20 of the Most Popular Sex Positions for Every Couple in 2023

20 of the Most Popular Sex Positions for Every Couple in 2023

This year, improve your sex life by exploring your wildest, craziest, and most passionate fantasies! But with so many options, it can be hard to decide which sex position is right for you and your partner. We have compiled a list of twenty popular sex positions for every couple, sure to get your pulse racing.

Read on to discover some of the most popular (and unexpected) sex positions that will keep things heated in the bedroom. 

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The Lotus

The Lotus, similar to the tantric Yab Yum position, is a classic and intimate position, perfect for couples looking to deepen their connection. This intimate position allows both partners to be face-to-face, making it easy to kiss, caress, and stimulate multiple erogenous zones on the male and female body. 

To do this position, the male partner should sit cross-legged on the bed with his back against the headboard. The female partner should then straddle him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Together sit in a sited embrace. 

Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most preferred sex positions amongst couples — It’s easy to see why! Offering a great view of the backside, this position is perfect for men who like to take control of the bedroom. 

The receiver kneels on all fours to get into position while the giver enters from behind. Enhance doggy style by experimenting with anal sex or anal play, using sex toys to stimulate the clitoris while thrusting, or getting steamy with shower sex.

Classic Missionary

It’s a classic for a reason. This comfortable and intimate position, allows for deep penetration. This position also lets couples easily adjust the angle of penetration to find what works best for them.

To make this sex position even more enjoyable, couples can add extra stimulation by using their hands or toys. For example, the male partner can use his hands to stimulate his partner’s clitoris or anus.

Missionary position can be improved with changes to the body’s position and add-ons like sex wedges, pillows, and sex toys for added pleasure.


Cowgirl is a long-time favorite sex position for putting the woman on top. We love this position because it allows the woman to control and set the pace, meaning she can go as fast or slow as needed to have one — or more orgasms

Reach up and grab your partner’s thighs while she bounces on top, or gently place your hands behind her neck, pulling her in for a kiss. 

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a great position for female partners who enjoy the thrill of being in control. The woman takes charge and rides her partner for an unforgettable experience, not to mention the great view from the backside. 


69 is a classic sex position, allowing both partners to pleasure each other simultaneously, making it one of the most popular sex positions for oral sex lovers this year! It’s obvious why it’s a household favorite: it’s easy, comfortable, intimate, and allows for plenty of body-to-body contact.

Sideways 69

Sideways 69 is a variation of the classic 69 sex position. This position allows both partners to pleasure each other at the same time while lying side by side. It’s perfect for couples who want to experience the intimacy of the classic 69, but with a twist!

To get into this position, both partners lie on their sides facing each other and perform oral sex on one another simultaneously.


Spooning allows couples to feel close and connected in an intimate embrace while enjoying penetration.

It’s also an easy position, that’s do-able for most couples of any age! The female partner just has to lie on her side while her partner enters from behind.

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow is a fun and challenging position, requiring strength from the male partner and flexibility and trust from the female. 

To get into this position, the female partner lies on her stomach with her legs slightly bent. The male partner lifts her by her hips and holds her in place while he penetrates from behind. 

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver is good for couples who want to add some exhilaration to their bedroom routine. This position requires the male partner to lift the female partner and carry her while penetrating from the front. The position adds some excitement to your sex life, as well as provides a decent workout! 

Depending on strength, one or both partners may not be able to hold the position for long, so take breaks and switch positions throughout the session. 

The Pretzel

The Pretzel begins when the female partner lies on her side while the male partner spreads her legs and enters from above. The female partner should keep her leg wrapped around the male partner’s waist, creating an intimate embrace.

This position is perfect for couples who enjoy sideways sex positions and eye contact. While thrusting, hold a sex toy such as a vibrator or wand to the female partner’s clitoris for added pleasure.


The Eagle is perfect for deep penetration and prolonged eye contact, making it a great way to increase intimacy between partners.

In this position, the female partner lies on her back with both legs near her man’s shoulders. The man then kneels over her and enters from above, giving him full control over the depth and speed of thrusting.

To enhance this sex position, add a vibrator or a pillow to prop up the female partner’s hips for deeper penetration.

The Broken Eagle

The Broken Eagle is one of the lesser-known sex positions that doesn’t get as much representation in media as the powerhouses Missionary, Cowgirl, and Lap Dance. However, couples who want to try something new without it being too challenging, might want to give this sex position at least one go in the bedroom!

To get into this position, the female partner lies on her back while her partner gets on top. He puts his body between her two legs so one leg goes over the shoulder and the other rests on his hip.  

The Anvil

The Anvil is a great sex position for couples who want to experience intense pleasure and very deep penetration. This position requires the female partner to lie on her back with wide open legs. The male partner then kneels over her and enters from above while her legs are pinned over his shoulders, providing maximum pleasure.

This position allows both partners to maintain eye contact while enjoying the sensation of being fully connected. It also provides a great angle for hitting her G-spot.


For couples looking to add some excitement to their sexual encounters, Scissors is a great option. To get into this position, the female partner lies on her back with her legs spread apart. The male partner then enters from the side while both partners move their hips in a scissor-like motion.


The T-Bag is a guy’s favorite sex position. It’s an oral sex position where the female partner lies on her back while her partner kneels above her to receive oral sex

Oral sex positions like this can be as soft and gentle or as gaggingly good as the couple wants it to be. 

Make this sex position better by placing a pillow under her head for comfort or allowing it to hang slightly off the edge of the bed for a more intense experience.

The Piledriver

The Piledriver is an interesting, albeit challenging position, where the female partner lies on her back while her partner stands over her and penetrates from above. This position allows for deep penetration and can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners.

The Piledriver will not be doable for some couples, but we recommend giving it at least one shot to see if it works out for you and your partner. If wild and intense is your thing, give the last recommendation on this list a try. 

Lap Dance

 The name says it all; it’s a sex position that resembles a lap dance. This position is great for couples who enjoy women on top positions. It also offers great views of her ass, and the male partner can easily reach up and play with her hair, caress her nipples from behind, or wrap his arms around her for a full-body embrace.  

To get into this position, the female partner sits on her man’s lap, facing him, while he holds her hips. She can then move up and down or in circles for added pleasure.

The Butterfly

 The Butterfly is similar to Missionary, but with the female partner’s body lifted slightly off the bed.

The change in the angle of penetration makes it easier to hit certain spots inside the vagina, leading to a more pleasurable experience. Plus, the male partner can use one or both hands to explore her erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, breasts, and inner thighs.

The Full Nelson

The Full Nelson was coined after the wrestling move of the same name. This less commonly searched sex position is great for couples who want to add adventure to their sex life or maybe explore a bit of dominance and submission. 

To get into position, the female partner rides her man as if she were doing Reverse Cowgirl. The male partner wraps his arms around her legs and neck, pinning her in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some tips for making these sex positions more enjoyable?

One of the best ways to upgrade traditional sexual positions is to add a few props. Pillows, cushions, sex wedges, wands, vibrators, and even sex swings can all be used to make classic positions more enjoyable. For example, placing a pillow under the female partner’s hips in Missionary can help couples a better and more pleasurable angle for penetration.

Q: What are some of the best sex positions for couples exploring rougher sex?

 Some of the best positions for rougher sex include Doggy Style, Stand and Carry, and The Full Nelson. These positions provide plenty of opportunities for spanking, hair-pulling, and other forms of rough play. Learn more about sexual dominance on our YouTube channel. 

Q: How do I last longer in our favorite sex position?

Focus on your breathing. Taking slow, deep breaths can help you relax and stay in control of your body. Take breaks. If you find yourself getting too close to the edge, take a break and switch positions, or focus on pleasuring your partner instead. This will give you time to cool down and reset before continuing. For more tips on lasting longer in bed, click here


There are plenty of sex positions for every couple. From the T-Bag to the Full Nelson, couples can explore a variety of positions that will add excitement and pleasure to their sex life. Whether you’re looking for something wild and complicated or gentler and intimate, there’s a position on this list that fits your needs. Learn more by browsing our content and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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