10 Sizzling Hot Hotel Sex Positions to Try Tonight!  

10 Sizzling Hot Hotel Sex Positions to Try Tonight!  

A luxury hotel room can offer a perfect escape from the stress and strain of everyday life. It’s even more enjoyable if you make that special evening extra special by indulging in hot sex and pleasure as if no one else is around.

If you’re looking for something truly daring and want to unleash your inner beast, check out these ten seriously hot hotel sex positions that guarantee unforgettable pleasure!

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Why You Should Try Hotel Sex

Hotel sex can be an incredibly exciting and liberating experience. It provides a sense of privacy and intimacy, but it also allows you to explore any sexual desire and sexual fantasies without worrying about being interrupted by kids and other knocking guests, assuming you remember the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

Plus, the luxurious setting of a hotel room can add an extra layer of romance to your sexual encounters.

Couples in long-distance relationships can also benefit from hotel sex, as it allows them to reconnect and enjoy quality time together after a lot of time apart. 

Lastly, the cleanup process is effortless! Forget about washing the sheets, tossing out used bottles of lube and condoms, and scrubbing the floor. All you have to do is check out and leave the mess behind in the bin!

What Prevents People From Having Sex in a Hotel?

A few things can prevent people from having sex in a hotel. For one, some people may feel uncomfortable about having sex in an unfamiliar place or being seen or heard by other guests or staff.

If you’re staying in a shared room with family or friends, it can be difficult to find the privacy and intimacy needed for a successful sexual encounter.

Cost is also a major hindrance, as quality hotel rooms can be extremely expensive during certain times of the year, forcing some to skip out on this experience altogether. 

Time is also a problem for some couples. In today’s world, many couples rarely have enough time to share a dinner, let alone go on a grand getaway once or multiple times per year. 

And lastly, cleanliness could be a potential issue. Not all hotels, especially lower-budget ones, are clean and hygienic, which can be a major turn-off and health concern for some couples.

Tips for Better Hotel Sex

Follow these tips for a satisfying and enjoyable hotel sex experience.


You can make hot love in just about any location, but you don’t want to walk away with bed bugs at the end.

When you can, splurge on a hotel room with recent and great reviews. Be mindful of the date on the review, as the hotel could have changed ownership or management and suffered a decline in quality. 

Have a quick look at Google Maps and Google Street View to see the surrounding area. Sometimes the property’s location tells you more about it than the few photos posted on Booking or Agoda ever could. Nice properties in bad areas exist, especially if it is a renovated establishment. But as a general rule, you aren’t going to find the Four Seasons in a run-down slum. 

As soon as you enter the room, look at the space. Does it look and smell clean? Walk over to the bed and pull back the sheets. If you note brown or dark patches on them, it is probably best to contact maid service and request new ones.

Better yet, slightly lift the mattress and see what’s there. Bed bugs are not uncommon, and these little blood suckers hide in any nook and crevice they can. To look for bed bugs, you should look for small black spots on the mattress and sheets. If there’s a large infestation, you will see the bugs themselves.

Come Prepared

Ensure you have all the necessary items to make your experience more enjoyable. This includes;

You don’t want to have to stop the action to go on a mini shopping trip; double check you have everything you need before you get started.

Looking for more date night ideas? Click out our secrets to getting the spark back into any stale relationship, using foreplay. 

Be Kind to Your Neighbors

Scream, shout, and rock every piece of furniture if you’re renting a secluded cabin or villa or staying at the Bate’s Motel and are the only guests in sight. 

If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are that there are other guests around, and you don’t want to disturb them with your wild and passionate lovemaking or receive a noise complaint from reception. So, keep the noise level down and be mindful of the walls.

If you’re worried about being too loud, try making love when most guests are out of their rooms, such as at noon. You can also use music or white noise to help drown out any noise you make.

As a last resort, ask for a room at the end of the hallway and on the bottom floor; that way, you will not have to worry about neighbors below or on both sides of you.

The staff might ask why you prefer the room, or they might not. If they ask, say that you are a light sleeper and want the most private room possible, or say, “Because I want to fuck my lady’s brains out undisrupted!” 

Don’t forget the ‘Do not disturb sign.’ Place it on the door to avoid any unwelcome guests. 

Five Hotel Sex Positions Worthy of Your Time and Money

Take your bedroom activities to the next level with these hot hotel sex positions. 

The Vanilla Couple

Any sex position you would do at home is fair game in a hotel, and you have access to all the same equipment: bed, desk chair, sofa, and shower.  

Rather than venturing out and trying new and exciting sexual activities that can only be done in a hotel room, stick to your favorite sex positions from home. Positions like Standing Doggy, 69, and Cowgirl are perfect for couples who like the classics, even when away from their private bedroom. .

The Shower Sex Strut

There’s just something special about large and luxurious hotel showers that make you want to get hot and steamy with someone special. 

Stand in the shower while the water runs down your body, pulling your partner closer to you. Wrap your arms around her, and pull her upward using your strength. Turn and push her against the shower wall with her legs still wrapped around you. Take the shower head off the holder and enjoy pleasuring your partner. 

The Hotel Voyeur

Some hotel rooms come with full-sized ceiling mirrors or stand-alone ones in the corner of the room. Make good use of them and situate the mirror near the bed to watch your every move as if you were a Peeping Tom. 

Elevator Riders

Stand in the elevator while your lady stands facing you with her back against the wall. Walk toward her and slide a finger inside your partner as you both ride up or down and try not to get caught. 

The Jacuzzi Lovemakers

This one adds relaxation and romance to your lovemaking. Turn off all the lights and position a few candles near the hot tub or jacuzzi.

Sit facing each other in the jacuzzi. Slide your hands around your partner’s waist and kiss passionately. She can then wrap her legs around your waist and pull herself up and into your lap for kissing, grinding, or lovemaking. 

The By the Hour Daring

Rent a hotel room — by the hour! Rather than a standard hotel room, choose a love hotel that rents rooms by the hour. It is a completely different experience than staying in luxury, and it can be a great way to add excitement and adventure to your sex life.

Look into their well-known love hotels if your holiday involves a trip to Japan. Japanese love hotels are clean, safe, and designed specifically for couples who want to have a quick stop for sex. 

The Balcony Lovemakers

If you find yourself in a hotel with a private balcony, make good use of it by laying out a blanket or towel and making love or giving great oral sex in the open air. 

Pull back the curtains, press your partner’s body against the glass door leading to the balcony, and make love against the glass with a full view of the surrounding areas. 

The Couple's Package

Book a luxurious getaway in a hotel that includes a spa. Select the couples’ package and enjoy a relaxing massage, a romantic dinner, and then some time in the hot tub.

Order delicious snacks from room service. As you sip on champagne amidst tantalizing treats placed between you and your partner, caress and explore her body before collapsing onto the bed for some steamy lovemaking.

The Holiday Beach-Goers

For the adventurous couple on holiday, take your hotel sex positions outdoors and make love under the stars or next to the soothing ocean — assuming it’s safe, of course.

So pick a nude beach, wait until the sun goes down, and find a comfortable position behind a rock or concealed area to make love to your partner. Give her the most unforgettable holiday experience she’s had in a long time.

A Good Maid Never Tells

Why not try the Good Maid Never Tells position if you’re daring? When the maid comes up to clean the room, excuse yourselves to the bathroom, lock the door, and turn on the shower. 

Make love while the maid is just inches away from you, cleaning the bedroom and replacing your used and dirty towels.

It’s an interesting experiment where sexually heightened pleasure meets an adrenaline rush. 

Exciting Alternatives to Hotel Sex

Staying in a hotel can infuse sex with an exciting sense of freedom from being in a novel, stimulating environment. Partners can find respite in a hotel, where they can enjoy peace and privacy without noisy or hungry children roaming around.

You can spice up your sex life without the need for a hotel. As mentioned, some avoid hotel sex because of the price tag. You can achieve a similar sense of newness by having sex in a different location within your apartment or home. Or even (don’t tell anyone) have sex in your car or your friend’s house next time you’re house-sitting or staying for the night. Doing so is 100% free. 

For those looking to spend a little less money, try renting an Airbnb or bed and breakfast in the countryside. 

You can also seek sexual liberation by enjoying intimacy in a secluded outdoor space, like a remote cabin, woodsy area, or even in your backyard.

The privacy of an outdoor setting can provide the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner to explore different positions and discover new levels of pleasure.

Final Notes

Hotel sex is one way to switch up your routine with exciting new positions and experiences. But if you’re looking to save a few bucks, plenty of alternatives can provide the same excitement and pleasure. Whether in your own home or outdoors, unleash the beast in the sheets with these seriously hot and mind-blowing hotel sex positions.

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