When Does Your Penis Stop Growing?

When Does Your Penis Stop Growing?

Babies are born with a one-inch penis.

This means that if you’re a man with an average penis (five and a half inches, to be exact) your penis grows 5.5 times during your lifetime!

Five and a half times is a lot. Imagine if you took your penis now and made it grow 5 times. That’s like 20 inches. What the heck!

I know you’ve watched porn, so you know there are some huge dicks out there. Ron Jeremy was famous for his nine incher, and modern porn stars are known to be ten inches long (or more).

Now, if you’re reading this and are saying “ha, dick size doesn’t matter, who cares?” then I suggest you strongly reconsider. Women love larger penises, despite what anyone says, so it’s in your best interest to grow a larger penis.

Obviously, Ron Jeremy wasn’t born with a nine-inch penis. There were certain factors that made his penis grow, so what can we do to make sure our penises do the same?

As you’ll see, there’s a lot of factors that influence penis size. To start, we’ll discuss how big your penis will be…

As Nature Intended

I mentioned earlier that the average penis size is about five and a half inches. This means that your penis grows 5 times during the course of your life. So what causes this?

The answer is normal growth. Clearly, you’re taller than a baby, so your entire body grows during your lifetime.

On average, men stop gaining height around age 16, but growth spurts can continue all the way to 20 years old.

You can expect your penis to grow at the same rate. This begs the question: why did my penis stop growing?

What Happened?

When your penis stops growing, there are usually a few reasons why. Here’s a bunch of them:

Age – As you get older, your penis will stop growing. You know that, but did you know that your penis can actually shrink as you get older? Environmental factors (and lack of use) can cause your penis to shrink as you age.

Weight – Weight gain is disastrous for penis size for two main reasons. The first is that as you gain weight, your blood flow to the penis decreases, as does size. Additionally, fat gain around the penis will obscure your member and make it look smaller. Not good!

Diet – Poor diet can cause weight gain (which is obviously bad), but certain unhealthy foods can destroy penis health, making your dick limp and short. We don’t want that.

Sex/Masturbation – This one is a toss-up. There are definitely benefits that come with abstinence but if I had a gun to my head…I’d say that more sex can make your penis bigger. However, the reason isn’t what you think.

Blood flow is one of the most important factors in penis health. That’s why edging is so important; it’s the best way to pump your penis full of blood regularly. When you stop providing blood to your cells, they can atrophy, and die off…making your penis shrink.

Now, add up all these facts and you can see why men’s dicks stop growing (or start shrinking). As we age, we’re guilty of exercising less, eating more, and forgetting to have sex. Put all of these together, and it’s clear that your penis won’t grow forever…UNLESS…

Penis Enlargement Is Your Friend

By now you know that your penis can stop growing (or even shrink), but what if you can make your penis grow?

Thankfully that’s where penis enlargement comes in.

You could scour the deepest depths of the internet and dig through the trenches of hucksters selling scammy products and other nonsense…wasting hours of your time separating the BS from the truth.

Thankfully, you’ve got Big Mike to help you out, so here’s a quick primer on how to grow your dick:

First things first, don’t even think about using penis enlargement pills. They’re all trash. The best-case scenario is you lose a lot of money, and the worst-case scenario is they lie about the ingredients and fill it with damaging substances and you start getting side effects.

Don’t do it!

Instead, you can grow your penis naturally, without pills.

The best two ways to grow your penis are stretching and jelqing.

Penis Stretching is exactly what you think it is. You pull on your penis in a deliberate manner to make it grow. This sounds silly, but it works.

Another great (natural) way to grow your penis is jelqing. Jelqing is a special technique for masturbation that will make your penis grow…easily.

Both of these are great tools for growing your penis, but putting it together…how can you design a system? How can you put together the pieces of the puzzle so you can figure out…

…How To Grow Forever

If you want to grow your penis forever, then you’ll need to have a system, schedule and consistency. So make it a daily habit and keep growing forever – good luck!


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Something missing in your sex life?

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