How to Do the Pulse-Pounding Piledriver Sex Position

How to Do the Pulse-Pounding Piledriver Sex Position

This pulse-pounding sex position is thrilling and takes both partners to the edge of pleasure. It’s one of the most challenging and advanced sex positions out there, and it requires a lot of strength and agility from both partners but can lead to intense pleasure—if done right. This position offers plenty of variations that let couples go wild while enjoying deep penetration and ample stimulation.

Are you ready to get your heart racing with some pulse-pounding pleasure? Read on for our complete guide on how to master the Piledriver Sex Position! 

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What Is The Piledriver Sex Position?

What is the Piledriver Sex Position, you ask? The term “pile driver” comes from the heavy-duty machine that drives piles into the ground.

The Piledriver position is advanced and requires the male partner to act as “the pile driver” and the female partner to act as “the pile.”

This can be more difficult than it sounds, so both partners should take their time and ensure they are properly warmed up with foreplay before attempting this position.

How to Do the Piledriver Sex Position

To begin, the female partner should lie on her back, bring her legs up near her head, and continue leaning forward. Slowly lift the lower body upward and hold the position with her strength, partner’s assistance, or wall or pillow.

The male partner should then squat down and penetrate the female partner from above. Once fully inside her, he can stand up and thrust downwards into her body.

Because of the ease of access to the lower body, this position is ideal for both vaginal or anal penetration.

How to Do the Position Safely

Here are some tips for ensuring you and your partner can enjoy this position safely without unplanned trips to the hospital. 

As with any new activity or position in the bedroom, it’s also a good idea for both partners to discuss what feels best for them and keep an open line of communication before trying out this position. A sex therapist may be able to help with the couple’s communication if needed.

What Do Some People Love the Piledriver Sex Position?

Trying new sex positions in the bedroom can lead to satisfying experiences while also being exciting for both partners. For men who love feeling dominant, the Pile Driver sex position gives the ultimate control over their partner’s pleasure depth and speed.

For those who enjoy being on the receiving end, this advanced sex position allows them to feel helpless as their partner essentially uses them, but for mutual sexual pleasure. 

There are also powerful sensations that go much deeper than other positions, such as Missionary or Doggy Style. Plus, it’s an incredibly versatile position that you can alter according to your preferences and desires.

The Piledriver is great for building intimacy between partners and allowing them to explore different angles and depths of penetration.

Here’s why you might love the Piledriver!


What Do People Hate It?

Although the Piledriver sex position offers a lot of pleasure, it isn’t for everyone. For starters, the position requires some serious lower and upper body strength. It’s not for the faint of heart, either.

Although this satisfying position can lead to great outcomes in the bedroom, it might also be too much pressure on one or both bodies. For example, because of the body’s positioning during sex, too much blood can flow to the head, making the receiving partner feel lightheaded. It might also be a lot on the receiver’s neck.

Additionally, the male partner needs to be mindful of finding the right angle of penetration to avoid injuring himself or his partner. There’s an increased risk of penile fracture in this position due to the type of penetration, and it’s easy for the penetrating partner to go too deep for his partner’s liking.

Another common reason why people dislike this sex position is the reason that some adore it! It’s better for rough and intense sex, which isn’t for everyone. For a softer and more romantic experience, there are plenty of other sex positions that offer what you need. However, the Piledriver might not be one of them. 


Tips to Make The Piledriver More Enjoyable

Don’t give up hope if the Piledriver isn’t quite your flavor. Here are some tips to make it more enjoyable and help you get the most out of this powerful sex position:

Finally, try something else if the Piledriver isn’t your cup of tea. There are plenty of other sex positions that offer a similar sensation, such as the Dumpster Dive or Wheelbarrow.

Other Intensely Good Sex Positions

Ready to take your sex life to the next level? Then you must try out these insanely good and challenging sex positions.

All of them will have you and your partner screaming with pleasure, making your evening a bit more exciting.

The Dumpster Dive

First up is the Dumpster Dive. To do this, you’ll both face one another. The female partner will lie on her back with her legs open and spread, keeping her lower body totally exposed. The male partner will bend over at the waist, enter from behind, and thrust deeply into his partner.

It’s an advanced sex position like the Piledriver, but slightly more doable for the average person. 

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow is another incredibly intense sex position that will leave you both wanting more! This one is a bit tricky and requires physical strength from both partners.

To do this, the penetrating partner stands behind her partner with her hands on the ground. The male partner then places his hand on her legs, using his strength to lift her lower body off the ground. It’s a workout, but worth it for the intense pleasure you both can experience.

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver is an incredibly pleasurable sex position perfect for those who want to take things to the next level while enjoying a challenging position. 

Like all the positions on this list, you’ll need strength and coordination to pull it off. The Stand and Deliver resembles a caveman carrying his mate. The female partner wraps her legs around his waist and holds on tight.

The male partner then stands with his feet firmly planted on the ground and thrusts deeply into his partner for an intensely satisfying experience. 

The Full Nelson

The Full Nelson is a fun, intense sex position that combines the pleasure of intercourse with the adrenaline rush of wrestling. 

To do the Full Nelson, the female partner lies on top of her partner. The male partner will wrap his arms around her legs and neck, pinning her in position. It’s a challenge to get right! Read more about the Full Nelson here. 


The Piledriver is one of the hardest sex positions to pull off! This powerful position will leave her moaning in pleasure while adding extra intensity to the bedroom. With strength and coordination, you can make this intense sex position work for you and your partner.

Don’t forget about these other intense sex positions! Pick from The Wheelbarrow, Stand, Deliver, or Full Nelson for an unforgettable night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there’s the Upside Down Piledriver. The penetrating partner stands while the receiving partner starts in a yoga plow pose called the downward dog position. She will look like a table in this pose. From there, she should bring her ass up and back.

The penetrating partner then lifts the receiving partner’s legs and holds them as they penetrate from above. This position is a bit more challenging but pleasurable for both partners.

If you’re finding it difficult to get into the Piledriver position, it’s best to start with simpler positions like the Dumpster Dive. These positions will help you build strength and coordination for the Piledriver. You can also try using props, pillows, or even the wall to make the Piledriver easier and more comfortable for both partners.

Yes, there is a risk of injury associated with the Piledriver. It’s a bit more complicated than the classic Missionary or Doggy Style.

Because of the angle of penetration, the position of the head and neck, and other factors, accidents can occur if both partners aren’t mindful of each other. 

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