How to Master the Butter Churner Sex Position

How to Master the Butter Churner Sex Position

The Butter Churner is one of the top must-try sex position of 2023! Becoming increasingly popular, the Butter Churner sex position is rather difficult to master, requiring exceptional balance and flexibility from both partners. It’s generally easier for more athletic couples, but anyone can do it with some practice.

If you’re ready to level up your sex life with the Butter Churner, this article will guide you through mastering the move step-by-step. From walking you through how to enter the position to which body parts require extra attention for maximum pleasure, get ready for a memorable night in bed as you learn this tantalizing new skill.

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What Is the Butter Churner?

The Butter Churner is similar to the Piledriver sex position in that the penetrating partner is on top of the receiving partner, with some squatting and thrusting for deeper penetration and fantastic orgasms. Continue reading to learn about all the benefits of this particular and unique sex position. 

How to Do the Butter Churner

The name refers to an old-fashioned butter churner, which gives you an idea of this kinky position.

The female partner should lie flat on her back to get started. When ready, she must lift her lower body up and off the bed while her partner comes in front, grabs her legs for support, and guides them down and closer to her abdomen or face (depending on flexibility). 

The male partner only needs to squat and thrust. As you can imagine, it gives a very different sensation than popular sex positions like Cowgirl and Doggy Style, which is why it’s so popular amongst some couples. 

Bear in mind that the positioning of the male body means that the penis will penetrate at a downward angle instead of straight up or straight and out. It might be slightly uncomfortable and take some time to get used to. 

Before getting hot and heavy, warm up with foreplay. Not sure how? Find out here

Tips for Mastering the Butter Churner

If you and your partner are ready to take on the Butter Churner sex position, here are a few tips to help make it as pleasurable, safe, and enjoyable as possible:

What Are the Benefits of the Butter Churner?

Now that you know how to do it, let’s discuss why this sexual position is worth trying. The Butter Churner offers a range of benefits for both partners. It provides intense eye contact, deep penetration, and clitoral stimulation for women and ecstasy for men when their partner’s legs tightly grip their shafts. 

This complicated sex position also allows couples to explore new and exciting positions without any previous acrobatics or yoga experience. And if that wasn’t enough, it gives couples a chance to reach mind-blowing orgasms from the squatting motion required of the male partner, hitting all the right spots in her vagina.

Lastly, it gives unbelievable clitoral stimulation due to its unique angle and pressure from their bodies rubbing against each other during intercourse. 

The Butter Churner is a great sex position if you want something different and exciting in the bedroom. It can become your favourite sex position with some practice and patience!

For your convenience, here’s a summary of the pros and cons of this advanced position.



Alternatives to the Butter Churner?

The Butter Churner is a challenging and invigorating sex position that can be difficult to master. If you want something different, try these five alternatives to the Butter Churner.


The Piledriver is another advanced position that might make you break a sweat or two while attempting. To do the Piledriver, the female partner must be very flexible since she must arch her back for the male partner to enter. 

It’s a great position for G-spot stimulation and intense orgasms, but it requires good balance and coordination from both partners, like the Butter Churner. Have the female partner lie on her back and then tilt her pelvis up and forward. Come behind her, guide her legs towards the chest and face, and then enter while she’s pinned down. 

The Eagle

The Eagle is a great option for couples because it’s less strenuous but offers deep penetration. To get into the Eagle sex position, the female partner only needs to lie on her back, tilt her pelvis, and bend her knees. Her partner will come between her legs and keep the legs up, bend at the knee, and spread. 

The Oyster

The Oyster is another good alternative for less physically capable couples. The male partner will not have to hold a squatting position, but can relax on top as if he were a missionary. However, the female partner must put in a little effort and flexibility, pining her legs as close to her head as possible so that her pelvis is tilted towards her man. The angle of penetration is extremely pleasurable for many women because it hits very different spots than other positions, but to pull the Oyster, she must be flexible. 

All Hail The Greatest

What a name for a sex position! All Hail the Greatest is essentially the Butter Churner, with one key change – the male partner balances on a sofa and penetrations his partner in a plank position. If you weren’t keen on squatting during sex but want to try the Butter Churner, this might be a better position. 

The Butterfly

To round off our list of alternatives, we have the Butterfly. It’s the simplest position on this list, but it gives some of the same benefits, such as better penetration, clitoral stimulation, and the thrill of a challenge. 

To do the Butterfly, the female partner must lie on her back, and the male partner should kneel between her legs. The female partner should then lift her legs and wrap them around the man’s neck, while he supports her upper body by gripping her legs and lifting her off the bed. This position is great for couples who want to enjoy each other’s bodies and make eye contact while having sex.


Butter Churner is a fantastic position every couple should attempt at least once! It offers many benefits, such as more intense sensations, better penetration, and clitoral stimulation.

If you want to switch up your bedroom routine, this kinky position will surely give you and your partner incredible orgasms with every try.

It’s not for everyone, since it requires some balance and coordination. If you’re not up for the challenge, plenty of other fun new sex positions can give you and your partner just as mind-blowing orgasms. 

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