Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position With Pictures! 

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Sex Position With Pictures! 

The Amazon sex position can be a game-changer if you want to spice up your sex life. This unique variation of the woman-on-top sex position allows for some intense penetration and gives the female partner complete control over her man—talk about power! Plus, making it super hot is as easy as using your hands to explore all those delicious curves.

But just like any other sex position, there are pros and cons to consider before trying this move. On the one hand, it can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners; on the other, it may not work for everyone due to height or strength discrepancies. Read on to learn more about what makes Amazon worthy of trying and how you can make it even hotter!

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What is the Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon is a woman-on-top sex position where the male partner lifts his pelvis and bends his knees slightly. The unique position of his body changes the angle of penetration, and depending on the woman, she may feel ten times better than Cowgirl or any other position she’s tried. 

How to Do the Amazon Sex Position

The male partner has a relaxed role in this sex position but needs to be strong enough to keep his legs steady in position. On the other hand, the female partner has quite a bit of work ahead of her! We recommend the male partner gets into position first, and then the female gets on top of him. She should focus on stabilizing her body, using her partner’s thighs for support if needed. When ready and comfortable, she should carefully slide her partner’s penis inside her. 

As mentioned, the unique angle of penetration can be pleasure-inducing for the woman, but if the penis is bent too quickly, it can be a bit painful for the man. Therefore, she should focus on careful insertion, going slow and steady against his body. 

Variations of the Amazon

Rather than making eye contact, the female partner can turn her back to her man. The change in direction gives him a better view of her backside, if that turns him on, and allows her to sit more comfortably as she can use his thighs to bear more weight. 

Another variation of this sexual position includes having the female partner change her stance. Rather than squatting, she can kneel. It takes a load of pressure off those delicate knees and may prolong the duration of sex, as she will be less likely to tap out after a few seconds.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of the Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon sex position is an exciting and challenging take on the classic missionary. As the name implies, it is inspired by the fierce female warriors of Ancient Greece – the Amazons. Both partners must be quite physically fit and flexible to make this sexual position successful.

As with any sex position, some will love it, and others will hate it. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits for bedroom pleasure.

Some pros include the following:

There are a few cons that come with this position, including:

How to Make It Ten Times Hotter

One of the biggest complaints comes from the angle of penetration. If she is not careful, it’s too much strain on the penis. She can lean more toward her partner’s face to relieve some pressure. The Reverse Amazon also works wonders for decreasing penile strain.

The male partner enjoys the ride while his lady does the work. Since your hands will be free anyway, why not use them to explore her body? Nipple play is a good option since she’ll face you and bend slightly downwards. Slowly take her nipples in your hands, rub, caress, and pinch them according to her pleasure. 

Then there’s the most obvious choice — her clit! There are a few different approaches you can take. One option is to use your hands to control the pressure, rub circles, or play with her clit in other fun ways. You can also opt for a sex toy such as a vibrator or wand, which allows you to provide a more intense experience.

Learn more about the power of touch below. 

Five Similar Sex Positions

If the Amazon isn’t for you and her, try one of these equally pleasurable woman-on-top sex positions. These will drive her wild with excitement as she uses your body as you sit back and relax. 

Cowgirl ​

The Cowgirl sex position is a classic, where the female partner straddles her man, facing him and controlling the depth and angle of penetration. This position is excellent for clitoral stimulation, eye contact, and a comfortable transition into other positions.

Asian Cowgirl​

The Asian Cowgirl is a variation of the Cowgirl, and no… we did not name it ourselves. It’s another female dominant position, but the difference between Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, and Asian Cowgirl is in the position of the legs. In this particular sex position, the woman bends her knees and squats down on her partner’s penis. For some ladies, the angle of penetration may be more pleasurable than other variations of the Cowgirl, but for others, the strain in the knee is a bit too much to bear. 

Sofa Straddle​

Sofa Straddle is a woman in a top sex position, sitting on her partner’s lap while he relaxes on the sofa. If chair sex excites you, try the Lap Dance next time. It’s similar, except you get a good view of her behind as she seductively backs into you and bounces or grinds against your lower body. Men who enjoy the Amazon, but want to be in an upright position, might prefer the Sofa Straddle. 

Crouching Tiger​

You might have heard of the movie, but did you know it was a sex position too? The Crouching Tiger is similar to the form a tiger makes when it’s readying itself to pounce on its prey. Likewise, imagine your lady getting hot and ready to pounce on your body.

To do the position, the male partner lies flat against the bed while keeping his knees slightly bent and raised upward off the bed. The female partner places one knee against the bed and bends the other in a position that resembles a lunge.

The Amazonian ​

Think of the Amazonian as a blend of the Amazon and Asian Cowgirl. The female partner bends her knees in a squatting position, but rather than lending away, she comes in closer to his body. The penetrating partner should keep his legs bent and upward while she penetrates herself and controls the pace and depth. 


From its exciting angle of penetration to its clitoral stimulation and other variations that can spice things up in the bedroom — the Amazon position has everything you need for an intimate night of passion!

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