A Beginner’s Guide to the Oyster Sex Position

A Beginner’s Guide to the Oyster Sex Position

Looking to switch things up in the bedroom? Have you tried the Oyster sex position?

The Oyster, or Viennese Oyster sex position as it’s also called, is a popular sex position that offers unique sensations and intimacy between partners. However, knowing how to execute it properly is not always easy, especially if you’re new to exploring different sexual positions.

In a long-term relationship or starting out with a new partner, trying new sex positions can keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Oyster sex position – from what it is to how to do it properly for maximum pleasure!

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What Is the Oyster Sex Position?

If you want something more adventurous than your standard Missionary or Doggy Style, consider the Oyster. 

This is an advanced sex position requiring flexibility, excellent communication, and a willingness to try something new. 

The Oyster is essentially a variation of Missionary, where sexual partners face each other with the man on top. However, unlike Missionary, the Oyster takes it one step further by tilting the female’s legs upward until they’re pinned against her chest (or next to her face, if she’s flexible). 

It’s quite an unusual approach and a rather hot position for many couples who want deep penetration, a bit of a challenge, or enjoy experimenting with elements of dominance and submission.

That said, the Oyster is not for everyone. Some who try it will give up immediately, whereas others can only hold out briefly before transitioning into something else. In particular, this position is a lot on the female body, and many aren’t up for the challenge.

How to Get into the Oyster Sex Position

So you’re feeling adventurous and want to give the Oyster a try. Here’s how to get into a position!

To get into position, start with the female partner on her back in a normal Missionary position. The male partner then kneels in front, grabs his partner’s legs, and slowly brings them up and down towards her chest. Continue slowly pressing downward until you both reach a level you’re comfortable with. Hold on to her bent and pinned legs while you thrust. 

If you’re struggling to maintain the Oyster, don’t worry! It takes practice and patience to get it right. Try taking breaks and switching to other positions if needed.

Our tutorial on YouTube walks you through each step and shows you exactly what to do. If you’re interested in trying the Oyster, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Remember that not every sexual encounter needs to involve this level of acrobatics. 

Don’t be afraid to stick to your favorite positions or modify the Oyster so that less flexibility is needed, and it’s easier to accomplish. If all else fails, scroll down for a few sexy recommendations you can try with your partner tonight! 

Benefits of the Oyster

So what’s so great about the Oyster sex position? It might seem crazy to think that couples are contorting their bodies for more enjoyable sex. Some might call this a workout!

However, those who have tried it attest that the position provides deep penetration, which some partners find more gratifying than in standard sex positions like Missionary.

Another reason to like the Oyster is the full body-to-body contact between partners and the ability to gaze into each other’s eyes during intercourse.

It’s also a great dominance exercise, as some female partners love being pinned and pounded by their man, and this position allows them to get exactly want they want like no other!

The last reason many couples enjoy or at least attempt the Oyster is the flexibility and gymnastic flair! For evident reasons, the Oyster is a challenge for many, especially those who are not naturally flexible.

Give the Oyster a try, and tell us what you think.

Like many sex positions, some people will hate it at worst and don’t prefer it at best. The reasons for this are obvious — It’s not an easy position! Many of those who try never succeed, and others that do, give up after a while. It isn’t as comfortable as tried and true sex positions like Spread Eagle, Missionary, or Broken Eagle.

To summarize, here’s a list of pros and cons.



Whether the Oyster works for you, it’s always good to try new things and explore different sexual positions with your partner. 

Don’t be afraid to stop and switch to other sexual positions or adjust the positioning of your body if it doesn’t work out as well as you had hoped.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Because of the deep penetration, many men make the mistake of doing too much too soon. It’s better to start with slow, shallow thrusts and advance to deeper, more energetic pounding, so the female partner has time to adjust.

In addition to taking your time, you want to ensure proper communication with your partner throughout the experience. This includes checking in, asking about comfort levels, and adjusting the position as needed.

Another common mistake is not properly warming up before attempting the Oyster. This can lead to muscle strains or cramps, so stretch and prepare your body beforehand. “Warming up” also includes ensuring your partner’s body is ready for penetration, as in, get her wet! This position is tough and doesn’t need the additional problem of dryness added to the mix.

Easier Alternatives to the Oyster

If you and your partner aren’t feeling it tonight or just aren’t ready for intense sex, stick to some of our favourite positions below. You will still get the thrill of trying something other than Missionary and Doggy, but without the need for gymnastics.

Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle is similar to Missionary, but instead of having her legs together, she spreads them wide apart, making it easier for her partner to penetrate deeper.

This position also allows for more clitoral stimulation and eye contact, and it’s a great option for those wanting to switch things up without too much physical strain.


Speaking of the Eagle position, the Broken Eagle is another easier sex position to try and favourite position of many. The Broken Eagle is a variation of Spread Eagle where the torso is slightly twisted so that both of the female’s legs end up on the same side of the body, as shown in the graphic above.


The Seashell requires less flexibility, making it a great option for those who want to try something new but aren’t quite ready for the full Oyster experience.

To get into the Seashell position, start in Missionary with her legs wide apart. Like the Oyster, the female partner will pin her legs between her chest and her partner’s while he thrusts.


This one is more intense than some of the easier alternatives we mentioned earlier, but it’s still doable for most couples.

To get into the Anvil, the female partner lies on her back as if she and her partner were going to do Missionary. However, rather than keeping her legs to the side, she’ll lock them around her partner’s head during sex. To keep her legs up and in position, the male partner can lean against them with his body weight.

Deep Stick

Deep Stick is another unusual position that’s similar to the Anvil, but rather than placing her hands on her legs to steady herself, she will lie them flat against the bed.

Final Thoughts

Couples are now exploring ways to enhance their sexual experiences, and trying out new positions is just one of them. With the Oyster position, you can achieve deep impact and pleasure, but always remember it’s okay if it’s not for you. Explore at your own pace and comfort level, and don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner about what feels good for both of you.

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