Master the 69 Sex Position! Tips, Tricks, and Variations

Master the 69 Sex Position! Tips, Tricks, and Variations

Sixty-nine is a hit in most bedrooms, providing both partners with the intense pleasure of oral sex, but this tried and true sex position can quickly get stale, boring, or awkward… 

You don’t have to take our word for it; endless reports show the positive impacts of trying out different sexual positions. Changing your routine can make all the difference between a boring love life and an exciting and passionate one.

To help you get more out of 69 and prevent it from going out of practice in your bedroom, we’ve put together some pro tips for mastering this dynamic sex position, including different variations you can try for maximum pleasure.

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What Is 69?

69 is one of the most classic oral sex positions, and is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, where both partners receive pleasure simultaneously.

The name sixty-nine comes from the form the bodies make when arranged in this position, where the bottom partner must lie on their back and the other positions themselves over their partner’s mouth facing the opposite direction.

Reasons to Try 69:

Reasons to Pass on It:

How to Make 69 Less Awkward

Sixty-nine can get pretty awkward. How long do you do it for? What happens if the partner on top is bored or not enjoying it? Or, more importantly, what happens when a major height difference prevents one partner from fully reaching the other’s pleasure center? 

Whatever the case is, when one partner is less into it than the other, things can become stagnant quickly!

Suck smarter, not harder: Here are your options! 

Talk While You Lick

Talking keeps both partners engaged and keeps things interesting. You can talk about anything from fantasies to what feels good or how much you enjoy it. This will help keep the mood light and fun and ensure both partners get pleasure out of the experience.

Focus on Sensuality, Not Orgasms

Bringing your partner to the brink of orgasm is great, but it shouldn’t be the end goal. Instead, take your time and savor every moment.

Focus on the sensual and intimate part of the experience. Take your time and savor each moment. It can be as simple as lightly caressing your partner while you’re licking them, or even holding their hand. 

Instead of trying to rush to the finish line, focus on making the experience more enjoyable, regardless of whether either or both have an orgasm. 

Use Your Hands

 As tempting as it might be to lay back and relax, use your hands to get more out of the experience. Reach down and trace your fingers up and down your partner’s back while she’s on top. Grab her ass or spank it! Use your finger(s) for internal stimulation while licking and sucking her clit, or take a finger and tease her ass!

Use Pillows

Placing pillows underneath the partner on the bottom can help create a better angle for both to reach each other’s pleasure zones. This is especially helpful if the two partners have a major height difference.

Sex Wedges

Sex wedges are dedicated sex toys designed to make certain sex positions more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you find that Missionary, Doggy, or any of your go-to favorites are not as satisfying as you would like, try purchasing a sex wedge to better angle the hips.

It is a simple and inexpensive trick that can make all the difference between a so-so evening and a mind-blowing one! 

Sometimes a change in angle is required to stimulate the G Spot better, achieve deeper penetration, and make the experience more enjoyable for both partners.

Wear Crotchless Underwear

Crotchless underwear is incredibly sexy! Have your partner wear a sexy lingerie set paired with crotchless panties before getting into sixty-nine for a little extra sex appeal. Not only will it look hot, but it will also be a more interesting way to access each other’s bodies.


If you’re on the fence about sixty-nine, it could be that you haven’t found the right variation for you and your partner’s bodies and preferences.  

Try experimenting with different angles and positions to find the one that works best for both of you. You can also try using your hands to stimulate each other or even add a vibrator into the mix for extra pleasure.

Lay Back and Enjoy

For some people, focusing on their pleasure while pleasing others is challenging. If this is the case, try lying back and enjoying the experience.

Focus on your pleasure and let your partner take care of you. This can make the experience more enjoyable. After some time has passed, join back in on the action and stimulate your partner. 

Don't Go Overboard

Yes, Sixty-nine is great for quick and fun pleasure but don’t overdo it!

Oral sex was not designed to be the main course but rather a sexy and sensual appetizer leading up to the main event.

Keep it short and sweet. Don’t go overboard and exhaust yourself or your partner. Instead, use it to get each other aroused and ready for something else. 

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69 Sex Position Variations

If you’re looking for something new, there are plenty of variations on the traditional 69 position.

Classic 69

Classic 69 is straightforward. Lie on the bed and then have your partner lie on top of you, facing toward your feet in the opposite direction. This allows for easy access and is the most common version of 69.

Classic 69 Pros: The classic 69 sex position is a classic for a reason! It’s quick and easy to get into position and great for mutual sexual pleasure. The closeness of bodies also gives it an intimate feeling. 

Cons: This classic can swiftly become monotonous. After a few times, it becomes nothing special.  

Sideways 69

Sideways 69 is similar to the classic version, but with both partners lying on their sides facing each other. This can be a great way to take the pressure off and make it easier for partners to stay in the position for longer.

Sideways 69 Pros: This variation is great for those who may feel overwhelmed by the classic variation or have difficulty staying in the classic position for extended periods. The side-by-side version allows both partners to enjoy each other while exploring different angles.

Cons: This variation can be more difficult to get into and put more strain on one partner’s neck and back. It also requires more coordination to ensure both partners are in the same position.

Reverse 69

Reverse 69 is perfect for those looking for more of a challenge! In this variation, the female partner lies on her back while the male partner gets on top. This variation allows the male partner to control the deeper penetration. 

 Reverse 69 Pros: This variation is great for those seeking more intensity in their 69 experience. The angle of penetration allows for deeper penetration and a unique sensation for both partners.

Cons: Reverse 69 can be difficult to get into and requires more coordination between the two partners. It can also be intimidating for the female partner if she is uncomfortable with face fucking or anything resembling it. 

Standing 69

Standing 69 is a unique and exciting variation of the classic 69 position, allowing for more freedom and flexibility.

In this variation, both partners stand facing each other and intertwine their bodies while supporting each other’s weight. This position can be great for those looking to take their 69 experience to the next level!

Standing 69 Pros: Standing 69 adds excitement and thrill. This variation allows for a very interesting experience if the stronger partner can support the other’s weight. Plus, getting into and maintaining the position is an ego boost!

 Cons: The cons of this variation are apparent. It can be more difficult to get into, as it requires both partners to have great balance, coordination, and strength. The male partner will have to work hard to keep his partner from slipping and for both of them to avoid tumbling over. Partners who try it may not be able to hold the position for long. 

Sex Toy 69

There are many sex toys on the market, such as the G-spot wand, anal beads, dildos, prostate massagers, and even clit suckers. Rather than relying solely on your mouth, use a sex toy to stimulate your partner vaginally or anally

Sex Toy 69 Pros: Sex toys can provide more intense stimulation and pleasure for both partners. It can also help make the experience more comfortable, taking some tension off your tongue, mouth, and neck.

Cons: Sex toys can be a bit intimidating for those who are not used to them or may not know how to use them properly. 

Sex Swing 69

Imagine the above, but as hot, sensual 69! 

Sex Swing 69 is a banging variation of the 69 position that allows for more freedom of movement.

This variation involves using a sex swing to support one or both partners, enabling them to move freely without worrying about balance or strain on their bodies. One person climbs into the device while the other stands or both partners can climb in.

 Sex Swing 69 Pros: A sex swing makes it easier to move without worrying about balance, enabling you to explore different angles and positions. Plus, it can be a great way to play with each other’s other erogenous zones!

 Cons: Sex swings can be expensive, depending on the type, and it also requires setup and may not be suitable for your living space. If you’re not into setting up equipment or have issues surrounding bondage and restraints, this may not be the best option for you.

Threesome 69

Bringing in another party is an effective solution to making any sex position or sexual activity more interesting.

By having an extra pair of hands, mouth, and genitals, you can stimulate each other in ways you may not have been able to before.

One possible threesome 69 sex position is having one person lay on their back while the other gets on top of their face. The third person will sit on the bottom partner’s chest to deliver oral to the bottom partner.

Another option is making a circle where all three people can pleasure each other simultaneously. 

Threesome 69 Pros: A threesome is thrilling and a unique way to explore different sexual activities that you may not have accomplished with only two people. 

 Cons: Threesomes can be tricky because they require all participants to be comfortable and on the same page. Because one more body is involved, you must work harder to get the coordination right. 

Suspended Congress Sex Position

It’s not as political as the name sounds. Take your partner and pull her towards you, bottom up. While you sit back and relax on the sofa, your partner will squat over your face while bending down to reach your groin. 

Pros: Suspended Congress is one of the more unique positions on this list. It’s great for a man with neck or back pain because he can sit comfortably on the sofa with his partner above him. It’s also fun to try and angle bodies correctly, and getting into position could be just as thrilling as the oral itself.

Cons: This position requires some strength and balance from your partner to perform correctly; in a squatting position, keeping balance may not be easy. Additionally, some partners may feel uncomfortable if their knees are not properly supported.


Sixty-nine, with enough practice, can be an incredibly pleasurable and exciting sexual experience.

There are many variations of the position, from Sex Swing 69 to Suspended Congress, each with its pros and cons.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in the art of sixty-nine, exploring these different positions can level up your sex life.

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