can still be great in bed without putting unjust strain on your favorite appendage.

However, you should try the reverse missionary position if;

Why It Might Be Better to Skip Reverse Missionary

Imagine Neo in the Matrix doing that awkward backend in slow-mo — that might be your penis in reverse missionary position!

This classic variation of this position is not great for partners looking for eye contact during sex or those with interests and abilities that do not integrate well with nontraditional sex positions.

Penile fractures are real injuries. The penis has no bones inside, but fractures can occur when thrusting and hitting solid things, such as your girlfriend’s pelvis. Penile fractures can also occur when the penis is bent at uncomfortable angles.

Many people who have tried reverse missionary say it’s a lot of work for little pleasure, and other guys harp on and on about the discomfort or even pain. Needless to say, reverse missionary is not for everyone!

Reverse missionary can put excessive strain on your penis, and the penetration angle requires flexibility to bend your penis into your partner without twisting and turning in awkward ways. For some men, this position will be highly uncomfortable, if not impractical.

A fair amount of core and arm strength will also be required because you’ll be in a semi-plank position. For some guys, this won’t be achievable.

For many, reverse missionary is a one-try-and-done try of sexual activity. If you like challenging sex positions, try this one, but don’t be dissatisfied if it does not work out. Plenty of other sex positions won’t put excessive strain on your favorite member and are highly pleasure-inducing. Plus, your penis won’t be crying out for help!

Alternatives to the Reverse Missionary Position

If reverse missionary was not for you, accept that it frees you up to try these three highly satisfying, pleasure-inducing sex positions instead!

You might also be interested in checking out our Youtube video on the two best sex positions to do in the bedroom. The second sex position might surprise you!

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Corkscrew Sex Position

Ask your partner to relax on the bed as she would for missionary, but then ask her to twist one of her legs over to the other side so that she resembles the fetal position. Get in front of her and kneel on the bed so that you face each other, then enter her as you would for missionary.

This position is great because you can use your knees to support your weight instead of relying entirely on your arms.

Legs Over Shoulders

This position is basically missionary but amplified. Ask your partner to lay on her back; then, you should kneel in front of her, place both hands on her legs, and put one leg over each shoulder.

This position is excellent because it’s doable for the average couple but manages to change the angle of penetration enough to give a different sensation.

The Butterfly

It’s missionary but standing. Ask your partner to lay on her back, stand in front of her, and place your hands firmly on the bed or around her body.

Instead of putting her legs over both shoulders, place only one leg on the shoulder and allow the other to hang freely.

Give reverse missionary a shot, but if it doesn’t work out, at least you have these other stimulating positions to try in the bedroom.

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