The Anvil — An Advanced Sex Position You’ll Love Trying!

The Anvil — An Advanced Sex Position You’ll Love Trying!

The Anvil is a great introductory, advanced sexual position that will heat up any bedroom, creating mind-blowing pleasure for both parties involved.

Unlike all standard positions you tried before, the Anvil provides higher levels of stimulation and more fulfilling climaxes that you won’t forget!

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting position and discover how to make it work for you and your partner or alternatives you can try.

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What Is the Anvil Sex Position?

The Anvil is a man-on-top position and is a variation of the classic missionary position but with just a twist or two that makes it even more pleasurable.

In the Anvil position, the man lies on top of the woman and enters from a kneeling position. The woman puts her leg around the man’s neck and pulls him close for extra stimulation and intimacy.

This is one of the best beginner-friendly sex positions for deeper penetration and increased pleasure.

How To Do the Anvil Sex Position

To do the Anvil, the female partner should lay flat on her back and bring her legs upward. The male partner should then get on his knees, insert himself into his partner, and then grab her legs.

Depending on preference, she will bend her legs and wrap her feet around her partner’s neck in a loose or more firm grip. Once everyone is in place, the male partner on top will place his pubic bone firmly against his partner’s body.

He can use his hands, knees, and even feet (depending on the variation) to support himself while he thrusts and grinds against his partner.


Watch the YouTube tutorial below for an in-depth guide to the anvil position. Follow this link to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Play Video about Anvil sex position - Youtube video

Benefits of the Anvil Sex Position

The Anvil offers a variety of benefits that make it worth trying out.

As mentioned, there’s deeper penetration than in other positions due to the closeness between bodies and the angle that occurs when the female partner lifts her legs up and around her partner’s neck.

The deep penetration can be especially beneficial for those looking to reach new heights of pleasure. The angle of penetration also helps stimulate the G-spot, A, and even C Spot deep inside the vagina, which can lead to more intense orgasms for your female partner.

It also gives both partners a great view of each other’s bodies, especially if you enjoy looking into your partner’s eyes or watching her facial expression change when she’s nearing orgasm. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of the sex position.



Overall, the Anvil sex position is a great option and is incredibly versatile, so you can easily adjust the angle of penetration or add different elements to make it even more enjoyable.

Foolproof Tricks to Make the Anvil Position Orgasmic

The Anvil position is a great way to spice up your bedroom routine and can be an incredibly satisfying experience.

But as with any new sex position leading to more pleasure, it’s important to ensure you’re doing it right to get the most out of it. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Anvil experience.

Communicate With Your Partner

Before you race ahead and get into the Anvil position, talk with your partner about what she is comfortable with and what she would like to try — get on the same page.

Discuss how deep she’d like to go, what angle of penetration is best for both of you, and any other preferences or concerns.

Maintain Eye Contact

The Anvil position is great for maintaining eye contact with your partner because it is a close and intimate sex position, more so than tried and true classics like doggy and cowgirl. Eye contact has been proven to enhance sexual pleasure. So, look deeply into your partner’s eyes as you move together.

Dirty Talk

To heat things up in the bedroom, start with light compliments and work your way up to dirtier talk.

Get the most out of dirty talk by sticking to your partner’s specific desires and interests. Instead of making generic comments like, “You’re so hot!” or “I want you so badly!” it’s more effective to show you really know what makes her aroused.

Watch this guide to dirty talk to learn how to talk like a pro in the bedroom! We offer easy-to-follow tips and tricks to spice up your conversation with your significant other. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can create an unforgettable experience using some of our techniques!

Go Slow and Steady

The Anvil position is all about slow and steady movements. Plus, taking time and savoring each moment can be more satisfying than rushing into hard thrusts and fast movements.

When trying a new sex position, starting off slow and steady before transitioning to faster and more intense movements is good practice.

Use Lube, if Needed

Adding some extra lube can help reduce friction and make it easier to move in and out of your partner. It also helps create a smoother experience overall and can help you and her reach orgasm. Be sure to use a water-based lube, as oil-based lubes can damage condoms. If you are not using condoms, water, oil, or silicone-based might be suitable for you and your partner.

Adjust the Penetration Angle

Add a pillow under your partner’s hips with her leg rested on the bed to change the angle even more.

Consider purchasing a sex wedge to give your partner the lift she needs for maximum pleasure.

adjusting the penetration angle through a pillow

Use Sex Toys ​

Extreme sex positions like the Anvil are great for incorporating other forms of intense and orgasmic activities, such as using sex toys.

Depending on your strength and your partner’s body proportions, you might need both hands to remain steady throughout sex, making holding a vibrator or wand against your partner unfeasible. Likewise, the twist in her legs will make it difficult for her to reach her clitoris to stimulate herself.

In this case, internal sex toys are your friend! There are several internal sex toys you can use, such as the vibrating butt plug and vibrating egg, that will enhance the sexual experience.

Just pop the vibrating egg or anal plug into her anus before getting into position, and enjoy the intense sensations during penetration as you feel the vibrations internally.

Your partner can also enjoy the vibrating egg inserted inside her vagina while your penis slides and grinds against her clitoris; her legs should be locked around your neck, allowing you to give her an orgasm before any penetration.

Five Alternatives to the Anvil That Anyone Can Try

The Anvil can be quite challenging for some couples. While this position can be incredibly pleasurable, it may not suit everyone. If you’re looking for alternatives to the Anvil, here are five positions you can try.

Classic Missionary

missionary sex position

This simple position is perfect for those who want to keep things straightforward. The man lies on top of the woman, entering from above. It needs no further explanation, but if you’re looking for tips to spice up boring old missionary, read this.

The Deep Stick

The Deep Stick is one of several similar positions to the Anvil, except the female partner places her hands on the male partner’s legs to pull him in closer to her. The benefits of this position are similar to the Anvil, with the addition of the female partner having more control over her man’s pace and depth of penetration.

The deep stick sex position

To do this, get into the same position as the Anvil. Your partner should be resting on the bed with slightly bent legs. Grab them, and when you penetrate your partner, she should take her hands, place them on both thighs, and pull you into her or guide your movements as you grind against her body.

The Cross

The Cross sex position is similar to the Anvil. She should place her legs around the male partner’s neck, but the male partner leans back instead of coming in and close to his partner during penetration.

The cross sex position

Your partner should lie on her back with her legs spread to do this position. Get between her legs, take both legs, and place them on your shoulders. She should then tighten her legs around your neck as you thrust in and out of her.

The Leg Lock

The Leg Lock sex position is similar, except the woman does not place her legs around her partner’s neck. Rather, she should wrap her legs around her partner’s waist as he thrusts.

The Leg Lock sex position

You should kneel in front of your partner while she lies on her back to do this position. Grab both of her legs, and pull her close to you. Insert yourself inside, grab her legs, and lift her lower body slightly. She will then lock her legs around your waist.


The Anvil is a favourite sex position but can be quite challenging for some couples, but with the techniques listed here, you should be able to make it work for you and your partner.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Anvil, you can try plenty of other positions. From classic missionary to the leg lock, these five positions offer a variety of ways to explore your sexuality and pleasure each other in exciting ways.

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