Is a 4-Inch Penis Too Small? No! Here’s Why

Is a 4-Inch Penis Too Small? No! Here’s Why

A 4-inch penis is smaller than average, but that does not mean you can not satisfy a woman. Penis size varies from country to country. Studies (yes, someone funded this) show that men in several African countries and a few lucky men in South America are blessed with an above-average penis size.

Researchers discovered that an erect penis is around 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) or 3.6 inches (9.14 centimeters) when flaccid. 

So with a 4-inch penis, you’re not far from average. Better yet, there’s a lot you can do with four inches in the bedroom!

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She Does Not Care About Your 4-Inch Penis

The court of popular female opinion claims that penis length is one of the most important factors in choosing a mate.

If she could build a man, he would be hung like a racehorse (in most cases), and most women fantasize about their dream hookup or partner coming over to their house with a larger than 4-inch package.

In reality, separated from the fantasies and the court of female bathroom gossip, she doesn’t care that her partner, the man she cares about, is less than average.

A 4-inch penis is in no way detrimental to your chances of getting laid if you’re looking for casual sex or finding love if that’s what you’re after.

Many men with a 4-inch penis or less lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem, which ultimately contributes more to their inability to find a partner than their penis size.

As long as she has fun in the bedroom (which we’ll teach you how to ensure she does), women do not care how many inches you have.

A 4-Inch Penis is Enough

The average length of a vagina (from the entrance to the cervix) is a little more than 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) but increases to 4.25 – 4.75 inches (12.06 centimeters) when fully aroused, wet, and ready.

Guys with a 4-inch penis are well within the range of vaginal length. You can accomplish deep penetration when she’s not entirely aroused yet, and nearly hit the cervix of most women when she is soaking wet and nearing orgasm.

If you can’t reach her cervix, it’s not the world’s end. Many ladies out there can orgasm from having their cervix stimulated, but others are more likely to orgasm from having their G Spot stimulated during intercourse.

The G Spot is only a knuckle and a half inside the vagina, along the upper wall.

Read this article if you want to discover more of her spots and learn how to give your partner better orgasms, regardless of penis size.

You can stimulate the G Spot with a small penis, fingers, or toys.

Although penis size might seem essential for great sex and helping her reach the Big O, it’s not!

It's Not the Length She Likes, It's...

The average size of erect penises does not give a complete picture of what she wants in the bedroom. In the bedroom, the vast majority of women enjoy the feeling of being full or stretched.

Until you hit her cervix, her vagina can not tell the difference between an average penis size or a below-average penis length, so the length is irrelevant in most cases.

Girth is the thickness of a fully erect penis. Good news for some guys: the girth of your penis is not determined by your penis length!

It’s possible to fill her with a smaller penis based on girth, so you’re wasting your time researching big penis magic potions on the internet when it’s not length she likes but width.

Don’t get down on yourself if you’re one of the guys reading this who are not particularly endowed with a large penis size and aren’t girthy, either.

Some women don’t care about it, either! Plenty of single women would give their left arm for a loving, thoughtful, and compassionate man that they are compatible with over a man with a King Kong penis. Numerous women worldwide are looking for compatibility instead of an above-average length penis.

Before you resolve yourself to a sexless life because you mistakenly believe you can’t pleasure a woman with what you got, try these tips instead.

The Five Easiest Sex Tips For Men With 4 Inches and Less

None of these tips include penis enlargements; we advocate against them. Sex can be satisfying without a massive, almighty cock. Invest time and energy into fool’s gold to pursue your dream of a big penis if you want, but why not put the tape measure away and try some practical tips first?

Give Her Oral Sex

The ABCs are for children.

You are severely mistaken if you’re still trying to please a woman by doing the ABCs with your tongue.

The ABCs do not work for several reasons. Women need consistent movements to climax. When you do the ABCs, you hit the spot she likes but quickly move on to something she doesn’t like or likes a little less than you did before.

Instead of doing the ABCs, start slow. Ask her if she likes more or less pressure. If she doesn’t know, start with light pressure on her clit. If the response is dismal, increase the pressure and speed of licks until you notice her dismal reaction has turned into an enthusiastic Give me more!

Lick her entire pussy from top to bottom before focusing on the clit. Once you reach the clit, use the tip of your tongue to gently play with it, paying attention to how she responds.

If you find something she likes, keep doing it. If she’s not really into oral or does not seem to be feeling it that evening, move on to something else based on her mood.

Does she want rougher sex or soft caresses and cuddles? Choose according to her mood.

We created a YouTube playlist to improve your oral sex techniques.

Warning! She might not be able to leave you alone after this.

Guaranteed to make her soaking wet, a pussy massage is better than fingering. It engages the entire vulva, not just the clit and vagina, from her navel down to the perineum (the tiny space between her vagina and ass).

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Introduce Toys

Toys are a girl’s best friend — oh, sorry, that’s diamonds, but we would argue that high-quality sex toys are just as likely to make her squeal, jump for joy, and ask for another.

Two decades ago, sex toys were novel, but these days most ladies have one vibrator or two tucked away in their dresser drawer.

Next time you want to be intimate with your long-term partner or the woman you’ve been hooking up with, ask her to bring the toy out and encourage her to allow you to use it on her.

She might be taken aback at first. It is a slightly unexpected request in some relationships, but if she already owns one, likely, she won’t say no to allowing you to use it on her.

You might also want to consider purchasing your own sex toys to use on your partner or partners. Note — if you use your toys on more than one person, ensure they are disinfected after every sexual experience. Don’t sit it aside and say, “oh, it’ll be fine.” 

As much as every woman wants to believe she’s clean, you can never be sure, especially if it’s a hookup. Protect your next partner by keeping your toys 100% clean. For an additional layer of protection, use a condom to cover the toys and remove them after use.

Now that you possess a sex toy or two, or five, learn how to use them. Watch this YouTube video for instructions on one of the best sex toys on the market, guaranteed to help her cum.

Sex Toy Recommendations:

Hitachi Wand: A lady's favorite for clitoral stimulation.

G Spot Vibrator: Great for helping her orgasm or simply enjoying G Spot stimulation. Try a Rabbit for double stimulation of the clit and G Spot.

Vibrating Anal Plug: Start slow if she or you are new to anal sex. Numerous anal butt plug training kits are available to help you get started. A vibrating anal plug is superior to a standard non-vibrating one because, during vaginal intercourse, you can feel the vibrations inside her vagina. She might also get more pleasure from the vibrations than without them.

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Choose Better Sex Positions

The best sex positions for men with below-average penis size allow for deeper penetration to stimulate her spots inside the vagina. 

Here are a few of the best sex positions for men with a smaller-than-average penis.

The Cowgirl sex position is excellent for men with below-average penis size because it allows the woman to control the penetration depth while allowing for full and deep penetration.

Ask your partner to get on top of you while lying flat on the bed. After lowering herself down on you, grab her waist and assist her in grinding or moving in a side-to-side motion.

Reverse Cowgirl is a great position for all the reasons mentioned above, but with the addition of enjoying the view from behind.

Doggy Style is a classic and allows you to avoid slipping out of your partner as you kneel behind her and fully control the penetration depth.

Additionally, it’s beginner-friendly. Ask your partner to get on her hands and knees before you kneel behind her. When you begin, place your hands on both sides of her ass to control the thrusts.

One variation of doggy is the kneeling-standing position. While she kneels on the bed, ask her to back up until she’s at the edge. Stand up behind her, feet planted on the ground, and slowly insert yourself inside her. If she’s into it, reach up and pull her hair gently backward so that her face is lifting upwards, or give her a few love taps in the center of each ass cheek.

The Butter Churner sex position

The Butter Churner is for advanced couples with some coordination and flexibility. Your partner should lift her legs high above and then over her head. You will then come behind her, squat, and thrust into your partner.

Spend More Time Connecting With Her Instead of Trying to Fuck Her

Here comes the part that not every guy wants to hear. Spend more time getting to know her and less time trying to get into her pants if you want her to care less about whether you have an average-sized penis.

Women want the six Ss of sexuality, a topic discussed in the book The Best She’s Ever Had (link below), which you should read to learn how to satisfy a woman.  Those six are safe, seen, sexy, sexual, scared, and soft. She’ll beg you for sex instead of the other way around.

Women place a lot of value on mental and emotional connections. A 7-inch penis can’t give her that, but you taking the time to understand her and show the woman you want to keep in your life affection will!

It’s acknowledged that not every guy reading this will want a deeper connection with a partner; some of you are just looking for sex.

Nevertheless, if you plan on having women that want to be around you, you should consider behaviors conducive to that. And mindless fucking, hitting, and quitting will not get you far in the long run.

In conclusion, a 4-inch or less penis is not too small if you know how to please a woman in other ways.

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