How To Make Missionary Awesome: Tips and Tricks for Better Sex

How To Make Missionary Awesome: Tips and Tricks for Better Sex
missionary sex position

It is one of the most classic sex positions, but many couples think the Missionary position lacks spice and excitement. It’s even called ‘vanilla.’

With a few tweaks and additions, it’s possible to turn up the heat and make Missionary even better! While it may not be as flashy and racy as some others, it can still be incredibly satisfying.

Whether you’re just starting or are looking to spruce up your experiences with your partner, learning how to make Missionary awesome can open up new possibilities in bed!

This article will provide tips and tricks to enhance your experience and send your partner to pleasure land.

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What Is Missionary Sex?

Missionary sex is a traditional sexual position where the man lies on top of the woman, with her legs spread apart. This position enables the partners to look into each other’s eyes, which makes it particularly intimate. The man is in control while making slow thrusts, allowing him to connect deeply with his partner.

While the male partner gets to control the pace, it doesn’t mean his partner has to sit idly by. The female partner can make Missionary sex ten times more orgasmic for both him and her by angling her hips upward, tightening her legs, or lifting them and wrapping each leg around her partner’s waist.

How To Do the Missionary Sex Position

To enjoy the Missionary position, your partner must lie on their back with wide-open legs. Get on top of them, facing them as your body touches theirs from chest to thighs.

When you are both comfortable in this position, gradually start thrusting in a gentle rhythm. You should synchronize your movements with those of your partner and guide them through the process by changing up your speed or depth from time to time based on their preferences or comfort level.

Watch the YouTube tutorial below for an in-depth guide to Missionary sex, without the hassle of reading! Follow this link to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Play Video about missionary sex position - youtube video

Benefits of Missionary Sex Position

Because this position requires close contact between you and your partner, it’s great for physical closeness and feelings of connection—something that can make all the difference when things get hot between the sheets!

Additionally, Missionary encourages eye contact, making it feel more meaningful during intercourse.

It also allows both partners to focus all their attention on each other without any distractions surrounding them, which helps create stronger arousal levels, leading to better orgasms overall!



Foolproof Tricks For Making Missionary More Orgasmic

Missionary can be one of the most boring positions if you’re not careful to spice it up from time to time.

Give More Eye Contact

Making more eye contact is one of the best ways to improve the Missionary position. Eye contact can be incredibly intimate and help build a connection between partners.

Looking into your partner’s eyes can help you both stay in the moment and make the experience more pleasurable.

Dirty Talk

Don’t underestimate the benefits of whispering naughty and sensual things into your partner’s ear during sex.

Start with something simple like “I love how you feel” or “You’re so beautiful,” and then gradually build up. Dirty talk can help both partners get aroused and reach orgasm faster, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

A tip for getting the most out of dirty talk – focus on your partner’s specific turn-ons over generic comments like, “You’re so hot!”, “I want you so badly!” Those work when you are new to the relationship or don’t know what to say, but you will get more bang for your buck by narrowing your focus to things proven to make your partner wet! For instance, if she has a kink fetish, tell her how much you enjoy dominating her.

Avoid crossing any boundaries set by your partner when engaging in dirty talk. Respectful consent is essential when engaging in any physical or verbal sexual activity, so all participants should communicate ahead of time what type of language they feel comfortable using during intimate moments together.

Watch this guide to dirty talk to learn how to talk like a pro in the bedroom! We offer easy-to-follow tips and tricks to spice up your conversation with your significant other. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can create an unforgettable experience using some of our techniques!

Spend More Time on Foreplay

Don’t forget about foreplay! Foreplay is essential for creating an enjoyable and orgasmic experience.

Spend time exploring each other’s bodies, kissing, caressing, and teasing before you get into the Missionary position. Learn more foreplay tips here.

Change Up The Speed And Depth Of Thrusting

Instead of just thrusting in a steady rhythm, try varying your speed and depth from time to time. This can help increase your partner’s arousal levels and make it easier for her to reach orgasm.

Changing up the angles of penetration can also make Missionary sex more orgasmic. Instead of just thrusting in and out, try angling your body to hit different spots inside the vagina to stimulate different areas and increase pleasure.

For example, your partner can try arching her back or lifting her hips up to create more friction and sensation. Whereas you can try leaning forward or backward to change the angle of penetration

Use a Pillow or Sex Wedge

A pillow or sex wedge adds extra comfort and support during sex and provides new angles that can be explored.

adjusting the penetration angle through a pillow

Using a pillow or sex wedge can help raise your partner’s hips off the bed, allowing for deeper penetration and better access to the G-spot, A, or even C spot. It will also take some pressure off your lower back and legs while you move.

Use Lube

Lube is a great way to make any sexual experience better, including Missionary, and it helps reduce friction and makes penetration easier and more pleasurable.

Add Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation and lots of it is key to making more women orgasm, not once, but multiple times.

The clit is one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body and is often overlooked during Missionary sex. To make Missionary better, focus on clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

One way to do this is by using your fingers or sex toys to stimulate the clitoris while you thrust in and out.

This can be done with one hand while the other holds onto your partner’s hips. Or, your partner can stimulate herself while you focus on controlling your depth and pace. Watch this tutorial to get insider knowledge you can use to pleasure your partner.

Double Trouble

If your partner is comfortable with anal sex or anal stimulation with a sex toy, try using her favorite vibrating butt plug. At the same time, get in the Missionary sex position. You will feel the vibrations inside the vagina, as the wall separating the rectum and vagina is not as thick as some think!

Stick to just one sex toy – the butt plug. Or, if you really want to spice things up, use the vibrating butt plug on her setting of choice while holding a wand or vibrator against her clitoris.

Kinky Missionary

Kinky Missionary sex might be the adjustment you have been missing to get the most out of the sex position. Add bondage elements such as handcuffs, rope, restraints, or blindfolds.

A tried and true kinky sex toy is the bed restraint. Bed restraints are straps that attach to the bed and can be used to bind your partner’s wrists or ankles. This allows you to control the depth and speed of your thrusts while your partner cannot move or resist.

Adding a blindfold to the Missionary position can be just as exciting. Blindfolds are a great way to create anticipation, heighten the senses, and make for some incredibly passionate sex.

When using a blindfold during Missionary sex, it’s important to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the idea. Talk about it beforehand and make sure you both agree on the boundaries.

Who said that Missionary had to be boring?

Six Variations to Revamp Boring Old Missionary

Adding just a few small twists can make for a much more interesting experience for both partners in bed. Here are six popular variations to the Missionary position that will help to break up the monotony.

The Butterfly

The butterfly sex position is an intimate face-to-face sex position in which the male partner stands and leans into his female partner while engaging in deep penetration. The woman lies on her back, enabling better stimulation and eye contact.

The Butterfly

To do this position, your female partner must lay on her back with her legs bent and feet flat on the bed. You will then stand between her legs and lean in, supporting your weight on your knees. Grab both her legs, place them on your shoulders, and pull her body up and closer toward yours.

The Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique (CAT), or Cat Sex Position, as it is called occasionally, is a variation of the Missionary position that focuses on clitoral stimulation.

coital alignment technique

To do this, your partner must be on the bottom and slightly tilt her pelvis while you grind against her. Take a few moments to slide your penis back and forward against her clit before inserting yourself inside, and focus more on stimulation rather than penetration.

The Viennese Oyster

The Viennese Oyster is a sex position in which the female partner lies on her back, her legs lifted above her head and spread, while her male partner kneels between her legs and penetrates her. This position emphasizes deeper penetration and enables the woman to enjoy direct clitoral stimulation by her partner’s pelvis.

The Viennese Oyster

Your female partner must lie on her back with her legs raised as high as possible. You will then kneel between her legs, take her legs, and pin them above her head. To increase clitoral stimulation, you can use your pelvis to grind against her clit before thrusting in and out.

The Anvil

The Anvil sex position is an intimate and acrobatic position that involves the male partner moving the female partner’s legs upwards towards his head while he kneels between her legs. This position allows for great G-spot stimulation and a close embrace, allowing for greater intimacy between partners.

To do this, your female partner must lie on her back with her legs spread wide. You will then kneel between her legs, take her legs, and lift them up towards your head. She will then lock them in place. You should then insert yourself into your partner and thrust in and out.

The Broken Eagle

The Broken Eagle sex position is a variation of the Missionary position where the female partner lifts one leg up and over to the opposite side of the body. The male partner then kneels at a right angle to their partner and penetrates her.

The broken eagle sex position

To do this, your female partner must lie on her back and lift one leg up and over to the opposite side of her body. You will then kneel at a right angle to your partner, take her leg and pull it towards you. You should then insert yourself into your partner and thrust in and out.

Reverse Missionary

The last position on our list is not a face-to-face one, but it is a fun alternative to the classic Missionary position. Instead of facing your partner’s face, you will turn and face her lower body. This variation is a little more challenging and unique than standard Missionary sex.

Reverse Missionary

To do this position, your female partner must lay on her back while you straddle her, facing away from her face. You can then lean forward and rest your hands on the bed. Learn more about reverse Missionary here.

These are just some ways to make the Missionary position more enjoyable for both partners. Experiment with different positions and techniques to find out what works best. We have numerous other sex positions on our website and YouTube channel. Follow us for more sex educational content.


Missionary sex can be an incredibly enjoyable and intimate experience for both the penetrating partner and receiving one.

The Viennese Oyster, Anvil, Broken Eagle and Reverse Missionary are all great variations of the traditional Missionary position that can help to spice up your sex life. With these tips and tricks, you can make the Missionary position even more awesome.

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