How to Tittyfuck Like a Professional

How to Tittyfuck Like a Professional

Titty fucking, tit fuck, or even tit wank! So many names to describe one action — sliding your rock-hard erection between a pair of amazing knockers! The sensation is similar to a handjob but 100% with a better view.

Titty fucking is ridiculously easy, and by the end of reading this, you’ll wonder why you’ve not seized the opportunity to titty fuck in the bedroom, living room, and elsewhere.

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Why We Love Titty Fucking

Here are two quick reasons to love it: The visuals and sensation!

Let’s be honest. You’re probably interested in a titty fuck because you saw it in porn. Titty fucking feels incredible, and surprisingly, only a handful of couples have ever tried it in real life.

When properly lubed up with coconut oil, olive oil, or massage oil, your penis will slide effortlessly between her warm breasts, which typically is enough to get the softest, most flaccid penis to become rock-hard.

Although incomparable with vaginal or anal sex, it’s a great addition to the bedroom for the following reasons.

It Feels Good

Many guys compare the feeling to a handjob because it’s skin-on-skin contact without natural lube, which provides friction, similar to a handjob.

If you love a hand job from time to time, a titty fuck just might be your new favorite thing to do in the bedroom before moving on to penetrative sex.

The Tightness

Many women can do however many Kegel exercises they want, but the tightness of their vagina is still somewhat out of their control — but not the tightness of their tits when titty fucking!

She can press her tits tightly together to intensify the sensation as you slide between her breasts, or she can relax a little more and allow her breasts to only slightly rest against you. The options are limitless here.

It's Incredibly Erotic

Whether you’re in control of the movement or she is, you can’t help but admit that it’s incredibly erotic and satisfying to see your partner on the bed with her tits in the air or on her knees, looking you in the eye while you tit fuck her.

It Comes with a Pearl Necklace

Most women would love a pearl necklace, pun intended. For those who have never heard this term, a pearl necklace is when a guy finishes on a woman’s breasts or near her neckline. It’s incredibly hot and arousing for both men and women, and she might even want to lick it up afterward.

Easy to Transition

Tit fucking is never the main event during sex; however, it can easily transition into oral sex or penetrative sex. You can swiftly switch from her chest to her mouth, depending on the position.

Pleasure for All

Many women will enjoy a titty fuck from time to time just as much as their male partners. In a submissive position without control over her chest, her hands will be free to explore other areas. She can play with your balls while they bounce off her body. She can relax on the bed after a long day while you do all the work, or she can go to town on her clit with her fingers or favorite toy.

Does Her Size Really Matter?

Imagine plowing your rock-hard erection between two heavily oiled-up titties. Now imagine the same thing, but the girl has small boobs this time. It’s still fucking hot!

You’re never limited by size, but having big boobs does help. Women with smaller boobs will have to work a little harder than women with large breasts to make the experience pleasurable. Since there’s less to push together, she’ll have to make an effort to keep her breasts in close contact with your penis.

If she is flat-chested or has a small A-cup, titty fucking might be a bit of a challenge. A woman with small breasts can compensate for size by using her hands to push her breasts together. Next, she should place her hands near the center of her chest and allow her man to slide between her breasts and hands. A woman’s chest can be a sensitive topic for some ladies, especially if she is on the smaller side or believes she has “ugly” breasts, so approach the conversation with care.

Your titty fucking experience is not 100% determined by size. As we discussed, there are ways to compensate for being on the smaller side, but this is one example in life where bigger might genuinely be better.


How to Start Titty Fucking

You’ll need lube and more lube!

Like a handjob, you need to add lubrication. Unless your partner is a magical creature with lube pouring out of all erogenous body parts, the breasts will not naturally lubricate themselves. This creates a lot of friction and can be pleasurable for a second or two but most likely uncomfortable once you been going at it for a bit.

You don’t need any special lube to titty fuck. This is one of the few sexual activities that can not lead to accidental pregnancies; as such, you don’t have to worry about condoms coming into contact with oil-based lubrication.

The best lube comes straight from the kitchen. Grab some coconut, olive, or massage oil.

Pour a decent amount of oil directly on her breasts. Ask her to press her boobs together before applying the oil to ensure you get it down between the breasts where the most friction will be.

Alternatively, pour a generous amount of oil directly on your penis from base to tip before it slips between your partner’s tits.

Your penis might easily slide out from her breasts as you start to go faster. Just be careful not to poke her eye out or hit her in the face, and you’ll be good to go for a second round.

My Partner Doesn't Want to Titty Fuck. What Now?

Well, have you done enough foreplay? Very few ladies would randomly get down on their knees on a random Tuesday evening to allow their partner to pour substances he found in the kitchen over their chest and then put his penis between their breasts.

Not to say, no woman ever would do that. We know plenty who would, but many might not be into it if you go about it that way.

Get her warmed up and ready for sex with foreplay. Foreplay is king to winning over a woman’s heart, mind, and lady parts. She’s better sexually when she’s been warmed up with kisses all over the lips and body, dirty talk, caresses, touching, and whatever else gets her in the mood.

Titty Fucking Positions for Every Couple

Now here comes the fun part, you’ll have to decide who controls the tit wank. If she’s in control, she should push her breasts together while you slide in and out.

If you’re in control, she can get on her knees or relax while you push her breasts together and slide your penis in and out.

It’s just a matter of personal preference. Both ways feel amazing, but some women might be more comfortable in total control of the pace and intensity, while others might prefer to lie back and be taken and used by their partner.

Men in the Dominant Position

The male partner will have complete control over his partner, so discussion, trust, and plenty of lube are necessary before putting your cock between her breasts. If you’re interested in rough sex or dominant/submissive role-playing but don’t know where to even begin, check out this article. It’ll answer all your questions and get you on your way to bed-board-breaking fantastic sex.

Here are a few suggestions for how to titty fuck while in control. Ask your partner to lie down on the bed. It would be best if you were on top of her while she is flat on the bed. Lube up your penis before you take both hands and push her breasts together.

Reverse the position of your body. Instead of hovering over her face to face, turn so that you are facing her feet and your ass is over her head. This position is excellent for men who enjoy anal play or having their ass licked by their partner.

Alternatively, have her lie at the edge of the bed with her head hanging off the edge. Stand over or tilt her head to the side before sliding between her breasts.

The second option is in the standing or seated position. Have your partner kneel in front of you with both knees firmly on the ground, legs spread apart. Stand before her, take her breasts in your hand, and begin fucking her titties. Don’t allow her hands and fingers to be idle, so command her to play with her pussy with a toy or her fingers while you talk dirty and tell her how amazingly sexy she is right now.

The seated position works the same way. She must kneel before you, but you will sit in a chair this time. Have her crawl, halt in front of you, get on her knees, and spread her legs. Take her breasts in your hands and use them while she plays with herself.

It should go without saying, but let’s say it! Don’t forget the nipples. After a good tit fuck, she should be incredibly aroused and would enjoy having her nipples teased and played with. Not every woman finds having her nipples touched erotic or super-pleasurable, but a good portion of women do, and some can even have breast-gasm (boob orgasm). Gently rub her nipples and see how she responds to the stimulation.

Women in the Dominant Position

She will have complete control over the pace and intensity of the tit fuck while being in the dominant position. Some women will prefer this position over the one mentioned above because it allows them to stop, speed up, or slow things down without much effort.

The best positions for this one are lying down, kneeling, or even standing.

The lying down position works the same as before, but she will hover over you this time. While you lie on the bed, she will kneel next to you or climb on top of you to slide her breasts down on your erect penis. Ask her to allow the oil to slowly dip into your penis and then take it with both hands for a hand job before the tit fuck begins. Make eye contact with her while she oils up her own breasts, plays with her nipples, and allows herself to show off for you as the oil drips down her breast and runs down her body.

For the kneeling position, tell her to get on her knees and come towards you while you stand. The kneeling position is, of course, height-dependent. Have at it as long as your penis is level with her boobs! She will take her breasts, push them together, and then begin sliding them over her partner’s penis at her own pace.

Lastly, the standing position is when a woman stands over her partner’s penis and slides down on it. The man should lie flat on the bed, close to the edge. While his partner hovers over his penis as she stands. She should bend her knees slightly to start sliding up and down on her partner’s penis, eagerly awaiting his cum shot on her face or body.

Of course, these positions can be altered, adjusted, and improved for added pleasure. Why stop at just laying, standing, and kneeling, when you can truly get creative? As long as dick meets tit, you are not limited to just three positions.

Drawbacks to Consider

Her hands might get tired at some point. If she has an adjustable bra with a loose middle section, you can try to go hands-free for added comfort. For the most part, her hands will be up at her chest, holding her tits in place while you titty fuck her. You can alternate who has more control, allowing the other partner to rest their hands and arms.

Luckily, a tit fuck is just the appetizer, not the main course. So, you’re hungry for more and managed to hold your load. What do you do now?

What Next, Then?

Her face should be right next to your rock-hard, erect penis, so ask her to suck it and transition to oral sex.

Of course, your penis will be a well-lubed-up machine by this point, but good thing it’s just kitchen coconut or olive oil. Unless she’s counting calories, she shouldn’t have a problem getting some in her mouth.

While sucking on your penis, don’t leave her boobs out to dry. Take your hands and play with her nipples some more. Grab her head, bring her up from your cock for a kiss, and guide it back down to continue enjoying the action.

Consider just jumping into penetrative sex after titty fucking. Although coconut oil is technically safe for sex, it’s still advisable to quickly rinse off, reset, and switch to a water-based lubricant.

Studies have determined that oil-based lubricants can cause the deterioration of condoms, so unless you and your partner aren’t worried about accidental pregnancies and/or STDs, it is better to use water-based for vaginal or anal sex.


It feels like a blowjob or handjob but with a superior view! Titty fucking your partner feels just as good as other popular sex activities, with the added benefit of reaching down and giving your partner a nipple orgasm.

Grab as much lube as possible, slide between her breasts, and enjoy the view and sensation.

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