How To Safely Grow Your Penis With Penis Stretching

How To Safely Grow Your Penis With Penis Stretching

Do you want to grow your dick?

But, do you really want to use a pump? These contraptions look like something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

Hop on Google, and you’ll find there are about four dozen different techniques for penis enlargement. Just like lifting weights, everyone thinks they know the PERFECT solution to grow your muscles (even if that muscle’s your penis).

No matter what, all penis enlargement techniques share the same common ground – they require stretching.

If you use pills or pumps, stretching exercises will help maximize your gains and minimize side effects.

(Thinking about using Viagra? Read this before getting a prescription.)

I’m a strong believer that a large cock is one of the best investments you can make because penis size definitely matters to women. Even if you don’t want to grow a massive dick, stretching is great for overall erectile health.

Oddly enough, many healthy men develop erectile dysfunction because of poor blood flow to the penis. They have great cardiovascular health, but for some reason, their little man doesn’t get any of the blood from their heart. Exercises like stretching, jelqing, and edging can help blood return to the penis.  

To be honest, I think every man, young and old, should practice edging. It’s a great way to last longer and have harder erections. Plus, it’s free.

Like edging, stretching is free.  You can learn how to do it now, and start practicing today. Let’s get started.

What Is Penis Stretching?

Simply put – penis stretching is when you pull on your dick beyond its natural length.

This practice will create micro-tears in your penis, which when healed, will come back larger and stronger. This is the same biological pathway that allows curling barbells to make your biceps bigger.

When you stretch your penis, you also open up and elongate the cells and arteries in your penis. This will allow more blood to enter your penis when you’re hard, creating a bigger erection.

Does Penis Stretching Work?

YES, penis stretching works.

When I was in the porn industry, I and all my coworkers would hustle our asses off to build (and keep) our dicks big. Having a big dick was necessary if you wanted to fuck like a pornstar.

The truth is that the bigger your dick is, the more money you would make as a male pornstar. Big dicks are always in short supply (no pun intended).

The difference between landing a shoot or staying home often came down dick size. A small growth of a quarter inch in length could mean thousands more dollars a month. As you can see, penis size was very important to us.

Penis size isn’t just important for guys. We learned fast that dick size, especially girth, was important to making the porn girls orgasm.

We also learned that there are five types of female orgasms, and how a big dick meant more frequent orgasms for her.

We had to have big packages to keep our jobs, so we tried everything. I now know first hand that penis stretching works.

Penis stretching works so well, there are even…

Different Stretching Techniques

Stretching is such an effective technique, there are multiple techniques and machines that all accomplish the same thing – stretching.

Just like in the gym, there are multiple ways to do a movement. You can use dumbbells, barbells, machines, cables, bodyweight, medicine balls, whatever. They’re all tools to accomplish the same goal.

Likewise, there are many ways to practice penis stretching.

You can use a penis extender. These flimsy little machines attach to your penis, and when ratcheted open, stretch your flaccid penis beyond its normal length.

You wear these contraptions for hours throughout the day, to keep constant tension on your member.

These suck. You’ve got a piece of plastic or metal rubbing against your dick all day. It’s hard to walk and hard to pee. I do not recommend it.

You could also buy penis hangers. These are a little less used and for good reason…they hurt!

A hanger is a clamp you put on your penis, that you hang tiny weights from. The weights hang and stretch your penis.

The problem is that everyone thinks they’re superman, so they put way too much weight on the hanger and end up hurting themselves.

Or, you can avoid buying any of that nonsense, and practice manual stretching.

As you can see, all three of these share the same technique (stretching) but use different machinery to achieve length gains.

I recommend manual stretching. It’s free, doesn’t require any equipment, and is more intuitive. By using your hand, you’ll learn the exact time and tension to put on your dick to make it grow.

Using tools like extenders or hangers will push you beyond what’s necessary for gains, and increases the risk for injury. It’s not worth it, just use your hand.

What Results Can You Get With Penis Stretching?

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you know that I’m the first to be realistic, and expose the bullshit.

Most of this bullshit comes from hucksters on the internet selling junk devices.

When these salesmen tell you what you go from having a 1-inch micro-penis to having a 10-inch monster wang in three weeks, guess what…they’re lying.

Big Mike, however, won’t lie to you. I’ll tell you how it is in the real world, not the fantasy world these fakers live in….OK, enough ranting.

How much length can you gain from stretching?

First, with consistent practice, you’ll start to see results within two months.

Like all penis enlargement, patience and consistency are the most important factors that determine success.

Next, how much length can you expect to gain from stretching?

The answer is largely based on genetics, and how much penis enlargement you’ve practiced in the past. The ballpark answer is one to two inches.

If you’ve never practiced penis enlargement before, this might not seem like much. Instead, look at your dick, and imagine if it was two inches longer. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You might be scared that stretching won’t work. I understand but think about this. It’s basic physics. If you pull something enough, it will stretch. Your penis is no exception!

Follow my instructions, and you will gain at least an inch of length practicing stretching.

Penis Stretching – Complete Instructions

While reading this, you might think you can just yank on your dick and it’ll grow, right? Well, not really.

You’ve probably been jerking off your whole life, and it hasn’t grown your dick much. It takes specific stretching techniques to grow your dick properly. Here, I’ll outline exactly how to do penis stretching.

If you’ve read my guide on jelqing, it’s pretty similar, except for the actual practice.


Apply heat to your penis to get blood flow going.

You can use a hot washcloth. Soak it in some warm water, then wrap it around your dick.

You can also take a warm-up shower, emphasizing the water flow on your dick. This is how I prefer to warm-up since it’s relaxing.

Either way, aim to have 10 minutes of warm-up time.

Small Chub

Now that you’re warm, it’s time to get ready. When practicing your stretching, you don’t want to be erect. As you know from jacking off, it’s very hard to stretch an erect penis.

At the same time, a completely floppy dick won’t have any blood going to it.

Aim to have 10-20% of an erection, a “small chub.” This means there’s some blood in there, so your body knows to keep the blood there, but you’re not horny and walking around with a raging boner.

If you suffer from ED, do NOT take Viagra to practice stretching, you’ll get too hard. Before you start stretching, first learn how to get rock hard erections naturally. Once you can control your boner’s strength, begin stretching.

Assume The Position

Don’t practice this sitting down. Sitting will tighten up your pelvic floor. Make sure you practice this lying down, and not sitting.

Hold On Tight

Grab your dick and get ready to stretch.

Unlike jelqing, the grip you take isn’t as important…BUT you should still avoid holding your glans. Remember, your glans will not stretch because of its anatomy. Your shaft will, but no the glans.

Avoid damaging your head by gripping below your glans.

Also unlike jelqing, you don’t need lube. Lube will make it hard to grab onto your dick, so you don’t need any.

If you want, you can add baby powder to your hand and dick before stretching. That’ll make it easier to keep a tight grip, especially if you start sweating, and it’ll help keep your dick skin nice and moist.


Finally, time to stretch. Stretch your cock by pulling on it for 30 seconds.

The amount of tension is up to you. Pull enough that you can feel your penis stretching, but not so much that it’s painful. The key is to feel the stretch, and stop.

This isn’t like the gym, where you want to beat yourself to a pulp. Feel the stretch, then relax.

The routine is simple. I want you to pull in four different directions, to make sure you hit every angle and cell in your penis. After each stretch, rest 3-5 seconds, then stretch in another direction.

This is how you should practice:

Stretch (up) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (down) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (left) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

Stretch (right) – 30 sec

Rest 3-5 sec

This counts as one set.

For beginners, start with three sets. When you get more advanced, you can do 5 sets.

Like jelqing, practice 5 days a week.


Cooldown by putting warm water on your dick, again, just like the warm-up. You can use the washcloth or shower.

This is to make sure that there’s blood still getting into your penis, and that the muscles can relax after the intense stretching.

Stretching vs. Jelqing – Which Is Better?

If you’ve read my ultimate jelqing guide, you know that I also recommend jelqing.

Jelqing and stretching are very similar, but they both have their differences. Which to use depends on your goals, genetics, and preference.

It’s kind of like doing the leg press vs. squatting for leg strength in the gym. Both of these will make your quads bigger, but there are details that separate these two techniques.

Same concept for stretching vs. jelqing.

Briefly, if you want length, stretching is what you should do. Jelqing will add length, but not as much as stretching. The girth gains from jelqing take away from the length you can gain.

For pure length, stretching is what you want to focus on.

My sincere recommendation is for you to do both. Rotate every month, and see which one produces better results for you.

You might find that jelqing doesn’t do shit for you, but stretching grows your dick like crazy. If that’s the case, do it!

I’m more of a jelq-er, but I’ve had friends and coworkers who can’t stand jelqing and are hardcore stretchers. That’s okay, both of them work. We’re all on the same team here, trying to grow our dicks.

Stretching vs. jelqing is like Coke vs. Pepsi. They might be different, but it’s entirely possible to enjoy both of them.

How To Practice Stretching and Jelqing

Practicing stretching and jelqing at the same time is one way to super-charge your gains (for a super-sized dick).

If you want to practice stretching and jelqing, here’s how.

First, the plan is to alternate stretching and jelqing. Practice just one or the other.

You can do alternate weeks or months. Do both and you’ll have the benefits of both, while also not getting bored.

The other way to practice jelqing and stretching is to practice at the same time.

When I do this, I use stretching as a warm-up for jelqing. Here’s what I’ll do:

-Warm-up with a hot shower

-Three or four reps of stretching

-Fifteen to twenty minutes of jelqing

-Cooldown to complete the workout

This gives the benefits of jelqing with some added length gains from the stretching. I highly recommend practicing both, so do this for maximal gains.


In conclusion, stretching is a simple and easy way to build a bigger dick.

You don’t need fancy equipment or nasty pills to gain an inch or two of length.

On one final note – Penis size isn’t the be all and end all. Women are complicated creatures.

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