Here’s Why You Need to Try the CEO Sex Position!

Here’s Why You Need to Try the CEO Sex Position!

Are you looking for a new favorite for quickies in the bedroom or office? Close the blinds, lock the door, and forward the calls!

This unique and sadly not often utilized sex position is as tempting and tantalizing as it sounds. It’s a great way to spice up your routine and take charge – in more ways than one!

Continue reading to learn why you need to try the CEO sex position and how both partners can benefit from it. 

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What Is The CEO Sex Position?

You have probably seen it in movies or heard of it from a certain former reality star, or tried it yourself in your private office.

The CEO sex position is a standing sex position, similar to standing Doggy Style. In this position, the man stands behind his partner and enters from the back. She places her hands seductively on her thighs and slightly bends her legs. 

How to Do the CEO Sex Position

The CEO sex position is one of the most simple positions you can try! There’s minimum effort involved, making it great for quickies, as described below. 

All you need is for your partner to stand in front of you, remove your pants, lift her skirt, and enter from behind – feel free to do this fully naked! 

For additional support, have your partner face a desk or wall so she can place one or both hands against it to avoid tumbling over if her knees aren’t particularly stable.

Why You Need to Try the CEO

The position is great for men who enjoy being in charge. In this dominant position, the man maneuvers his partner’s body, controlling both the pace and depth of penetration. 

The CEO sex position is also perfect for when you’re in a rush but still want to get down and dirty. It’s a quickie-friendly position that allows both partners to reach peak pleasure without spending too much time on it. Lastly, standing makes it easier to pick up your partner’s body and carry her around the room (or office!).

Although it’s a fun position, it might not be for everybody. Here are a few pros and cons of the sexual position.



How to Make the Position Hotter

If you’re looking to spice up the CEO sex position and make it even hotter, you can use a few tricks.

Not satisfied yet, and craving more tips to enhance yours and her sexual pleasure? Head on over to our YouTube channel, where you will find videos like the one below that teach real men how to become better partners, inside and outside the bedroom. 


Five Similarly Sexy Standing Positions

If you’re looking to add some spice to your bedroom repertoire, why not give these five similarly sexy standing positions a try? They’re all easy-peasy yet super hot.

Standing Doggy

Standing Doggy is super easy to execute: have your partner bend over, stick their booty out, and hold onto something sturdy—like a wall or desk—for balance.

Then step in from behind. The angle of penetration is different compared to the typical doggy style and can lead to wild orgasms.

Add extra stimulation by playing with her boobs, neck, or other erogenous zones while thrusting!

The Ballet Dancer

To get into it, have your partner stand with her front to you and then grab one of her legs and pull it upward as you enter. You can then thrust away as she balances on one leg and wraps the other around your waist for extra closeness.

Make sure your partner is comfortable supporting her body weight on one leg before trying. Otherwise, this standing position will quickly transition into a hilarious fail, with you both laying on the floor. 


The Triceratops is the perfect position for that night when you want full control over your partner’s body! Start with your partner standing facing you, then bend them over slightly and enter them from behind. And then keep a tight grip on both wrists as you thrust.

Morning Side

You’ll need a desk or table to pull this one off! In this exciting position, the female partner should lay her stomach flat against the desk and keep her lower body hanging off the edge. Her partner will enter from behind, grabbing her legs for extra control. Add a pillow under her pelvis to hit her favorite spots! 

The Hucklebuck

The Hucklebuck, or Deep Stick Standing as it is sometimes called, is another sexy position that uses a desk or table.

In this position, the male partner stands with his back against the desk or table while his partner stands in front. She places one foot on the desk and leans toward her partner’s body. 


The CEO position is one of our favorite positions, while the other five standing positions are just as steamy! Whether you’re role-playing an office fantasy or just looking for something new to try in the bedroom, these positions might be just what you need.

So go ahead, be the boss and money-maker, and get down to business in the office, home office, or bedroom! Your partner will thank you for your hard work. 

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