Secret Sex Positions That Will Make Your Woman Squirt

Secret Sex Positions That Will Make Your Woman Squirt

Women can achieve intense pleasure during sex by reaching orgasm, though few have experienced the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction known as ‘squirting’. Different techniques and positions can be used to experience this powerful sensation.

If you have been looking for the best position to squirt, it’s time you looked no further.

We will reveal some highly recommended tips and tricks to give her an experience she won’t forget for years.

With a bit of practice, you can make any woman squirt.

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What is Squirting?

Squirt or female ejaculation is the fluid that exits the urethra during sexual arousal. Because it comes out of the urethra, many people think it’s just peeing.

Squirt and urine are not the same! Although she won’t gush like a porn star, she can release at least a teaspoon of fluid from her Skene’s Gland (sometimes called the female prostate, although they are not the same thing) and out of the urethra.

woman's sexual organ

Skene’s Gland is located near the bladder and is believed to be the source of the sweet nectar we call squirt. Although the research is limited, squirting seems real, not just pee.

A woman squirts when she’s exceptionally aroused through sexual stimulation. As her body builds up sexual tension and anticipation of what’s to come, her G Spot (the place you will have to stimulate to make her squirt) becomes engorged and swollen.

Unlike a swollen face or body, a swollen G Spot is a great sign!

Making a girl squirt is not rocket science, and most women can squirt when you follow our eight top-secret steps.

What's the Secret to Making Every Girl Squirt?

The secret to making any woman —yes, any woman — squirt can be summarized into four categories.

Once you have mastered the four, you can make your partner squirt in any sex position we will teach you below.

Turn Her On

By turning her on, we don’t mean only physically.

Great sex starts in a woman’s mind, so give foreplay your best shot. Dirty talk, tell her how beautiful and sexy she is, and don’t forget to mention how much you want her.

Then move on to something a little more physical. Gently caress your partner, play with her hair, and stimulate her other erogenous zones with her clothes on.

Once you have her attention, slowly take off her clothes and move toward her legs. Avoid vaginal and clit stimulation for as long as possible. She should practically pull you into her before you consider going between her legs.

Stimulate the G Spot

She will not squirt if you do not hit her G Spot. Although some women can squirt through other means, it’s not as common as squirting from G Spot stimulation. G Spot stimulation to make your partner squirt is so common that it’s the most recommended technique.

Luckily, you do not have to have a huge penis to make her squirt during intercourse, nor do your fingers need to be extraordinarily thick or long.

The G Spot is on the upper vaginal wall, not far from the opening of the vagina, so it does not require deep penetration. A knuckle and a half is plenty; you can reach it with sex toys, fingers, and any average-sized penis.

Simulating the G-Spot

Once you have found it (and this part is crucial), apply a lot of pressure! We mean maximum G Spot stimulation.

Be mindful of your partner’s body language. She might be sensitive or have other issues that make the extra stimulation painful and not pleasurable. In most cases, you will need plenty of pressure on her spot to make her squirt.

Now that you know where to touch, move on to the next part, where we will teach you the proper fingering method to make her squirt.

All in the Hand Movement

Using your fingers instead of a toy or your penis is a good choice for beginners or women who do not need a lot of stimulation to squirt.

Use your index finger if she still needs to warm up fully. If she’s wet and ready, go for two fingers, the middle and ring, to stimulate her G Spot.

With your fingers inside, pull upward and move your arm back slightly without taking your fingers off her spot.

Making your partner squirt is tiring, but using your fingers to pull and not your arm will not help! When you pull upward and back, move your entire arm. Don’t just move your fingers; you will quickly and needlessly make your fingers hurt or get tired before she squirts.

Keep pulling upward and back repeatedly, especially if you hit the exact spot she likes.

Be Consistent

Persistence and consistency are two non-negotiable conditions for making your partner squirt. She will not squirt if you do not steadily stroke, massage, and pull up and towards yourself on her G Spot. Likewise, she will not if you hit the right spot but do not spend enough time doing the thing she likes.

While eating pussy, most men make the same mistake. You find the flick, lick, or nibble that she likes but do not do it long enough for her to cum. Squirting is the same in that aspect. If you find something she likes, keep doing it until she squirts. Do not try to switch it up too many times, or she won’t release the fluid that is slowly building up inside her.

Use Double Stimulation

Sometimes the extra push that brings her over the edge comes from having double stimulation. Meaning hitting her G Spot with the right, consistent rhythm and stroking, rubbing, or vibrating her clitoris.

During intercourse, you can make a woman squirt with double stimulation by hitting her G Spot with your penis and giving her clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Alternatively, let her take some work off your plate and encourage her to touch herself with her well-lubed-up fingers (dry hands and fingers won’t work) or vibrator or wand. A Hitachi wand is an excellent choice.

Tell Her to Let Go

A lot of women naturally want to hold in the fluid. Due to embarrassment, fear, or uncertainty about the experience, a lot of women feel uncomfortable with their bodies. They will naturally clench up and refuse to allow the fluid to leave the body.

The sensation also feels like the urge to urinate, and since most people hold their bladder throughout the day, it can feel weird to relax and give in to it.

When your partner feels like she has to pee, you’re close to making her squirt! Keep pulling her G Spot and applying as much pressure as she’s comfortable with. Finally, when she screams that she’s going to pee, encourage her to let it go.

Your mantra for the evening is this: Let it go!

No, we don’t mean in a spiritual or life-altering sense, but literally, she needs to let it go for her to squirt.

She must unclench her thighs and relax while you give your woman all the attention and stimulation she needs to have her first squirting experience.

Get the Timing Right

Removing your fingers, toys, or penis at the right time is one of the more challenging aspects of making a woman squirt. The goal is to remove the object right when the tension has built up, and she can’t hold it back anymore. Usually, it takes time and practice to get it right.

Try starting with your fingers and a sex toy before intercourse if you have not mastered timing yet.

Pull Out

A woman will only squirt if you move your fingers, toy, or penis out of the way. Squirt exits the urethra, which is located below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening. While persistently and lovingly stroking her G Spot, you might block the urethral opening and prevent the fluid from exiting her body.

Your partner will be close to squirting when she can feel the pressure building up. The sensation is similar to needing to urinate. When your partner screams, “I need to pee!” get ready to pull your fingers, toy, or penis out of the way.

If you don’t pull out, she won’t squirt.

What You Will Need to Make a Girl Squirt

Finally, let’s discuss what you will need on your side. Before heading down south to play tug-of-war with your partner’s G Spot, grab some good lube. Ideally, she should be soaking wet and incredibly turned on before trying to make her squirt. However, if dryness is an issue for her, keeping water-based lubricant on the nightstand will not hurt.

Secondly, grab a towel. You will thank us for saving you from soiled sheets, midnight runs to the laundry mat, or having to stock up on replacements in the closet.

Or, if you have your eye on becoming a professional, it might be worth your time to save your bedsheets by purchasing waterproof ones.

Most women won’t gush like pornstars, but if she does, it’s better to be prepared. This brings us to a very important point — make her go to the bathroom before trying to make her squirt. If you don’t, it won’t be pure, sweet, feminine fluid coming out of her. Instead, it will be either straight urine or the nectar of the gods (squirt) mixed with urine. Neither case sound very appealing.

Finally, you will need your tools to make her squirt. Will it be your fingers, sex toys, or penis today? Decide which works better for your partner by asking if she has ever squirted before and learning how she did it the previous times.

Remember that the G Spot is on the upper vaginal wall and only a knuckle and a half inside. You don’t have to have a massive penis to hit her spot during intercourse. However, it is significantly harder to make her squirt during intercourse, so if you are inexperienced with squirting, try with your fingers and toys first.

Fingers are a good beginner option. It is possible to make many women squirt by using your middle finger and ring finger to stimulate their G Spot.

Sex toys are a great option because the rigid plastic or glass ones are solid enough to provide all the G Spot stimulation she will ever need. The vibrations are a bonus. Not every woman needs vibrations to squirt, but it certainly won’t hurt to have them on hand if required.

Want to learn more about squirting? Read this in-depth guide to making a woman squirt. As a bonus, here is a free squirting video tutorial.

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The Best Positions to Squirt With Toys and Fingers

The best squirting positions stimulate the G Spot. Use your fingers, sex toys, or penis to apply pressure to this magic spot inside the vagina.

On Her Back

Man using a sex toy on a woman

First, grab a towel and gently place the towel down under your partner and ask her to lay on top. Put a pillow underneath her head, so she’s comfortable. Once she’s in place and ready, move to her lower body. We recommend kneeling between her legs, not laying down on your stomach, because pulling upwards on her G Spot is easier.

Great! Now she’s resting at the top of the bed, and you’re between her lovely thighs. The next thing you should do is insert two fingers or a G Spot Wand sex toy and start pulling up and away from her body.

Don’t be afraid to put your back into it! For a woman to squirt, you must apply pressure to the G Spot. Keep massaging her spot by pulling your fingers upwards and back. Patience is key, as she might take a while to squirt. Be persistent with your movements, pulling upward and back towards yourself.

When you hear the magic words, “I feel like I’m about to pee!” tell your woman to let it go, then quickly pull your fingers out and away.

The Champagne Bottle

The Champagne Bottle sex position

The champagne bottle position is essentially doggy style, but we renamed it because a champagne bottle is what she will resemble when she squirts for the first time.

Ask your partner to get on her knees doggy style. Put a pillow down so she’s comfortable, although she will wiggle and move around a lot from all the sexual pleasure.

Because her anatomy is reversed in this position, her G Spot is down (not upward). Pull downward while pulling your arm back.

In this position, don’t be static while your partner does all the movement. It’s better if both you and her move. Place a hand on her back and push her slightly down. Or, move around with her as she squirms. Try to connect and move with her for maximum bonding and G Spot stimulation.

When she’s ready, encourage her to let go. Then, pull your fingers or toy out. Expect her to fall onto the bed because of how pleasurable the sensation was for her.

This position is a favorite because watching her juices drip down her body is incredibly hot.

Reverse Cowgirl

The Reverse Cowgirl sex position

Reverse cowgirl can be an intimate squirting experience because your partner will squirt close to your face, and you can transition into penetrative sex quickly after she squirts.

Push and pull downward to find her G Spot. Watch as her juices flow out of her, and she collapses onto your lap.


Using a sex toy on a woman while standing

Guide your partner to the wall, and place one hand on her chest or neck, and the other inside her, stimulating her G Spot.

Better yet, take a sex toy such as the G Spot Wand and hold it inside her for maximum pleasure. Keep your hand on her chest or neck, playing with her G Spot until she utters the magic words. “I’m about to pee!” Encourage her to let it go, and then pull your toy or finger out of her.

Make the experience better by holding your finger or G Spot Wand inside her while she holds a wand to her clit.

One, or perhaps all, of these positions will make your girlfriend squirt and gush all over herself, and maybe you too.

The Best Positions to Squirt During Sex

Making a girl squirt during intercourse is a lot harder. But, not impossible and certainly as fun as making her squirt with fingers and sex toys.

Try these three positions and the squirting techniques learned to make your girl squirt all night long.

The Captain

The Captain sex position

The captain is similar to missionary. There is one key difference. Instead of allowing her legs to rest naturally, you will lift both legs up and pin them near her head with your hands and arms.

Positions where the legs are pulled up on your shoulders, pinned near your partner’s head, or moved a bit allow you to change the angle of penetration to hit her G Spot better.

Butter Churner

The Butter Churner sex position

You can penetrate her in this position from many angles — perfect for hitting her G Spot.

Depending on your partner’s flexibility, this position might be a little challenging to get into. Ask her to put her upper body on the ground and lift her bottom up. You will then come behind her and essentially sit down into her vagina. Grab her legs to hold her steady and angle yourself so that your penis hits her spot while you thrust in and out of her.

When she’s ready, you will have to quickly pull out of her to release the fluid and make her squirt.


Making a girl squirt might take a lot of time to master, but learning how will, without a doubt, improve your sex life. Remember the essential techniques.

Finally, find the perfect sex position for squirting that allows you to accomplish all eight techniques to make her squirt.

We have one final parting gift. Did we mention women can squirt multiple times? If she can handle it, don’t stop after the first round. Keep using these techniques to give her squirting orgasms over and over, and if you want to learn more about sex, consider subscribing to us on YouTube.

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