The Ultimate Guide For A Bigger Penis

The Ultimate Guide For A Bigger Penis

The Ultimate Guide For A Bigger Penis

Learn the secrets once and for all

“I’m hung like a horse!”  You hear a friend say.

“ I like it very BIG!”  Your crush says!

“ I hope you’re not small down there,”  your new girlfriend tells you!

All these statements leave you wondering, how on earth can you get a bigger, longer, thicker penis?

Well, the good thing is, there is no shortage of information on how you can enlarge your penis. But, surplus of information from all corners that you don’t know what to trust and what not to.

Worry, no more. 

What is the average size of the penis?

The fear that your penis might be small for satisfaction in bed is threatening. This fear leads to an exaggeration of the idea of what constitutes a ‘normal’ penis size.

The length of an erect size penis is not consistently predicted by when the penis is non-erect. If your penis is roughly 13 cm/ 5 inches or longer when erect, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Look down at that friendly organ hanging between your thighs and be proud of it!

A penis is said to be ‘abnormally’ small if it measures 7.5 cm/ 3 inches when erect, a condition called micro-penis.

Why do people consider penis enlargement?

Many men who believe that their penises are too small are often underperformers in bed. They tend to experience chronic anxiety because they think their penises are not attractive or too small to satisfy their lover.

The anxiety, in return, causes a lack of self-confidence leading to under-performance. Stress-related problems seep in. A man cannot be happy knowing his partner’s sexual needs remain unsatisfied. 

Penis enlargement, however, promotes a better sex life. With renewed vigor, desire, intimacy, romance, and genuine bond; self-confidence from the man is all that he needs.

Important tips before considering penis enlargement

  • Understanding why are you considering Penis enlargement?

Is it because you think your friend down there is small? Small according to who? Your ex? If this is your reason, find out from an objective / authoritative source about the size of a normal penis. As mentioned above, the size of a normal penis is anything above 13 cm when erect.

Is it because you admire the hung studs you see in adult movies? If so, do you know what natural and unnatural modifications they’ve had to go through? 

Is it because you want to become well endowed to please your partner better?

Whatever your reason, ensure that you understand it so that you can research more about how to get to your goal without risking your health or your long-term sexual life.

  •  Get in shape and lose belly fat

The more weight you gain, the more the fat pad and gut will swallow your penis resulting in a buried penis condition. Other than your penis appearing smaller, you might experience self-low esteem, reduced stamina, skin problems, and loss of sensation.

Lose your weight, get in shape, and make your little buddy down there harder, faster, and more durable.

Remember, exercising also increases your testosterone which contributes positively to your sex drive.

Unnatural penis enlargement methods

Surgical way

The surgical way of penis enlargement is advisable for men whose penises don’t function well, probably due to congenital disabilities or injuries. 

However, cosmetic penis enlargement is also available through various techniques. 

The surgical procedure widely used to lengthen the penis involves cutting the suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone and moving the skin from the abdomen to the penile shaft. When the ligament is cut, an optical illusion will manifest since the penis appears more extended, but instead, it just hangs, and no length is gained.

The other surgical penis enlargement technique is grafting material (skin or fat) within the penis’s shaft. Similarly, the penis width may alter by grafting tissue within the penis’ shaft.

Do you know what the cost is?

The cheapest I’ve seen is around 5,000 U.S Dollars.

Some surgeries (Depending on the patient’s condition and the clinic) can go up to – 20,000 U.S Dollars.


  • Cutting of the suspensory ligaments can cause the penis to be unstable when erect.
  • Injected fat into the penis’ shaft may be reabsorbed into the body, causing penile curvature and an irregular looking penis. 

The procedures may affect potency and your ability to obtain an erection. 

Non – surgical way

Most promoted penis enlargement methods, including pills, are often ineffective and carry several side effects that might pose risks. 

Here are some of the widely advertised products and techniques:

Pills and lotions

They mostly contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones that manufacturer claim leads to penis enlargement. None of these products has been proven to work, and some may be harmful.

What the pills do is give you a firmer penis for quite some time but does nothing to alter the size of it.


  • The effectiveness of the pills results in mixed results. They only enable longer sex drives but not enlarge the penis.

  • The chemicals used in manufacturing the pills may be harmful.

There is no irrefutable proof that the methods work

Natural penis enlargement ways

Like in the gym, strength training isn’t just a mindless activity. Bodybuilders need to understand exactly how the muscles in their body function so that they can work properly to make them more influential and prominent.

The penis also needs exercise. The exercises help improve blood flow, which makes your erection fuller and leads to penis enlargement.  


It can be referred to as Jelqing. The activities use a hand-over-hand motion to push blood from the base to the head of the penis.

The main aim is to lengthen and thicken the penis. The idea fills the penis’ tissue with more blood than usual, allowing cells within the shaft to grow large. The process tears down fibers of the muscle during the exercise, and when resting, it rebuilds itself becoming more extensive and more robust. This results in the penis’ tissues to hold more blood, which in turn increases the size of the penis. 

Consistency is key to maintaining this effect.



The results are as the name suggests, it lengthens the size of your penis. However, the stretching technique has nothing to do with the girth of your penis, and many recommended you infuse the Jelq as part of your routine. The exercise only requires the use of your hand but for optimal results, warm up with a hot cloth.

Understanding what your penis goes through the task is essential and will help you perform better. While performing the exercise, the shaft is filled with blood. The pressure of the practice allows in the flow of blood more than usual in the cells; expansion of the cells allows more blood to enter.

The technique allows the length of the penis to increase significantly. The exercise is safe and is not harmful in any way.

Warming up by using a hot cloth gets the blood flowing through the penis and prohibits injury. 

The penis, as an organ full of muscles, is by far the easiest to enlarge simply by the fact that its sole purpose is to expand during erections. If the exercises are performed correctly and routinely, the cells will double in size, allowing more blood flow resulting in a change in length. 

Stretching may also involve attaching a stretcher or an extender service. The extender is also referred to as a penile traction service, which exerts gentle tension.

Reports show an actual length of half an inch to almost 2 inches with the stretching technique. Following all the necessary procedures will guarantee results within a few weeks.

Are you ready to start grinding for an extra inch or two? 

Nutrition check

Your penis corresponds to your body’s health status. If you are stressed, sleep, and rest deprived, suffering from an illness, or malnourished, your penis may not perform to its expected desire. 

Having a balanced diet and avoiding refined sugar and preservatives is an excellent way to start your nutrition check. Vitamins and mineral supplements will boost your sexual fuel diet. 

The food you take is what your body uses as fuel to produce energy; hence the diet will significantly affect your performance. The quality of your food helps determine your energy level, health, and sexual performance. 

Bottom line

Marketers advertising for unnatural penis enlargement ways always rely on testimonials, skewed data, and questionable before-and-after photos. Dietary supplements and regular penis exercise don’t require approval by the Food and Drug Administration hence no need to prove safety. 

But if you work at it using the techniques and exercises above, you can achieve real results! 

If you need more help reach out to me privately at – always happy to chat!


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