Everything You Need to Know About the Full Nelson Sex Position

Everything You Need to Know About the Full Nelson Sex Position

If you catch yourself drifting off to sleep during sex, it’s about time you mix things up with one of the most searched sex positions – the Full Nelson. This position is guaranteed to hit pleasure points that you and your partner never knew existed, in addition, to bringing you two closer.

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But, be warned. The Full Nelson Sex Position is not for amateurs. Those who love the reverse cowgirl but are looking for something a little more challenging might enjoy this one. Flexibility, stamina, and determination are a must to pull this off. If you think you and your partner are up for the challenge, give the Full Nelson sex position a try.

What You Need to Know About the Full Nelson Sex Position

It’s not for beginners. The Full Nelson is an advanced position that requires significant coordination between sexual partners and a fair amount of trust, energy, and flexibility.

What can best be described as an amateur wrestling move, the Full Nelson Sex Position is excellent for deep penetration and greater G Spot stimulation for more intense orgasms.

The Full Nelson Sex Position can most easily be compared to the Reverse Cowgirl with a wrestling move-like transition. Like with Reverse Cowgirl, the receiving partner sits on the guy’s lap, facing away from his face.

After riding in reverse cowgirl position for a little while, the woman lays back onto the man’s chest and puts her legs up in a V-shape. The bottom partner should then wrap his arms around the top partner’s legs, holding her tight in this wrestling position. This move can then be intensified by the guy locking his elbows around his partner’s arms and then wrapping his fingers behind her to lock her neck into position.

Consider making the Full Nelson the grand finale. Wait until you are near climax, then transition from Reverse Cowgirl into the Full Nelson sex position for the final moment of pleasure.

The origin of the name "Full Nelson"

The name is derived from the famous wrestling move ‘The Full Nelson’, otherwise referred to as the ‘Nelson Hold,’ coined by Nelson Mandela himself after he used it at his boot camp.

However, there is also evidence to suggest that the name dates back to the 19th century and was named after Horation Nelson, who used the move in the Battle of the Nile and the Battle of Trafalgar – but don’t get it twisted – he used the boxing variation of the movement, not the sex position. Although who’s to say what he got up to when the day came to a close!

Why the Full Nelson is one of the BEST sex positions

This move can be a lot of fun for both the recipient and the giver. For women, this move can help to hit the G-spot, as it opens her body and encourages deeper penetration. Being lifted up by their male partner can also make women feel more feminine and petite.

And for men, this position asserts masculinity, power, strength and allows for deeper penetration and satisfaction. As you will be right near your partner’s ear, dirty talk with each thrust, telling her how sexy she looks and how good it feels.

And for both parties, it’s a pretty performative position, so it’s a great idea to put a mirror in front of you while performing the Full Nelson so that you can both appreciate the sheer arousal of it. Or, if you’re feeling daring, why not make a sex tape? It is an impressive move that you may want to have physical proof of later.



The Full Nelson sex position variations

Every sex position can be altered and adjusted to better suit your needs and desires, and the Full Nelson is no exception. The most popular variation to the regular Full Nelson is swapping out vaginal penetration for anal penetration.

Another common variation is Nelson’s Sandwich which involves a third party getting involved and typically employing double penetration. This variation seriously ups the ante but is a lot of fun for those who can handle it.

You can also give the Dog Meet Nelson position, a doggy-style variation of the move, which involves starting in doggy-style and then flipping over into the Full Nelson when you’re about to orgasm. This variation requires a standing doggy style position so that when the receiving partner is flipped into the Full Nelson sex position, the guy is standing up, holding the receiving partner in the air. That’s what we mean when we say that this position requires stamina – and a lot of it.

Extreme Care Necessary. This Move Could Be Dangerous

This position will prove difficult for most couples. It’s a freaking great position that will keep your partner satisfied and craving more, but this is a relatively advanced position with a slight risk for injury.

This is not only challenging, but extremely rewarding, so do not be intimidated and shy away from the Full Nelson.

It’s essential to make sure that both parties are entirely relaxed and are actually enjoying it, otherwise, the position can be uncomfortable, and at times scary – especially for the top partner.

It is not advised to try this position if you can’t carry the weight of another person, so be careful if you have weak knees or a bad back! Likewise, the receiver needs to have a level of flexibility to be able to get their legs in the V-shape required, so warming up before with a couple of hip-extension stretches wouldn’t be a half-bad idea.

There is a risk of penis injury as well. This is due to the fact that, without the support of your arms, you are essentially carrying the entire weight of your partner on your penis – and no matter how hard you may be and how petite your partner is, the penis was not designed to carry that much weight! You must have enough upper body strength to be able to support your partner and ensure that you don’t put a strain on the penis. After all, we all know what a broken penis means – no more sex and a lot of pain!

The biggest risk is neck injury, so the male needs to be careful not to put too much strain on the receiving partner’s neck, no matter how much both parties are into it. It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, but no sex position should cause injury.

You might also experience shallower breathing as your partner sits on your chest. She might also have reduced breath from having her torso bent at an angle, preventing the lungs from fully expanding.

How to Perform the Full Nelson Sex Position

The Full Nelson position has a heightened risk of injury compared to your same old sex positions. In this position men must lay on their back while their partner lays on their chest, feet flat against the ground. Followed by slowly lifting your partner’s legs upward as you lock her into place.

Due to its intense nature, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with your partner before attempting the move and consider your partner’s desires and abilities regarding this position. Establish explicit consent and perhaps a safe word that tells your partner that you’ve had enough and are at the limits of your comfort zone. If you want to perform the Full Nelson successfully, we advise that you use the following steps.

Use lube

Everything is better when it’s wetter, so if your partner is struggling to get wet, employ the use of lube to get things going smoothly again. This position requires a lot of deep thrusting, which causes significant friction, so lube is a great idea. And it’s essential if you’re going to try the anal variation of this position.

Warm up first

Whether this means a twenty-minute jog and a round of push-ups or a quick yoga session and some deep breathing, this position requires a lot from your body, so you must prepare for the physical exertion that it’s about to go through. Without warming up, you may find that you’re left with a couple of pulled muscles or reduced breath, which could make you feel lightheaded.

Get your positioning right

This isn’t easy to pull off, so you must ensure that both parties are in the correct positions before going for it. We recommend starting on a bed with lots of space, just in case the receiving partner falls off and needs something to soften their fall. Start off with the regular Full Nelson before experimenting with its variations.

Don't rush it

If you both want to orgasm, don’t be afraid to slow things down or take a break if you feel yourself rushing towards completion. Taking it slow will also help your body to be able to handle the physical exertion that this position requires.

This wrestling-inspired saucy sex position is the perfect way to spice up your mundane bedroom routine while aiming to hit the G-spot and test both partners’ stamina. If done correctly, it can be a lot of fun and make for a tremendous performative position for a sex tape or observation in a mirror. However, it can also injure both partners, so be careful to stretch, practice, and take things slow as you continue to check in with your partner.


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